Yahoo Answers: Stirling’s Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions

Using Yahoo Answers for Article Title Searches

I sometimes use Yahoo Answers in my search for an effective title for my blog posts.  When you use an appropriate title that includes key words which describe the topic you have written about, that title plays an important role in helping the search engines to rank your post.   More about how to spread out those key words in your post comes later in the article.

But first, let’s be entertained by Yahoo Answers!

In seeking the title of a post, which I actually saved for another post, I got sidetracked looking at the questions that people actually ask in Yahoo Answers.  To use Yahoo Answers as an aid in finding an article title, all you have to do is to start typing in a question just as you would ask it.  As you type, Yahoo Answers fills in the space below your query with other questions that have been asked, which begin with the word combination you have used so far. So, in response to several phrases which form the beginning of a multitude of common questions, here are a few rhetorical questions that have actually been asked in Yahoo Answers .

Stirling’s Snappy Answers to  some Stupid Questions asked in Yahoo Answers

Here are a few  questions that people actually have asked Yahoo to answer.

QWhy do my cats throw up when they eat dry cat food?” A:    Dry cat food is disgusting.  Have you ever tried it?

Q:  “Why is Canada’s population so small for its size? A:   It’s damned cold up there.

Q:  “Why is Canada’s population decreasing? A:   It’s damned cold up there.

Q:  “Why is Canada so boring?” A:   It’s damned cold up there and people have to stay inside all day long.

Q:  “Why is my dog getting so fat?” A:   You’re feeding it too much, and/or it does not exercise enough. Understandable in Canada.

Q:  “Why am I getting so fat?” A:   You’re eating too much, and/or you don’t get out of the house. Understandable in Canada.

Q:  “Why am I still a virgin?” A:   Because you have never had sex with anyone yet.  Get a girl friend and try moving to Canada with her where you will be inside together all the time.

Q:  “Why am I breaking out?” A:   Either (a.) Either you eat too much junk food, or (b.) you are just sick of jail.

Q:  “Why do women expect that the majority of men will cheat?” A:   Because usually, they will.

Yahoo Answers Gave me the Question I was Looking For!

Yahoo Answers helped me find the title I chose for my blog.  It is “Blogging as a Marketing Tool”.  I saved that title and ended up writing this one about Yahoo Answers instead.  Anyway, by virtue of the fact that the question appeared in the list when I typed “Blogging as ….”, I know that this is a question that people are asking using this phraseology.

yahoo answers

Yahoo Answers cannot answer EVERY question for you!!

Exploiting the Perfect Blog Post Title

Once you find the perfect title which contains the key word(s)  that describe(s) the content of your article, your article will begin to appear, sometimes quickly and sometimes over some time, at the top of search results on that term.  That’s only going to happen when you sprinkle those key words carefully through your article. The sprinkling must be done in a way which search engine algorithms recognize.  What are those ways? In a 500 to 700 word article, use that key word phrase in the title, in several subheadings, in the URL slug itself, and whenever you can in the first sentence of the first paragraph under each subheading.

My Keyword was Yahoo Answers

For example, my key word for this article was “Yahoo Answers”.  Can you tell?  Go through my article and see how I have sprinkled that phrase around. If you could get into my WordPress dashboard you would also see how I also have inserted that key word in the “alt text”  and in the title in both of the photographs in this article.  If you go into YouTube to view my video you will also see that I made the title of the embedded YouTube video match the name of this article.  I also included backlinks to here inside that video description, as well as another call to action for readers to sign  up for our free video  training series. Search engines recognize all of this strategic placement of keywords.  They even recognize synonyms of your key word within your text.  Understanding that, you can write an appealing, easy to read article which naturally ranks high in SEO factors while  at the same time giving the reader something of value.

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