Website Math 101

Website Math Summary:

Website + Viewers = Lead Generation

Lead Generation + YOU = More Revenue

Could your business benefit from more people wanting to buy your stuff?

Four factors are under your control:


  • Website
  • Viewers
  • Leads
  • YOU

To generate sales leads, you need the right kind of viewers on your website.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures that your views are coming from potential customers.  Customers are targeted because they sought you – not the other way around!   Targeted lead generation from a website is driven by SEO.

And no matter how driven you are to call on sales leads, you won’t increase revenues without actually geting some new leads to follow up on.

Are you tired of cold call sales?  Why keep doing that that when you can get already warm and targeted leads by getting your website found on search engines?

Business Growth and Search Engine Optimization

Would you like to talk to us about increasing your revenue?

We design our websites to get found and liked by search engines with on-page SEO, but with further off-page SEO work, we can make it happen quite quickly.  Contact us to arrange a consultation.

 We can make SEO work for you.  As a result your website might just blow your level of business though the roof!

website math



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