SEO Coaching and Mentoring and the Practice of Blogging

SEO Coaching and Mentoring – What it is

SEO Coaching and Mentoring enable you to develop your own potential to find your own new business opportunities through the enhancement of your online presence.  In today’s recession ridden business environment, no tool is more vital or more powerful than is your own dominant online presence, developed in your expertise.   Do you think it’s too hard to learn how to dominate that presence?  You cannot afford to believe that!

SEO Coaching:  Developing confidence through DOING while learning.

To succeed, you can and must learn to dominate Search Results!   Coaching is a general term involving the replacement of negative beliefs about one’s abilities with positive and confident understanding.  More specifically, SEO coaching works to dissolve unnecessary fears which we all know as technical intimidation.  Intimidation factors affect not only individuals, but groups of individuals who work together.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line in online marketing is this:  When people search for the specialty you provide, are you appearing where you need to be — at the top of search engine results?   Success in your business depends upon your learning to dominate those search engines!  Do you believe that to be an expensive task, or one near impossible to achieve? It’s neither!  All power for good lies within you!  A good portion of our coaching work is helping you to reprogram yourself to discover your own untapped potential through positive and supportive repetition. Wouldn’t you like to feel assured that you are taking full advantage of all of the tools that are available to maximize your effective online presence?   Just having a great website is not enough anymore.  There are many other ways to enhance that presence, and you can no longer afford to work in ignorance of them!  You need to understand how to achieve search engine optimization, or SEO. SEO is a popular and many-faceted term.  How many methods of promotion are available to enhance your SEO?  Do you know how to put them all to use?   Do you feel that you lack the time to learn?  When you add them all up from your old perspective, it looks intimidating! Effective SEO coaching melts way the intimidation as  you accomplish your own goals, and reveals to you your inherent confidence to learn all you need to know to dominate relevant search results.

SEO Coaching and Mentoring

SEO Coaching

SEO Mentoring is personalized tech support in blogging

Effective SEO mentoring is simply individual attention to your progress.  Blogging is the essential foundation from which you can launch numerous catalysts which will propel your business name to the top of relevant searches, stimulated by your content.   SEO mentoring supports your progress and monitors your success as you learn to make effective use of these online marketing catalysts. The main ingredients of that work  include effective wording, effective attention to labeling in embedded graphic and video media, effective spreading of those media via a variety of popular online platforms, and maximized effective use of the most effective social media. Do you have a firm and confident handle on all of that?  Do you still wonder how all the pieces fits together to form one cohesive unit that could put you consistently on top of search results relevant to the product or service you provide?

SEO Coaching and Mentoring Helps You Put the Pieces Together

If you are in business and have been affected by recession (and who hasn’t?),  and you expect to continue to thrive, you need to understand how to more effectively find new business.  SEO coaching and mentoring enables you to do that. Many are aware of the numerous tools available for enhancing online presence, but few possess the confidence or knowledge to implement them.   Yet, every sincere seeker of new business in a competitive world needs to learn to use all those tools effectively.

Where We are Coming From

We also wondered, a while back, how all those pieces of the SEO puzzle fit together .  A few years back we set out  to learn them for our own applications. Some we learned on our own, and some by following professional specialists in SEO subjects.  As we gained proficiency by building our own websites and watching their traffic increase, we suddenly realized ourselves to be better informed about SEO topics than we had believed! When we began to feel enabled,  we decided to launch Strategy Content Marketing.  Our primary objective is to deliver the confidence and the knowledge necessary to learn to standout  from the competition online.   We want not only to  launch your online presence to levels you may have thought of as impossible, but teach you, in the process of coaching and mentoring you in this work, to take the helm and navigate your own online ship.

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