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Trying to Get Found Online?   Then Grow Your Presence Online !

So you’ve determined that you want to get found online but you’re not getting found in the results of the words people are searching on. There are two possible causes.

  •  Either: You don’t have any significant content online outside of your website.
  • Or:  the content you have outside of your website is of poor quality, poorly search engine optimized, or both.
get found online

Every star has its own identity. You are like one star in the internet galaxy. Claim your identity!

Let’s approach both items in order.  You need some content if you expect to be found on the basis of content.

The Blog

You blog is your content foundation.  Blog posts are content’s primary building elements.

Before you add any content to the web world outside, you will need to  attach a blog to your website.

A blog is a “web log”.  It’s just a term that refers to a collection of things you write about your work and about your business.

Every once in a while you add to this “web log”, or blog, and your blog becomes your own database of self generated written content.  Put it online!

Written Content is What Drives Search Engines

Search engines can only read words.  So, in order for your blog posts to be discovered by them, you have to put the right words in the right places for them to see.  That’s what SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is all about.

What should you write about in your blog posts?   You should write about the things that people are looking for information about in the search engines, and  that have to do with whatever you have to offer them!

Then, when they search for that information, if you have written about it and put the right words in all the right places, your posts will begin to come up on those result lists.

And where are these people when they click on your post?  They are right where you wanted them to be – on your blog, which is attached right to your website!

The Power of Video Content Marketing

Although properly placed text is what drives search engine results, the presence of online video content also plays an important role in optimizing search results.  And with that you will get found online. There are several advantages to embedding video in your blogpost and to posting it elsewhere as well.

  • Video is engaging.  In fact, people tend to watch video more than they tend to read.  And when people watch you on video, you make an important personal connection with them.
  • Video hosted on YouTube and embedded within a blog post attracts the attention of search engines, especially Google (the owner of YouTube).    Google definitely ranks blogs with embedded YouTube videos more highly than those without them.  And for good reason!  See reason number 1!
  • Your video content which you have created for embedding in your blog posts also stand on its own as content in the video hosting platform you have chosen.  When people find your video, they will also be pointed back at your website when you include a link to its related blog post.It’s a given that your first choice for video hosting is going to be YouTube.  Not only is YouTube owned by Google, it is also the second most used search engine, second only to Google itself.

It’s also beneficial to upload the video content you initially produced for YouTube to other video hosts where they can also be found in independent searches. And once again, each time your video is found, not only do people become personally connected with you, they are also pointed back to your website through the link you out there.

There are other factors relevant to getting found online that can also play an important role, such as backlink strategy. You need to develop a broad SEO strategy.  I encourage you to follow that topic via the hyperlink.

More Discussion in our Free Video Training Series

I regularly talk a lot about the generalities of getting found online in this blog. One of the  fundamental reasons for having established this blog was to establish content that will point you to our website, where we have provided for you a complete and cost free video series.  In that video series is material covering just about anything you might want to learn about using internet presence to boost the bottom line of your business.

Please go to the top of the sidebar on the right side of this page to register for access to our free video training series. After registering you will be sent a link to those videos.  Kristen stars in most of them and she has done a great job. Let us know what you think.  Drop us a line.  We would really love to talk to you personally.  Merry Christmas to all.

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Driving Quality Traffic to Your Website

The Quest for Driving Quality Traffic to your Website

Everybody is blogging about driving quality traffic, and you found this post!  Driving quality traffic to your website must be your primary objective in your quest in promoting your online presence.  You need quality visitors, not just numbers.  Is there any benefit to drawing visitors to your site who are not going to be seeking your services?

Are You MY  Quality Traffic?

Whenever your statistics bar shows an increase in activity on your site, ask yourself if those visitors are quality traffic.  The fact that you are reading this article brings home this point!  If you are still reading at this point, you are my quality traffic.  You probably found this article because it appeared in search results from a particular key word.  If you were directed here by accident or if you have no real interest in this subject, you will naturally leave and will continue searching for whatever else you were seeking.  That would make you a quantity visitor, a mere positive spike in my statistics, bringing me no real revenue.

Quality Traffic exists by virtue of quantity!

According to Tech Blog, almost 8 new internet users are added worldwide every second.   Do the math: 31,546,000 new internet users are added each year!  A portion of them are your potential clients!  Even if it is only a tiny percentage  of them, how huge is that number?

What are Your Traffic Driving Requirements?

driving quality traffic

After you identify your target audience, a task which is  a function of the many dynamic features of your business, and  which only you can fully  know and understand,  I would have to say that effective keyword research is more important than is any other factor in driving traffic.  Our free online training videos present specific information about performing effective key word research.

Don’t Buy Cheap Traffic!

Some services will sell you very inexpensive traffic.  When you buy cheap traffic, the visitors will come primarily from banner ads, pop-ups and layer ads.  Are the people who click on these things your customer base?  What do you think?  It’s much less likely that they will be looking for you than if you had found your visitors by appealing to them with relevant search terms.

It’s also possible to buy your way into the paid at section at the top of the search engine results.  The results that come up at the top and in the sidebar of any search are paid ads.  You could just buy a paid ad and be done with it. Problem solved, right?  NO!

The fact is that people using search engines are looking for results that are directly related to the search terms they used.  That’s what they really are interested in.  The paid ads are not anywhere as responsive to those search terms as are the items that appear  in the organic search results below them. The first three items in the organic search results really receive about 80% of the clicks.

This is where you need to be – in the top three.  The remaining 20% of clicks are divided between the paid results and the lower ranked real search results.  To buy a paid ad is to pay for inferior results! There are many other things you might do to boost your visibility and likelihood to be clicked on, even if you find yourself in the lower search results.  Your format and appearance in the results list is in your control!

Good Looking Results Key to Driving Quality Traffic

Good looking results get more attention.  You have the power in WordPress to edit the appearance and wording of the title of your post, as well as the short description that follows.  The description, called the Meta description,  as well as the title that appears in the results list can be defined by you  in optimization plug-ins, such as Yoast for WordPress.

In addition you could, for instance, post a picture in your Google + profile so that every time one of your posts appears in a results list, your picture is also there. For more details about time proven techniques to drive quality traffic, be sure to go to our cost-free video training series.  Go to the sidebar on this page and just click there to get access!  Thanks for your time!

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