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What is Content Marketing? Why Should I Care?

What is content marketing and why should I care what it is?

what is content marketing

If you want to stay in business, YOU! (Nobody really cared about Gerald Ford)

Being in an SEO business makes it necessary to repeatedly answer the commonly asked question “What is content marketing”?  So, here we go once more!

Content marketing is putting a plan into practice that makes your company’s name highly visible in places where people are looking for what you do.  In today’s world, the most significant place for people to look for information is of course, online.

So today, good content marketing means having online content online that is sure to be found.

What is meant by online content?

Online content is individual pieces of written material, video material, or audio material that lives online.  Each piece

what is content marketing


of content has its own unique URL, so each piece of content stands on its own, and can get found in the results of online searches.

Why do YOU need online content?

You need online content because it’s a competitive world.  You are not the only business providing the services that you I offer!

Every company wants to be highly visible in the places where people are looking for what that company does (and that place is online).

What kind of people are looking for information about what you do?

People who are bound to become somebody’s customers are looking for information about what you do.  Good content marketing ensures that they become your customers, and not the customers of your competition.  Put your content in front of them before they find the content of your competition.

Where do I put all this content?

what is content marketing

Put it over there!! In the blog!

You need an organized place online to put a lot of content about yourself.  The more content there is about you to be found online, the more your content is going to be found by people looking for information about what you do.

The Website

A business website is the essential starting point.  Every business needs a place to define itself,  to define its products, its location, its personnel, and whatever else the owner deems necessary for potential customers to know about it. Although the definition of your website will probably change in format and contents over time, it’s always the basic online definition of who you are online.  It’s a foundation.

Don’t stop here!  You’ve only built a foundation, not an entire house!

The Blog

A blog is an organized place to go beyond the boundaries of your website.  In a blog you have the opportunity to really express yourself, to showcase the authority you possess in your specialty.

Blog posts contain personalized, interesting, sought after information that’s relevant to your business and/or your industry, and that points people to you as the authority.  Blog posts are your opportunity to really toot your horn about your expertise.

Blog posts are a great place to showcase yourself on video too.  Store your video on YouTube and every video you make becomes another piece of searchable content, in addition to the post that contains it in your blog.

The blog provides you the opportunity to really expand your online presence with no limits.  You can keep adding content to it forever, and the more content you add, the more people find your content.

And because the blog resides as a subset of your website, whenever people go there to read or watch or listen to your content, they are already where you need them to be – on your website.

what is content marketing

You mean it’s free??

More information is free!

That was my expanded elevator speech,  I’d have given it to you on your way to the 101st floor if you had asked about consulting services for SEO and content marketing.

Now, go and take the first free step, and learn more for no cost! Our business is holding your hand, guiding you through the initial stages of implementing and practicing a good content marketing plan designed to boost your bottom line.  Working with us, you can learn to take full control of your own ability to increase your own bottom line!

Start down this road by enrolling yourself in our cost free video training series on SEO and brand building.

There’s no catch and you have everything to gain!

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Get Found Online!

Trying to Get Found Online?   Then Grow Your Presence Online !

So you’ve determined that you want to get found online but you’re not getting found in the results of the words people are searching on. There are two possible causes.

  •  Either: You don’t have any significant content online outside of your website.
  • Or:  the content you have outside of your website is of poor quality, poorly search engine optimized, or both.
get found online

Every star has its own identity. You are like one star in the internet galaxy. Claim your identity!

Let’s approach both items in order.  You need some content if you expect to be found on the basis of content.

The Blog

You blog is your content foundation.  Blog posts are content’s primary building elements.

Before you add any content to the web world outside, you will need to  attach a blog to your website.

A blog is a “web log”.  It’s just a term that refers to a collection of things you write about your work and about your business.

Every once in a while you add to this “web log”, or blog, and your blog becomes your own database of self generated written content.  Put it online!

Written Content is What Drives Search Engines

Search engines can only read words.  So, in order for your blog posts to be discovered by them, you have to put the right words in the right places for them to see.  That’s what SEO, Search Engine Optimization, is all about.

What should you write about in your blog posts?   You should write about the things that people are looking for information about in the search engines, and  that have to do with whatever you have to offer them!

Then, when they search for that information, if you have written about it and put the right words in all the right places, your posts will begin to come up on those result lists.

And where are these people when they click on your post?  They are right where you wanted them to be – on your blog, which is attached right to your website!

The Power of Video Content Marketing

Although properly placed text is what drives search engine results, the presence of online video content also plays an important role in optimizing search results.  And with that you will get found online. There are several advantages to embedding video in your blogpost and to posting it elsewhere as well.

  • Video is engaging.  In fact, people tend to watch video more than they tend to read.  And when people watch you on video, you make an important personal connection with them.
  • Video hosted on YouTube and embedded within a blog post attracts the attention of search engines, especially Google (the owner of YouTube).    Google definitely ranks blogs with embedded YouTube videos more highly than those without them.  And for good reason!  See reason number 1!
  • Your video content which you have created for embedding in your blog posts also stand on its own as content in the video hosting platform you have chosen.  When people find your video, they will also be pointed back at your website when you include a link to its related blog post.It’s a given that your first choice for video hosting is going to be YouTube.  Not only is YouTube owned by Google, it is also the second most used search engine, second only to Google itself.

It’s also beneficial to upload the video content you initially produced for YouTube to other video hosts where they can also be found in independent searches. And once again, each time your video is found, not only do people become personally connected with you, they are also pointed back to your website through the link you out there.

There are other factors relevant to getting found online that can also play an important role, such as backlink strategy. You need to develop a broad SEO strategy.  I encourage you to follow that topic via the hyperlink.

More Discussion in our Free Video Training Series

I regularly talk a lot about the generalities of getting found online in this blog. One of the  fundamental reasons for having established this blog was to establish content that will point you to our website, where we have provided for you a complete and cost free video series.  In that video series is material covering just about anything you might want to learn about using internet presence to boost the bottom line of your business.

Please go to the top of the sidebar on the right side of this page to register for access to our free video training series. After registering you will be sent a link to those videos.  Kristen stars in most of them and she has done a great job. Let us know what you think.  Drop us a line.  We would really love to talk to you personally.  Merry Christmas to all.

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Your Internet Marketing Machine | You Can Build It, We Can Help!

Your Internet Marketing Machine

Your internet marketing machineSTRATEGY Content Marketing is the basis for designing and growing your own internet marketing machine and developing business authority.

The “who” of Strategy Content Marketing as a business is Kristen Watts and her husband, Stirling Watts. (That’s me, the husband.)

The “what” of “strategy concept marketing” is exactly what its name says.  It is the implementation of a content marketing strategy.  To us, that means creating for you what we call a customized Internet Marketing Machine, a marketing machine that uses your website as its basic foundation.

An Introduction to STRATEGY Content Marketing

Our business existed in formative stages of practice for quite a few years.  More than a handful of years back, Kristen started experimenting with the development of websites for her own interests. And to make a long story short, in September 2013 our employment circumstances compelled us to make a go of this as a full time new way of life.

Most recently she founded this site about content marketing, and the website is our great experiment.  With our new and young site, we intend to statistically prove all that we claim by actively and consistently applying the same SEO advice that we preach.

Before this idea solidified, Kristen had been researching for several years what she later figured out is called content marketing.  Driving quality traffic to targeted websites involved apparently many unexplained and independent methods and secrets.  She eventually discovered that putting all the pieces together that make up that total action, is called content marketing.  Kristen’s concept is to teach people, and to mentor them in the learning process, to put all of these ideas together into one coherent Internet Marketing Machine.

Our Backgrounds

Kristen earned her BA is Human Services from Buena Vista University in Ottumwa, Iowa in the late 90s.  She worked in various human services capacities since then.  She is the inspiration for this content marketing business, and is its originator.  In addition to her own independent study and work in promoting websites, Kristen has been guided by the work of a couple of professional online marketing mentors with whom we continue to maintain business relationships.

I earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Ohio State University in 1979.  For my first dozen years of employment I worked for several aerospace and defense contracting companies as an engineer, and later as an engineering manager.  In the early 90s I left the corporate world to apply those skills in partnership with my brother.  My father had established a successful engineering equipment supply and service business, and we took its helm when Dad retired.  We did that until about ten years ago.

Since then I have been self employed in a few different technical jobs, all of them related to things I had done in the past.  Most recently I worked full time for two years in Christian ministry, then took a short term job in the construction industry.  As that drew to a close, Kristen’s concept of STRATEGY Content marketing had taken shape, so we made the transition into this present life.

Our Strengths and Objectives

Kristen is our conceptual founder and is the leader of our direction.  She is skilled and experienced in the creation and search engine optimization of  WordPress based  websites.  Besides her basic website background, Kristen also has a lot of practical experience implementing other forms of online content in support of blogging and SEO.  She doesn’t like to think of herself as a website designer as much as an SEO authority.  So that is where our business objectives lie.  We focus on helping clients drive absolutely the most possible quality traffic to their websites.

My strengths center on engineering management.  This business is a great fit for my background — a combination of engineering and management skills gained from my experience in the world of corporate system engineering.

Not every potential job falls into the cookie cutter mold we would like it to fall into!  When we encounter a technical challenge vital to getting a client task done, but we lack some skill set to get it done ourselves, we don’t let that shut down an opportunity!  My strength is in finding and working with an appropriate resource to get that particular job done, and in that process learning about it myself.   That makes delivery of our final product feel like one smooth uninterrupted process, as it should be.

Build your Internet Marketing Machine:  Watch our Free Video Training Series!

Kristen has done a great job of summarizing a multitude of concepts and technical details about the implementation of a strategic content marketing plan in our free video training series.  It’s always continuously being expanded and upgraded.

Please let us know what you think, and DO get back to us with feedback.  Our goal is to make our free video training the best, the most interesting, most concise, and possibly entertaining source of basic information on content marketing.

To get there, just use the signup form in the sidebar of this page.  You will receive a link to the training by email. Contact Us if you have any question or need further help in building your internet marketing machine!