Profitable Affiliate Advertising Websites

Profitable Affiliate Advertising Websites

affiliate advertising websites

Why not get your slice of the pie?

If you have any website that already gets a significant amount of traffic, or that has the potential of becoming a very high traffic website, then placing appropriate affiliate ads on it is absolutely the easiest way there is to make money online.

There is no cost to put up an affiliate ad.  All you need to do is sign up with a company that has an affiliate advertising program and place one of their ads, usually already prepared for you, on your site.  If the right products are advertised on the right site, you have a winning combination.

First, what is affiliate advertising and how does it work?

Affiliate advertisers are “pay-by-commission” advertisers.  When you put their affiliate ad on your site, each time someone clicks on that affiliate ad residing on your site and makes a purchase, you earn a sales commission from them. Most affiliate commissions range from 5% to 10%.

Many major merchandise sellers offer online affiliate programs, and it costs you nothing at all to place their affiliate ad

affiliate advertising website

People sell their products everywhere.

on your website.  Then, whenever someone makes a purchase through your ad, you make a few bucks, even while you’re sleeping.

If they would happen buy through someone else’s ad, that someone else makes those few bucks instead of you.  If you are trying to make money online, the choice seems simple:

  1. Either make the effort to make yourself available to earn a few bucks, or
  2. Don’t make yourself available, and just let someone else make the commission.

I prefer option 1. Don’t you?  And, the more online presence you have, the more likely does it become that affiliate purchases are going to take place on one of your websites.

And nobody loses!  The affiliate company is always happy to make a few more sales that might never d have taken place without the presence of your ad.

Don’t I have to know how to build a website to use affiliate advertising?

If you want be able to completely manage and control your income, the answer to that question is ideally, “yes”.  But you don’t have to go that route.  You could also hire a good SEO to build an affiliate advertising site for you, for a price.  Or you might consider purchasing an already successful site.  There are a few places you could go to buy operable websites.  I would recommend starting with something like if that is the route you want to take.

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Build a strong presence!

But keep in mind that building websites is easier and far less intimidating than many would have you believe – especially those who put websites together for a living and do little or no SEO work.  SEOs do much more than just build websites, and good ones are up to the challenge of helping you to turn any new and profitable idea into a money making reality.

 You need a good high traffic website featuring a well defined subject.

If you want to do this yourself,  start by choosing some topic that you are interested in, or might be interested, in that gets a whopping amount of searches.  Google Keyword Planner is the newest Google tool for key word research.  Most of us don’t really like the new Keyword Planner, as it is really oriented towards ease of use for customers purchasing Google Adwords pay-per-click advertisements, making it a less useful tool for some other keyword research tasks.

How to proceed:  Watch my video

The video embedded in this post goes through a step by step procedure of how to use Google Keyword Planner together with Go Daddy to find yourself a great and effective domain name for your planned affiliate site.  Your new domain name needs to be a highly searched phrase associated with your topic of interest, which does not already face a lot of well constructed competing websites coming up at the top of Google.

On the video I go through all the procedures we followed to create one of our own developing affiliate sites, called  If you are a fan of the Breaking Bad television series, this is my chance to plug that site and I hope you will enjoy what we have put together so far.

I hope that this post has stimulated your mind.  Consider  the endless possibilities there are for creating profitable affiliate websites that are also fun and entertaining for people to engage with! And don’t miss our free video training series!

Happy Blogging in 2014!



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