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Your Internet Marketing Machine

Your internet marketing machineSTRATEGY Content Marketing is the basis for designing and growing your own internet marketing machine and developing business authority.

The “who” of Strategy Content Marketing as a business is Kristen Watts and her husband, Stirling Watts. (That’s me, the husband.)

The “what” of “strategy concept marketing” is exactly what its name says.  It is the implementation of a content marketing strategy.  To us, that means creating for you what we call a customized Internet Marketing Machine, a marketing machine that uses your website as its basic foundation.

An Introduction to STRATEGY Content Marketing

Our business existed in formative stages of practice for quite a few years.  More than a handful of years back, Kristen started experimenting with the development of websites for her own interests. And to make a long story short, in September 2013 our employment circumstances compelled us to make a go of this as a full time new way of life.

Most recently she founded this site about content marketing, and the website is our great experiment.  With our new and young site, we intend to statistically prove all that we claim by actively and consistently applying the same SEO advice that we preach.

Before this idea solidified, Kristen had been researching for several years what she later figured out is called content marketing.  Driving quality traffic to targeted websites involved apparently many unexplained and independent methods and secrets.  She eventually discovered that putting all the pieces together that make up that total action, is called content marketing.  Kristen’s concept is to teach people, and to mentor them in the learning process, to put all of these ideas together into one coherent Internet Marketing Machine.

Our Backgrounds

Kristen earned her BA is Human Services from Buena Vista University in Ottumwa, Iowa in the late 90s.  She worked in various human services capacities since then.  She is the inspiration for this content marketing business, and is its originator.  In addition to her own independent study and work in promoting websites, Kristen has been guided by the work of a couple of professional online marketing mentors with whom we continue to maintain business relationships.

I earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Ohio State University in 1979.  For my first dozen years of employment I worked for several aerospace and defense contracting companies as an engineer, and later as an engineering manager.  In the early 90s I left the corporate world to apply those skills in partnership with my brother.  My father had established a successful engineering equipment supply and service business, and we took its helm when Dad retired.  We did that until about ten years ago.

Since then I have been self employed in a few different technical jobs, all of them related to things I had done in the past.  Most recently I worked full time for two years in Christian ministry, then took a short term job in the construction industry.  As that drew to a close, Kristen’s concept of STRATEGY Content marketing had taken shape, so we made the transition into this present life.

Our Strengths and Objectives

Kristen is our conceptual founder and is the leader of our direction.  She is skilled and experienced in the creation and search engine optimization of  WordPress based  websites.  Besides her basic website background, Kristen also has a lot of practical experience implementing other forms of online content in support of blogging and SEO.  She doesn’t like to think of herself as a website designer as much as an SEO authority.  So that is where our business objectives lie.  We focus on helping clients drive absolutely the most possible quality traffic to their websites.

My strengths center on engineering management.  This business is a great fit for my background — a combination of engineering and management skills gained from my experience in the world of corporate system engineering.

Not every potential job falls into the cookie cutter mold we would like it to fall into!  When we encounter a technical challenge vital to getting a client task done, but we lack some skill set to get it done ourselves, we don’t let that shut down an opportunity!  My strength is in finding and working with an appropriate resource to get that particular job done, and in that process learning about it myself.   That makes delivery of our final product feel like one smooth uninterrupted process, as it should be.

Build your Internet Marketing Machine:  Watch our Free Video Training Series!

Kristen has done a great job of summarizing a multitude of concepts and technical details about the implementation of a strategic content marketing plan in our free video training series.  It’s always continuously being expanded and upgraded.

Please let us know what you think, and DO get back to us with feedback.  Our goal is to make our free video training the best, the most interesting, most concise, and possibly entertaining source of basic information on content marketing.

To get there, just use the signup form in the sidebar of this page.  You will receive a link to the training by email. Contact Us if you have any question or need further help in building your internet marketing machine!


Internet Marketing Training | Internet Marketing Buzzwords

Internet Marketing Training and Internet Marketing Buzzwords 

This short article on internet marketing training introduces to you an understanding of the phrase “internet marketing training” .The theme “internet marketing training” is one step more specific than is the very general subject of promoting your business.

Defining specific things in the internet world translates to using internet marketing jargon. Technical jargon is often referred to as buzz words, or buzz phrases.  When we hear these buzz words or phrases or acronyms being used, we are sometimes not even sure what they mean!  Let’s talk now about some of the commonly used words and phrases that pop up in the world of internet marketing, just what they actually mean, and how that understanding will help you learn to promote yourself, or in buzz speak to “build your brand”

Internet Marketing Industry Buzzwords

You are probably here reading this blog post because some familiar word or phrase which came to your thought related to something you wanted to know about.  That word or phrase was most likely an industry buzz word or buzz phrase.  You probably searched on that buzz word or buzz phrase, and as a result you were directed here. Buzz words are often thrown around in conversation without explanation of their meaning, and people are often embarrassed to admit their ignorance of the terms.

Let’s not be embarrassed!  Here we aim to define some of those terms, while at the same time discussing what they are going to mean to you in terms of helping you to make your presence known through your website and blogging. Perhaps gaining some insight to such terminology is part of your motivation for being here now.

I decided to write this article because I think that the lack of understanding of the meaning of  buzz words and industry acronyms can often become stumbling blocks to your progress. People are unwilling to admit what they do not know, and that unwillingness holds them back.  Those using the technical jargon are unaware of that ignorance, and they keep talking.  That can get both of you nowhere fast and is just a waste of everyone’s breath!

Our Major Emphasis (In Marketing  Buzz Phrase Terms)

internet marketing training

Effective internet marketing training puts you in control!

You may want to learn about some new topic, but when you go to get answers from some expert about it, you might find their explanations less than totally helpful because of assumptions that have been made about your foreknowledge about them.   When an explanation includes the use of additional unfamiliar terminology, then it’s not really helpful to you.

On that note, we are going to use possibly still undefined some buzz words and phrases to examine some of the major areas in which we can provide tech support to you.

Internet Marketing Tech Support Services we Offer include:

  1. Implementing SEO Techniques
  2. Brand Buiding
  3. WordPress Setup
  4. On Page SEO
  5. Off Page SEO
  6. Website design emphasizing WordPress
  7. Local SEO techniques – driving local traffic to you
  8. Social media setup and streamlining
  9. Video marketing and its SEO techniques
  10. Content Marketing and Content Editing for SEO
  11. This List can be endless!

If any of these terms are at this point unfamiliar buzz phrases to you, then be sure to read and view the follow up blog and video.  These are just some of the things we aim to help you with.  As item number 10 says above, the list could be endless!  In the follow up article we will explain each term, and discuss exactly how the understanding of each concept will ultimately translate to increased business for you.

Interested in Improving Your Internet Marketing Power?

If this post has peaked your interest, please be sure to go to the sidebar at the right side of this page to enroll for access to our effective internet marketing training.  It costs you nothing!  If you like our style, then ask us what more we can do for you!  We sincerely look forward to hearing from you!

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