Installing WordPress Using HostGator

A How to Article: Installing WordPress on HostGator

HostGator’s Quick Install makes installing WordPress extremely is easy.  In an earlier video we showed you how to establish the hosting platform with your new domain name.  After following the steps outlined in this video, you will be ready to create new content!

Overcome Intimidation!

This video series shows you how easy it is to create your own website.  Just knowing  the first steps is half the battle.  As the video shows, HostGator’s Quick Install is easy to use.

Video on Using HostGator with WordPress:  How to Quick Install WordPress

Later videos will teach you to use many of the features of WordPress. WordPress gets easier to use every day.  A basic knowledge of HTML is helpful, but a growing list of Plug-ins and Widgets helps the user equipped with less than a full understanding of that subject.  Plug-ins and Widgets make website designer’s job  much easier.  So, let’s get started!  Use HostGator Quick Install to get your WordPress platform online!  We will see you in the next post and video!

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Installing WordPress Using HostGator

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Adding Domain Names To HostGator

Adding Domain Names in your Host Gator Account.

For those at the beginning stages of establishing a website for the first time, this article and the accompanying video show you the simple process of adding domain names to the hosting platform.  A domain name is the English language name of your website, which is associated with its actual address, or URL.  It is the set of words which  directs other internet users to the website that belongs to you.   The URL and the domain name you assign to it are the foundation and platform of your website, for example,

Before you can actually put content up on your new URL, you need to establish its existence somewhere.  That is the function of a website host.  The two most common website hosts are at present, HostGator and GoDaddy.  You can actually buy domain names from either source, and/or you can actually purchase hosting services from either Adding Domain Names to Hostgatorsource.  GoDaddy is more renowned as a convenient source of domain names, while HostGator is more renowned as a website host.  So, you could get your domain name from either source, but our purpose here is to  illustrate exactly how to add on your new domain name using HostGator’s page designed for that purpose.

Now that you know how to add domain names in HostGator, in a separate post we will take the next step, installing WordPress and building the site.

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