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The Effectiveness of Social Media Sharing 

social media sharing

ER, I mean TWEET!

Everybody is talking about the importance of social media sharing.  Let’s make clear just what social media sharing really does, and talk about why it’s a vital component of every content marketing strategy.  A prerequisite to to understand the function and importance of backlinks.

What are Backlinks?

A backlink is any link which an internet searcher is likely to find within your piece of content which directs him/her back to your website. As your blog grows post by post, you are creating an ever growing and interconnected mountain of references, each of which exist as a separate piece of content, and each of which contains a separate backlink pointing to your website.  The more, the better! social media sharingYour pieces of searchable content include your written blog posts with videos and pictures embedded in them.   Each post is a separate piece of content.  Because your embedded videos also stand alone on YouTube and possible on other video hosts, they also exist as independent pieces of searchable content.  You might also be using podcasts related to each post, as we recently have begun to implement. So, you might have the potential of having an entire handful of stand-alone pieces of content associated with each single written blog post.  In our case we publish from 4 to 6 pieces of content online for every post we write on our main blog. To search engines, each one of those pieces of content is a separate and searchable item.  Each item exists for the primary purpose of providing a backlink to the internet searcher who finds them, thus pointing them to your website.  The whole reason for creating this huge number of separated items is to increase the probability that someone is going to be directed to your website.

I’m not quite ready to talk about social media yet…just keep reading!

Before we get to social media, there is a point to be made about backlinks. I’m going to use our own situation at STRATEGY Content Marketing as an example.  We usually publish at least two videos associated with each written blog post.  Sometimes we publish that associated video content on hosts other than YouTube, so we sometimes have as many as 6 pieces of video content per blog post, and recently we began to add podcasts associated with each blog post. So, if we were publicize ourselves at maximum capacity that would mean that 7 pieces of separate and searchable content would exist in support of each blog post.  Let’s say that in an average year, I expect to publish 300 pieces of content on my blog.  That’s a reasonable number for anyone serious about implementing a content marketing program. 300 blog posts translates to 300 + (700×3)=2400 pieces of independent searchable content residing out there on the internet waiting to be found, each one with a backlink to our site.

OK. Now let’s talk about social media

With 2400pieces of content waiting to be found in search engines, what could we do to boost interest in getting them viewed, besides just waiting on them to found by search engines? We could wave them in front of people! That’s what social media sharing is all about.  This is best illustrated in the video found in this post.  I have chosen to eventually share each and every piece of content with 15 independent social media platforms.

Let’s do the simple mathsocial media sharing

This example is hypothetical and for illustration.  But if you watch the video and start looking at all the x’s marked in the sharing boxes, it sinks in even more  how effective it is to share your content on social media.  Each social media share represents multiple opportunities for someone to look at one of my pieces of content, each one of which which is designed to get them to look at my website. 100 blog posts with videos and podcasts translates to 2400 pieces of content. Sharing each of 2400 pieces of content to 15 different social media platforms results in 15×2400=36,000 invitations to look at my content.

What happens if I don’t share?

There are two consequences: 1. If I don’t share, I turn down 36,000 free invitations to look at my content.  How many views will I get per invitation?  That depends upon a lot of factors.  It could be anywhere from zero to hundreds, depending on the content itself and where it was shared.  Whatever that number might be, multiply it by 36,000.  That’s how many visits to my website I would be turning down if I failed to share my content. 2. Each share is noticed by the major search engines (keep thinking Google).  Google judges your material to be more relevant when it is recommended by social media shares.  By failing to share I would also be turning down 36,000 opportunities to make my content rank higher in search results.  Would you really be effectively promoting your business?

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Google Unique Products for SEO

Google Unique Products Designed to boost specific SEO factors

Several Google unique products are designed to help you boost lSEO.  As the world’s leading search engine, their objective is to be the very best at the game of matching quality results with specific searches.  Google offers several extremely helpful resources which their competition is struggling to catch up with.


Your Google+ page will help you to drive quality traffic.  It is one of the essential Google unique products that must be in your toolbox. If you are a locally based business, then be sure that you have listed your business in Google Places, another Google unique tool.  It’s easy and cost free.  If your aim is to better your local SEO, you will also be doing yourself a tremendous favor by asking some of your clients to leave you favorable reviews, the more the better.

Google Places

Once you are listed there, then be sure that on your website you include your name, address, and phone number on every page of your site, and in exactly the same format that you used in your Google Places registration. The page footer is convenient and unobtrusive place for it.  That’s not just for the benefit of the potential customer who reads it. It’s important that this information be found in matching format to ensure that Google algorithms recognize the correlation with your Google Places listing.

google unique

Drive traffic right to your door in Small Town, USA!!

Google AdWords – pay per Click Ads

Today’s online paid advertising is designed to bring your potential customers to you.  Traditional fixed price advertising leaves you out of the loop.  With it you have no way to know who sees your ad and whether or not is effective.  Pay per click ads give you the power of tracking your views, and being enables you to reach only to people who are looking for the services it advertises, because you ONLY pay, per click, that is, ONLY when your ad is viewed.

You can also control your budget by specifying a maximum dollar amount, or a maximum number of clicks that you are willing to pay for each day.  If that ceiling is reached, you can configure your ad to disappear and then reset the next day.  You can also schedule your pay per click ads to run during specific time periods and/or seasons.

Because you have real time instant access to know how many clicks your ad is getting, you always have the information you need to judge the quality and effectiveness of your ad. With that information you can decide whether to increase or decrease your budget.  And a comparison of sales versus number of ad clicks will tell you just how effective your ad is..  If you did a really terrible job up front sand nobody is clicking hitting it at all, you lose nothing at all.  On that basis you can edited your ad at any time at all!

Google AdWords offers local businesses who are of course seeking local SEO the benefit of location targeting. Your ad can be configured to appear only in specified geographic locations, which enables Google to offer to you reduced pay per click rates, because you are freeing up bandwidth which can be used by someone else in other regions.

There are a multitude of additional potential features to Google AdWords.  You can, for example, configure your ad so that it provides a map to guide its viewer to your specific store.  AdWords has a feature which detects when the ad has been clicked from a mobile device and configures the appropriate map for it, with the option of giving driving directions to a store.

The possibilities are virtually endless!  If you want to explore what AdWords can do for you, just go to Google and learn about it.  We’ll talk about it and outline some technical detail about Adwords is another upcoming video, which will probably appear in our free training series.  Please be sure to go there and check us out.

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