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This short article is the first of a series of posts focusing on promoting and stimulating the economy in the West Plains Mo area.   At the same time this post also provides some informational background on the contents of OzSBI’s upcoming March 18, 2014 workshop on content marketing.

Keys to Economic Stimulation

One key to stimulating the economy of any area is to encourage an inflow of cash into that area from economically healthy areas.  That’s true for an entire country, or for the smallest municipalities.

The United States encourage exports, which in turn result in an inflow of cash which originated in the economies of other countries.  This creates a flow of cash which otherwise would not have existed on its own domestically.  Areas as small as West Plains and Howell County are not an exception to that principle of cash flow and economic growth.

Historically recognized as a relatively low income area, the standard of living in The Ozarks has in fact been gradually rising in recent years as more local residents have learned to generate higher income levels, many of them arising from doing more business with outside areas.

Local residents accomplish this by either working at home for themselves, or by working for larger companies.  In either case, when emphasis is placed on selling products or services to outside areas, the result is an increase of resources and cash flow into our area.  That cash then circulates around and ultimately benefits locals by changing hands and  being here to be spent!

Local Content Marketing Promotes and Encourages Cash Flow into West Plains

Content marketing concepts encourage and enable business owners to learn to draw from a broader range of customer base, much of it being outside of their traditional geographical area.  How is that growing external customer base found?

A growing customer base is created by establishing a  more effective present online!

The bottom line result of increased cash flow for any business is an increase in its revenue. More revenue benefits not just that company and its employees.   In the long run and in the big economic picture, everyone and every other business in the community benefit from that increased presence of cash.

How does doing business online stimulate a lower standard local economy?west plains mo

Businesses in previously depressed economic regions are acting as catalysts to the stimulation of  the local economies by focusing their marketing efforts in an online direction. The most effective ways of marketing a business online are represented by the art and science of content marketing.

Effectively implemented content marketing causes more cash to flow in from outside of the area.  It then naturally changes hands inside the area, thereby benefiting not only business owners, but its employees, and ultimately the community at large.

An Increased Standard of Life in West Plains

Like changes in atmospheric pressure pressure adjust naturally. similarly, economic voids are also naturally filled and adjusted.  Our local economy can continue to grow by leaps and bounds when effectively stimulated  by efficient and forward thinking  uses of internet marketing!

Even the most locally oriented businesses reap the benefits of economic growth stimulated from the outside.  As a result of in increase in the presence of cash in the community created by those doing more business with outside areas, their own business  revenue will also also necessarily and naturally increase.  Why?  More money is being spent in the community.  That improvement in the business climate ultimately leads to the creation of  more jobs and higher salaries.It’s an expanding trend!

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Improving technology is helping

With the advent of improving high speed internet availability, even more opportunity is continually opening up for online based local businesses, fueling a great positive economic adjustment for our area.

To Learn More about Content Marketing, Attend the OzSBI Workshop

At OzSBI’s Professional Workshop “Content Marketing: Grow Your Business Online”.  you can expect to  learn more about how to reach and target  new and highly motivated customers.

The workshop will be presented on Tuesday March 18, 2014 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Ozarks Small Business Incubator in downtown West Plains.  Please contact OzSBI at 417.256.9724 or email info@ozsbi.com.

Strategy Content marketing West Plains

Consulting Services for Content Marketing

Consulting Services for Content Marketing, SEO, Blogging Support, Social Media, Etc.

In September 2013 I became the other half of what was initially Kristen’s brainchild business, which she had  appropriately named “Strategy Content Marketing”,  a business specializing in consulting services for content marketing and SEO.  She had already been developing the idea and the basic website  for a couple of years.

I had worked the previous summer on my last laborious contracted land surveying job, working away from home  in another state.  The personal company kept there was far less than endearing and the work was anything but really fun.  It was time to make a change for the better.

After spending a little time back home where I really like to be, I decided to devote my full time supporting and working with the only person I really want to be around all day long, my wife, Kristen, who already has been well versed in this specialty for some time now. While I gain the comfort and fun of working 24/7 with my favorite person, I also gain the benefits of learning and improving a new technical specialty for myself.

I teamed up with Kristen on this, and we charged ahead to be 100% ready for launch by the end of the year.  We are on schedule!   In October we rented an office so that we could devote all of our attention to this, and attacked this project with a level of effort effort like neither of us had ever before put forth.  By the end of the year 2013 we had our free video  training series complete and had accumulated a significant amount of content on our content marketing blog.  Then it was time to begin building a client base.

The objective behind Strategy Content marketing is to provide technical support and consultation services to clients seeking to make more effective use of their internet presence. Whether a client is just starting out by creating a website or blog from nothing, or already has an online presence which might be working at less than optimum efficiency, our objective is to help our customers to increase their business revenues by learning to take full advantage of the often mysterious and often seemingly disconnected intricacies which characterize internet marketing.

Our focus is on helping the client gain visibility and ultimately increased revenues through improved and increased use of internet resources. This work might include any level of support in areas such as website creation, website format and contentconsulting services for content marketing optimization, blogging and related support, SEO ranking assistance, video marketing and related SEO ranking, and any number of related subjects.

We operate daily, just about seven days per week, out of office facilities located in the Ozark Small Business Incubator (OzSBI), near the courthouse square in West Plains, MO.  In the sidebar to the right, you can put yourself on a list which gives you access to our video training series..  Email us via our Contact Page.  If you would like to contact us by phone, please put yourself on the list for our video training series, and we will respond  ASAP.

Thank you for considering us in your search for effective SEO and content marketing consultation services!

(Read here about how to add a domain name.)

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