Tracking Search Patterns on Key Words

Tracking search patterns and analyzing them

To be able to gauge your progress in traffic driving potential to your website, you need to create a method of tracking search patterns.  In order to decide where you’re going next, you need a record of the key words you have used in a list associated with their search success rates.

This is a basic and elementary summary of how you need to track search patterns in order  to optimize the search results you’re shooting for.

Where should I be?

Is your blog post coming up in the top three slots of Google and/or You Tube?  That’s your objective.  If it’s not, you have work to do.  Checking the ranking of each of your key words on a regular basis provides you a basis from which to decide what to do with that key word or the post or video associated with it.

Potential difficulties are revealed by analyzing search patterns

For instance, if you are not showing up in the first 5 pages of results for a given key word, is your key word phrase too broad and general?  Short key word phrases are very competitive.  You might consider making the key word phrase just a little more specific by adding a word or two, just to decrease the competition.

tracking search patterns

Search, and ye shall find!

Here’s a for instance on refinement:  I wrote a blog post made a video about SEO strategy a while back.  It wasn’t ranking at all, that is, I didn’t find it in the first 5 pages of results.  I use the 5 page rule.  If I don’t find something of mine within the first 5 pages of search results, I have to change something significant.

So I looked at what I had written, and decided that what I had really written about was an SEO strategy template.  And in fact, if I used SEO strategy template as a key word, I would be attracting an audience closer  to the theme of the post anyway.  After rewording the post and the accompanying video description, boom!  There I was at number 1 in Google and Number four in Google.

Tracking the success of your key words becomes increasingly important and meaningful as the number of posts and subjects on your blog begins to increase.

Naturally there are  factors other than key word phrase refinement which have to do with your ranking results, some of them being much more complex.  Suffice it to say that unless you are tracking  search patterns, you have no information by which to measure your success or failure.

No sophistication needed

Unless you are tracking a blog of extraordinary size, the information in an ordinary spreadsheet is easiest for most of us to comprehend.   I like Google

tracking search patterns

No sophistication needed!

Spreadsheet mostly because of the online storage and instant save features.  Because we access it through Google Drive, we can make changes and updates to it independently without needing to consult with each other.

In the embedded video I outline a very crude and simple way of tracking search patterns using Google Spreadsheet.   There I speak to this task from the perspective of tracking blog posts and videos on the two primary search engines, Google and YouTube.  Take a look and let me know what you think.

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Brand Yourself with The Power of Podcast

How the power of podcast can better define you online

We only recently found the time to add the power of podcast and real time audio broadcasting to our growing arsenal of online promotional methods and servicesAnd we’re having fun with it!

The internet is free, dummy!

The greatest thing about many types of internet promotion is that they are free!  There are countless free platforms where you can share your written content, personalized video and audio content for all to see and hear, on demand, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

power of podcastVideo vs. Audio Platforms

Video is a necessity, but the power of audio needs to be taken just as seriously. In our personal experience we found it a little more difficult to get used to being on camera than getting accustomed to just being on a microphone.  For me, there was more intimidation to the thought that thousands of people might be watching me in person than might be just listening to me.  But it didn’t take more than a couple of weeks worth of making videos to get over that.power of podcast However, I do still feel that my demeanor on video comes off as less than fully comfortable than in does in audio.

Real Time and On Demand Audio!

Audio podcast service providers such as Blog Talk Radio offer real time (live) broadcasting.  After the show has aired, the host service provides us (and the public) with an online podcast link to the show. Each show is then available, for all time, to be listened to on demand by anyone who finds it, the world over.  The podcast resides forever with the host service, Blog Talk Radio, as one searchable piece of content in the same manner as each of our YouTube videos is also a searchable piece of content. In a way I’m glad that none of my YouTube videos were ever broadcast live.  Sometimes on an off day we have to do several takes before a video comes off with a comfortable feeling.  On the plus side, the repetition is also good for me in terms of burning a permanent retrievable record in my mind.

power of podcast

We’re having more fun here than a barrel of monkeys!

It’s fun, and it shows!

Live audio makes possible and encourages audience participation.  Because we’re doing both shows as a team, our shows come across as  an extension of our own personal ranting that goes on in our office all day long!  We have a great time working together, and that shows in our on-air tone.

Strengthen your brand with the power of podcast

power of podcast

Don’t mess with this lady!

Besides the thrill of the thought of people actually listening to us, our podcast presence really does a lot more.  Because of the internet, there’s a whole new culture developing in the world of broadcasting.  In the past, only the elite or the connected had access to being heard by the world.  With the internet, the only factor that restricts your own self promotion is the time and effort you are willing and able to put into developing your presence there.

Fathom the potential power!

The world needs to grasp the power of distributing personal and business content across the net.  The limitations of time and space have been literally lifted by the internet!  Do you think that’s an exaggeration?  It’s not! You can now actually be seen and heard in more than one place at the same time.  Anyone can!  All you have to do is to make your image or your voice available for all  to be seen or heard.  And it’s free!  Isn’t that incredible?

The vast economic potential of content marketing

Imagine the economic potential behind the inescapable and coming discovery that the internet literally defies some aspects of the laws of physics!  This discovery is literally a key to escape from economic recession. power of podcastWe can all certainly imagine the difference that would result in our own business if we just stopped wasting our time marketing to people who have no interest in what we have to offer. What is the world were to discover this great fact?  They will – it is inevitable.  Shouldn’t you get on the bandwagon now?

Be Ubiquitous!  Spread your presence!

The foundation of being seen online rests first on your website associated blog, and second in its embedded video and audio content  which  lives out there in the internet world as independently searchable and findable content. Each piece represents you, points to you and your website, while performing the parallel function of speaking for you, in your voice the world over 24/7.

More Free Information

Our bottom line objective is to help the world become more aware of the unlimited potential available through a properly understood and utilized internet.  That understanding is only beginning to unfold.power of podcast Learn all you can about basic content marketing, a tool which keeps your promotional efforts focused only on interested listeners, in our free video Then let us know how we are doing.  We’re constantly upgrading and adding new training content.  Then drop us a line, for any reason at all.  We look forward to talking to you!


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