Autoresponder Marketing Grows Your Business

 autoresponder marketingAutoresponder Marketing

Autoresponder marketing is essential to your online business growth!   Your autoresponder will probably become one of your best  friends.  Autoresponders are convenient programs that automatically send out emails in response to various events, which you define to them.

Autoresponder services are cleverly designed computer programs which reside on the autoresponder service provider’s equipment (meaning it is on their computer and not your computer).  A service is most likely what you want, unless you are a techie by nature or  just like to make life harder than it needs to be. When you use an autoresponder service, you don’t run anything on your own computer or from your web host.  Rather, you remotely configure the autoresponder program from its own online control panel page through your browser.  The program itself resides with the service provider.

You could choose instead to use your own resident autoresponder program in place of a subscription. Web host providers offer them free with their web hosting service. They can be more complicated to use and they run programs which you have to download to your computer. That means if your computer has problems, it might also affect your autoresponder.  We never did that, just because a good service is so available, cheap, easy, and reliable.  Use the service!

What would autoresponder marketing do for my business?

The most effective way for me to explain the virtues of autoresponder marketing use is to tell you how we use it and why.  Any other information coming from me would only be conjectural, but here is how and why we have found the use of an autoresponder invaluable. Our autoresponder gives us the convenience of immediately responding to every inquiry that arrives in response to a request for information generated on our website. The online request form collects the interested party’s first and last name and email address.

The moment that request lands in our contact list, the autoresponder sends them a personalized  verification email. Every common autoresponder service also provides the capability of generating a personalized response.  If you were going to be truly personal, you could sit and watch your inbox all day, and be sure that you write a personalized response every time an inquiry arrives. But since we all spend our days performing other vital functions of our business, we can respond to everyone immediately without tracking incoming correspondence in real time.  And, via autoresponder we can do that with a personalized note addressing them by their first name, or their last name with title, or whatever we have chosen to do in advance.

 Autoresponder Follow Ups

Not only can the autoresponder be used to send out an initial mail, it can also automatically send out follow-ups.  For instance, when someone  named Bob Smith subscribes to our free video training series, he automatically receive an email that says something like “Dear Bob, thanks for signing up to watch our free training!  Enjoy it and get back with us.” Seven days later it sends out another pre-written but personalized email to Bob that says something like “Hi, Bob!  How’s it going?  We hope our free video training series is teaching you a lot.  What do you think?  If you have any questions or a need for related services, don’t hesitate to contact us!”

Of course we probably don’t really know Bob yet.  But we really do want to get to know him and do business with him on a friendly basis, just like we want to do with you too.   So, we try to make Bob feel like we’re talking to him as a friend..  And we didn’t have to monitor our email all night to accomplish that! And if you want, your autoresponder can continue to send out periodic reminders or announcements about anything at all, to whomever you choose,  just on the basis of scheduling.  Birthday reminders or Christmas greetings are  good examples.

Autoresponder Subscription Services

If you run a business where you need to develop a client contact list, getting an auto responder service that works well for you is a must.  There are paid services and unpaid services, and of course the paid services generally deliver more flexibility and operate with fewer problems and glitches.  The most used and publicized autoresponder services are offered by “AWeber “ and “Get Response”. Recently we switched to Get Response from AWeber simply on the basis of reduced cost versus our own needs.  Both are really easy to sign up for and configure. Take your pick!

Kristen has assembled a couple of nice videos that walk you through that in our free video training series on content marketing.    DO sign up to gain access to a link to watch them.  Just sign up using either of the two signup options on this page. I think the signup buttons may be up on top instead of on the sidebar, since we recently changed our website theme.  Do you like the improvement?  Let us know!  Sign up, and then drop us an email!

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