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STRATEGY Content Marketing BUILDS websites but we don’t necessarily build WEBSITES.  There’s a difference!  Instead, we offer you control of your own  Internet Marketing Machine.  And we enable you to learn to build, strengthen, exercise, and flex the untapped potential of your own website, whether it is already existing or not.  Send your website to the gym!  Put it on steroids!

Put Your Website on an Exercise Plan:  Use it to build an Internet Marketing Machine

A website by itself is not a marketing machine!  Like a car without a motor, it just sits there!  Nobody sees your pretty new car, and neither does it take you anywhere when it’s locked up in your garage. There are plenty of internet users who want to look at your beautiful well designed website.

So, how will you present it to them?   Like a good motor propels a race car onto a track where spectators are anxious to see it defeat its competition, your website must be propelled into cyberspace where it will be seen first, and be seen ahead of your competition.   Like the winning race car!

Propelling Your Website Into View

Your website is propelled into view by factors that have little to do with the site’s own internal page content.    To draw attention to your website, you actually need to create independent online content, and lots of it. the more, the better!   All of it will point back to your website.

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A Content Marketing Example

Let’s say you have a website that contains 5 pages. Each page might rank on the first page of Google search results for a  keyword or two. Let’s just say, for example, that each page ranks on the first page of Google for two or three search results.

Hey! That’s a great start! Your store will be easily found on Google for a few keyword searches!  But what if they are searching a more general keyword?  Be sure they don’t  miss you!

Let’s say you own “” and you have an actual store called “Buy Some Shoes”,  in a neighborhood called “Mission Point”,  in a town called “Houston TX”.

Maybe there are dozens of people a month nearby that search online using keywords like “unique shoes Houston Texas”, “cool shoes in mission point Houston”, “best shoe store in Houston”, “retro shoe styles mission point”, “shoe sale Houston Mission Point”, and the list goes on and on.

If you have a blog post for each search term, then you will be easily found for many, many search terms!  THIS is the engine of your internet marketing machine.  It’s the engine that TAKES you to the people who are LOOKING for you!

Let STRATEGY Content Marketing help you put your website on steroids!

To see some examples and learn more, take a look at our free video training series. Enroll in the sidebar to the right!  Then let’s go further!  Get in contact with us!

Whether you have an existing website or not, we’ll guide you into the creation of your very own Internet Marketing Machine.  We can build the site, or we can work with what you already have.  We can create content, or hep you with your SEO optimization, or optimize your videos – whatever fits best for everyone!  Just contact us to discuss it!  Thank you!

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