An SEO Strategy Template for You

The Importance of an SEO Strategy Template

If you are reading this post, that is evidence of my effective SEO strategy template.  You probably found me through an online search.   The fact that you are reading this makes you my quality traffic, because a factor of my SEO strategy matched your  SEO needs.  As a business owner with  your own website and blog, your most effective strategy is to discover and implement you won plan to do accomplish the same goals.

Do you have a brand new website that you want to gain recognition but you don’t know how to get that done? Perhaps you already have at least a basic understanding of where to start, but feel that you cannot afford to take valuable time from the daily operation of your business?

Maybe you have been online with your business site  for a while and you just know that you could get a lot return from that presence than what you have been experiencing. No matter where you stand, our first objective at Strategy Content Marketing is to empower you, the business owner or primary manager, by simplifying what seems like a complex task of putting an effective SEO strategy to work.

We want you to learn how to do what we do!

seo strategy template Teaching you to independently do what we do is our business!  There will never be a shortage of a need to know and understand the complexities of stimulating business through online presence. Our  mentoring and guidance helps you to independently reach the point of possessing a strong and effective online presence. Our potential customer base is virtually unlimited. Every business owner needs to be in independent control of his own online presence.  The only way to get there is to make the decision to overcome intimidation factors and take charge!

What we want to teach you and hold your hand while YOU do:

  • Website Optimization  We help you learn how to enhance the structure of your site to better catch the attention search engines as well as optimize its user functionality.  You will learn to understand and implement on-site elements which search engines use to make their  judgments of your site’s value.  And that information translates into where you appear in the result rankings!That work includes but is not limited to choosing and implementing appropriate themes and formats, building a page architecture that best suits your business and its function, making effective use enhancements that increase page loading speeds,  and many behind the scenes details of which you might not otherwise be aware.
  • Content Growth  Regardless of what you specifically do, you need to take maximum advantage of your blogging platform.  We teach you how to do that yourself.  We teach you how to structure your blogging content to not only be informative, but to optimize the attention it is designed to attract through the use of key words, pictures, links, and videos.Depending on where you stand in your abilities, we may end up creating some of that for you in the beginning, or provide optimizing services on your existing content, or simply summarize a documented plan for you to continue following.
  • SEO for Video Media  We encourage you to get involved in video promotion. Video marketing is growing phenomenally now due to recent improvements in internet speed.  We teach you every step of video marketing – making personal videos, making onscreen videos, how to publish and properly tag your videos to a variety of video sites, backlinking and promoting your blog through video, etc.
  • Link Building Analysis  Learn to know where it is most effective to share links, and to optimize a system for building as many effective backlinks as possible which point users back to your site.
  • Social media for SEO  .It’s easy!  Once you’re set up, sharing your content with all of the major social media and bookmarking sites is just a matter of  a series of clicks.  We’ll get you set up to take full advantage of Facebook, twitter, Google+, LinkedIn,  and a long list of others.

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