PHP and WordPress Enhancement

PHP and WordPress Enhancement Equals Creativity!

php and wordpress enhancementPHP and WordPress enhancement go together like a horse and carriage – like love and marriage! PHP-based content management systems like WordPress have made the creation and management of dynamic web pages possible for virtually anyone!  PHP scripting or some other form of dynamic html code creation,  has become the  foundation of most contemporary websites.  PHP is in fact the very foundation of WordPress.

The wide variety of PHP based plug-ins and themes and widgets available for WordPress means that in WordPress, in order to  create some very attractive work there’s no longer much need to understand any coding or scripting at all.  WordPress has basically turned what was previously the science of creative PHP scripting into a paint by number art system.

People are naturally attracted to dynamic webpage displays that include interesting picture rotations, fade-outs, andPHP and WordPress Enhancement a lot of other  interactive features which  do attention grabbing things.  Dynamic webpages have become so common that people have come to expect them.  They are now the norm, and that’s why static html websites are becoming virtually extinct.

Public Perception Drives Development

In proportion as the universal understanding and use of the PHP scripting language grows throughout the industry, so grows the number of useful content management system utilities (plug-ins, widgets, themes, etc.).  It is primarily the growing use of PHP scripting that has made dynamic and interesting websites so commonplace today.

Spurring on that growth are PHP-based content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Content management systems are essentially PHP-based building block systems designed to make life simpler for everyone.  Themes, widgets, and plug-ins are essentially re-usable building blocks of dynamic PHP scripting code that can be used over and over again by designers who need not have the slightest concept of exactly how they work. Imagine what the world of masonry would be like if the mason had to reinvent the brick every time he built a new wall!  But with pre-made bricks, you can just stack ’em up!

php and wordpress enhancementWordPress leads the way in the content management system race.  It is primarily the growth of the popularity of  Wordpress that has most contributed to the downfall and death of the boring old static html page.  WordPress has become widely popular because it enables virtually anyone  to edit and maintain their own website without even knowing what the term  “html” even  means.

To create great looking websites using WordPress, you no longer need  to understand either html or active scripting languages.  But to express unlimited creativity, it sure helps!

Get creative!

If you have created more than a handful of websites on a WordPress platform, you probably have already discovered that in spite of the number of themes and widgets and plug-ins available, you often just cannot find exactly what you need.

Themes are perhaps the most frustrating building block item.  There are literally thousands of them.  Some are free,  some cost a little, and some cost a lot.  But if you are looking for a particular layout that just does not do what you want it to, or doesn’t look exactly like you want it to look, then you are going to need to either modify a theme that already exists, or start from scratch and create one yourself.

Armed with a little bit of understanding of the PHP scripting language, you too can modify and customize WordPress themes and widgets.  All of those themes and widgets and plug-ins exist in the first place because someone saw a void, and then filled it by writing a set of task-specific PHP scripts.

Dig in!

You don’t have to be a master PHP programmer to modify WordPress utilities.  You only need to understand enough about the script to interpret what the code is doing.

Here’s a real and personal example:  Maybe you like everything about the appearance of a particular theme, but you don’t like Breadcrumbs, and in this particular theme the creator did not provide an option to turn it off.  If you don’t understand what the code is doing, you are at the mercy of that theme designer’s preconceptions.  But, if you are able to manually analyze the code that defines that  item,  you will be able to find the particular file that creates the breadcrumbs trail and simply disable it.

Or, maybe you love everything about a particular theme, but you don’t like being compelled to use the layout of the footer that has been provided.  Or maybe you need to widen a widget, or make it taller.  With an understanding of the basics of PHP coding, a little bit of searching and analyzing will reveal to you how to customize these pre-designed building blocks into the exact form that you need to fit the format you’re looking for.

You  can customize WordPress Utilities!

I am no WordPress theme and widget modification expert, but rest assured that where there is a will there is a way. Armed with only the tiniest bit of experience and understanding, you can move what seems like mountains to those who don’t  understand as much as the little bit that you do.

Don’t be afraid to get in there and get your hands dirty!  Accomplish the simplest technical task, and people will think you’re a genius!  A basic understanding of how to write scripts in PHP can seriously enhance your ability to create original and interesting dynamic webpages.  Have fun!



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