Internal Linking Paves Way for Backlinks

internal linking

Designing a backlink plan and internal linking plan A good backlink plan and an internal linking plan which interconnects the pages and posts of your website and blog can do wonders for improving your search engine ranking results.  Here is something valuable and extremely simple about an internal linking plan that I have proven that […]

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Good Linking Strategy Drives Traffic

linking strategy

What does linking strategy have to do with traffic? Before you start messing with designing a linking strategy within your website and/or blog, it’s best to first have a handle on the general guidelines of good SEO practice.  That means that each time you create a new post, you should already be in the habit […]

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What is Content Marketing? Why Should I Care?

content marketing defined

What is content marketing and why should I care what it is? Being in an SEO business makes it necessary to repeatedly answer the commonly asked question “What is content marketing”?  So, here we go once more! Content marketing is putting a plan into practice that makes your company’s name highly visible in places where […]

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An Industry Wide Blog for Vintage Motorsports

Industry wide blog vs individual blogging Whatever your business specialty, participation in an industry wide blog can be an effective supplement to your online authority. Blogging presence begins with your own self promotion in your own blog,  but you can gain a lot of visibility by participating in industry wide online presence. This post is […]

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Tracking Search Patterns on Key Words

tracking search results

Tracking search patterns and analyzing them To be able to gauge your progress in traffic driving potential to your website, you need to create a method of tracking search patterns.  In order to decide where you’re going next, you need a record of the key words you have used in a list associated with their […]

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Content Marketing Stimulates Business Beyond City Limits

content marketing stimulates business

Content marketing stimulates business past geographical boundaries Let’s start out with three questions that have to do with how content marketing stimulates business in general.  Every business person needs to be asking themselves these questions all the time:  Are you satisfied with your present level of business? Are you satisfied with your present level of […]

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Brand Yourself with The Power of Podcast

power of podcast

How the power of podcast can better define you online We only recently found the time to add the power of podcast and real time audio broadcasting to our growing arsenal of online promotional methods and services.  And we’re having fun with it! The internet is free, dummy! The greatest thing about many types of […]

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Management of Social Media Sharing Illustrated

social media sharing

The Effectiveness of Social Media Sharing  Everybody is talking about the importance of social media sharing.  Let’s make clear just what social media sharing really does, and talk about why it’s a vital component of every content marketing strategy.  A prerequisite to to understand the function and importance of backlinks. What are Backlinks? A backlink […]

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Video Authority – Personal and Powerful

video authority

Your Video Authority Brands You No factor could be more vital to the growth of your online presence and to the building of your brand than is your video authority.  Most of the emphasis on video authority is placed, for good reason, on YouTube.  But there’s a lot more out there.  Don’t miss out on […]

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The Elevator Speech on Content Marketing

elevator speech

Content Marketing Elevator Speech from an Ex-Engineer’s Perspective I didn’t really intend to write about an elevator speech but this post turned into that. This post is the result of some hand written notes which I first used as an outline content for an introductory video on content marketing. But after watching my video we […]

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