Strategy Content Marketing West Plains

Strategy Content Marketing West Plains in the OzSBI Building Strategy Content Marketing West Plains is here to help  West Plains based businesses adapt to the new wave of targeted online marketing. Just because your business is located in a smaller town does not mean that you should be satisfied with your present level of business, […]

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West Plains MO | Promoting a Business in The Ozarks

West Plains Mo

Promoting Business in West Plains MO This short article is the first of a series of posts focusing on promoting and stimulating the economy in the West Plains Mo area.   At the same time this post also provides some informational background on the contents of OzSBI’s upcoming March 18, 2014 workshop on content marketing. […]

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Content Marketing and SEO Promotional Handout

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Your Presence Online is the Key to New Business

presence online

In today’s market you will not be found without a strong online presence Your presence online, whether it is in the form of a website page, a blog post, or a YouTube video, is a representation of your business that works for you 24/7 and 365 days per year.  Every piece of online content is […]

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Strains of SEO: On Page SEO and Backlink SEO

backlink seo

On Page SEO versus Backlink SEO The two primary strains of the “pseudo-science” of SEO are commonly known as On Page SEO and Backlink SEO.  Let’s discuss what these two terms mean in terms of improving search engine ranking. On Page SEO:  Tangible and Easily Definable On page SEO is an easily understood term because […]

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The Ethics of SEO | Challenging Google

ethics of SEO

An Editorial Opinion on the Ethics of  Black Hat and Grey Hat SEO In answer to the question “Is it ethical to outsmart Google at their own game?”, an esteemed friend, colleague and SEO answered soundly,  “no”. Perhaps we would be on more equal ground if I first better defined the term “black hat”. Maybe […]

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Black Hat SEO Techniques and Your Business Ethics

black hat SEO

Are Black Hat SEO techniques really ethical? It was said in eras past that God did not intend for man to fly, otherwise the Almighty would have granted wings to His creation, man. Was it unethical, then, for the Wright Brothers, who well understood the science of physics, to design a device with the purpose of […]

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Internal Linking Strategy | Link Silos

link silos

Link Silos help boost SEO A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about internal linking strategy which only skimmed the surface of the reason behind your need to adopt an internal interlinking plan in your website.  Internal linking is not only a convenient navigational tool for visitors to your site, but the Google […]

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Profitable Affiliate Advertising Websites

affiliate advertising websites

Profitable Affiliate Advertising Websites If you have any website that already gets a significant amount of traffic, or that has the potential of becoming a very high traffic website, then placing appropriate affiliate ads on it is absolutely the easiest way there is to make money online. There is no cost to put up an […]

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