STRATEGY’s Special Starter and Upgrade Offer

Do you need someone else to make changes and edit your website?

How long do you have to wait, and how much do you have to pay for someone else to make changes to your website? How long should you have to wait? Should you have to wait at all? Are you tired of paying for being at the mercy of someone else’s editing schedule?

STRATEGY’s  Half Price Web Development and Upgrade Program

Clicking above will give you the opportunity to  get on an email list to learn more about this limited special offer! Our half price web development starter kit and upgrade program delivers you a brand new and attractive website format that you manage!

First, the price is right!

Come on down!  For one low package price of $299 we will not only deliver you a quality and personally customized website, we will host it for the first year free of charge.  

Second, you’ll receive incomparable training and tech support.

We are  going make two 2 hour classroom sessions available to you, and outside of the classroom you will receive unlimited tech support and training.  You’ll learn everything necessary to do your own content editing – text, pictures, video, you name it. When you complete this program you will have received a complete and attractive WordPress based website which has been custom designed for your business.

Wondering how we can promise unlimited training?

We know by experience that  the WordPress website editing system is extremely user-friendly and  easy to learn. It won’t take you that long to catch on!peaceful One low-priced package price delivers one high quality website along with FREE hosting for a year, and your very own personalized and unlimited one-on-one training.

Put yourself in the driver’s seat of your own website!

We look forward to your participation in this unbeatable special offer!

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