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Let’s address some of the basic online marketing training services available from Strategy Content Marketing.  We’ll address some of those services in this and its subsequent post.

Marketing Training Teaches You Brand Building

This is a buzz word for self promotion.  What we do is help you to learn to build your own brand.  You are your own brand, and your business is its own brand. Perhaps you and your business are the same brand. Your goal in brand building is to develop recognition. We are going to help you to do that.  When that’s done right, customers develop a level of comfort associated with you or with the name of your business.

Perhaps the most effective current trend in brand building is video. Video allows you to present yourself to your customers personally. We’ll help you learn how to do that. A potential customer who sees enough of you online is going to feel like he already know you personally, even if you have never met. It’s always more comfortable doing business with a friend than with a stranger!

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Build Your Brand!

Implementing SEO Techniques.

SEO is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is perhaps the most important word in marketing training.  We teach you how to put a plan into action that will boost your SEO.  Applying to your content all that you know about what search engines are looking for is SEO technique, and we are here to guide you in that learning.  Search Engines notice what is on your pages and posts only when they conform to their own predefined rules.  These rules have primarily to do with careful use and placement of key words and phrases which you  define as important to the identification of the subject which your piece of content addresses.  We will thoroughly familiarize you with the essentials of SEO, and we can work with you down the line on the more subtle improvements to help you learn how to boost your SEO on your own.

WordPress  Topics

We will teach you how to take best advantage of every useful bell and whistle in WordPress. WordPress is in our opinion THE platform on which to build a website. WordPress has become our basic foundation for website creation primarily because of the availability of a large and ever expanding choice of supporting code for WordPress. “Plug-ins” is the industry word for that kind of code.  Plug-ins are convenient blocks of code that have been  designed to perform a variety of common tasks  vital to the SEO minded website designer.  Virtually any website task you can dream of has been already created for you and is available in the form of a plug-in.   Because of its universal use and acceptance, and the variety of useful plug-ins already available for free, we find WordPress to be the only foundation needed for creating a website.

In the funky old early days of website development, fluency in the html language was a requirement.  Apparently few designers had yet recognized the value of saving various bits of coding for the convenience of being used by others.  In the early days, most website designers saved their own coded subroutines only for their own use.  Until standardized tools for graphic code creation like WordPress were born, writing and assembling html code was a laborious and complex job.  These days anyone can assemble html code without even knowing a single thing about html code!

Free Marketing Training Services Provided in Our Video Training

Our free video  training series teaches you all of the WordPress considerations that you need  to create a marketing program best tailored to your needs.  And nobody knows your needs better than you do.  Our program takes you through every step you need to know to get this done right. It shows you  how to get a domain name, how to install WordPress on it, how to build your website and content platform,  how to write your content with attention to  SEO factors, how to put pictures and videos into your content, how to maximize effective links, how to use all of the various social media to your best advantage, and a variety more subtle factors which will become more apparent as your knowledge and understanding of this subject grows.

In the next blog we continue the definition of our internet marketing training services.


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