Local SEO Tips | Driving Local Traffic to You

Local SEO Tips – Driving Local Traffic to You.

Driving local traffic to your site requires using local SEO technique.  It most concern operators of location sensitive businesses.  Your end objective is always to drive traffic to your website using terms which interest a specific crowd of customers who want your product.  First let’s discuss the generalities of driving traffic to your site.

Driving Non-localized vs Local SEO

Regardless of your location, you can point specific audiences to your website through the effective use of your blog.   The articles you post there need to feature commonly searched key words and phrases  which your targeted  customer base is using to search.  It’s easiest to appeal to your intended audience if you are already enthused about what you have to offer.
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And you should be, because, after all, this is YOUR business!!  Just write about the things that excite you, and use the right words!  If you know your audience and are in tune with them, what you write about is going to be exactly what they want to read about!   Pick a subject, research key words and phrases to find out which ones are getting the best search results, use them, and start publishing!

When you take the effort to follow SEO optimization guidelines, your articles will begin to appear at the top of the searches you had targeted, because you knew ahead of time what words people are using to search for the products and services you have to offer.

Driving Local SEO Traffic

What if your business is home town based?  You know how to draw attention to your site at large, but what could you do to garner the attention of more local customers?  Your need is to drive local SEO traffic.

A partial answer to these questions lies in effective blogging, but to answer them fully takes some thought.  But that’s easy, because YOU know your own business and customer base!  To find the local people who share interests with your overall customer base, you only need to figure out what common interests they share!

Example of Driving Local SEO Traffic

Let’s illustrate with a hypothetical example of driving local SEO.  Think about how to emulate this example using ideas about your business.  Or give me a call and we can talk about generating ideas that apply to you!

Let’s say,  for instance that you own a motorcycle and ATV vehicle dealership in Small Town, USA.  You’ve got a well established regional presence and people come from all around to buy from you.  But you have competition in your town, and local people don’t seem to notice you in your out of the way location.  What can you do?

What interests do you share with the customer base that you know exists in your town?  Do they hang out at the local motocross track where ATV and motorcycle products like what you sell are being used every week?  Do they enjoy riding local roads?  Do they camp in your area on weekends?  What do they do that is common with other activities in your town?

You might try blogging about the local Motocross track.  Or maybe you might write a feature article on motorcycle friendly campgrounds in your region.  Or maybe you might do a feature blog on a local outdoor store which you know sells a lot of items related to motorcycle camping.

To Drive Local SEO Traffic, Analyze and be Creative!

Analyze your market, and get creative!  Then write your articles well, using proper SEO technique.  When your articles begin to be ranked as you plan, they will be read by local people, and there YOU will be, front and center!

Are you beginning to get the idea?  Be creative, take action, and follow through!  Thanks for reading this brief introduction to implementing local SEO techniques designed to drive local traffic to you.

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