Introduction to Local SEO Optimization

Local SEO Optimization Basics

My last blog entry on local SEO optimization only touched the fringes of the subject.  What does this phrase really mean?

Well, let’s say, for example, that you operate a restaurant in West Plains, Missouri,and that you want to find people to find you when they search for restaurants in West Plains. Because the purpose of your website is to bring revenue to your business where you physically live, you have little interest in driving New York City website traffic to your site.  You want local attention from people in West Plains. That exemplifies local SEO.

Open your mind to finding local SEO solutions

There are an infinitude of actions that could be taken to address increasing your local online presence.  This is the truth for any situation!  Hard work and dedication combined with the maintenance of a creative and open mind are the foundations of success in this, or in any, business!

Human beings tend to continue to do things the way they have seen others do them because there is security in mocking proven patterns. Let’s learn to break those patterns! Only bad educated human habits hold us back from breaking away from habits and opening the door to unlimited opportunity.  We aim to be an example of that!

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Locally Based Customers Mean Local SEO!


Who Needs SEO Work?

Some types of business enjoy a market that may be not at all concerned with attracting local clients.  But if you have a physical address and a physical presence, you undoubtedly need local SEO, especially in areas where the economy is lively enough to enjoy competition.

Doctors, dentists, lawyers, accountants, etc. for example, derive virtually ALL of their customer base locally.  Restaurants and retail outlets customers come from a combination of local residents and drive-by visitors from elsewhere.

Others types of business may well benefit from a certain amount of national or even international SEO in addition to their local customer base, depending on their specialty.  For example, businesses which sell unique technical specialties may have an established non-geographical client base, but would also profit by appealing to potential clients who just might be in the area and require technical support, or a particular specialized part.

Other businesses may never feel driven to go out of the way to attract local customers, or they may even avoid local business because they do just fine with their established ways.  Many mail order suppliers operate in this realm.

The bottom line on why and if you need local SEO promotion is this:  if you have a physical address and do any level of interaction with walk-in customers, you need to consider some level of SEO work.

What differentiates Local SEO from SEO in General?

General SEO work involves building your brand without regard to location.  Once you have a grasp on how to do that you can begin to focus on localizing it.

Developing a local emphasis in your SEO involves subtle change in content that does not  happen overnight.  You need to develop a good local presence everywhere. That means local presence in the search engines, local presence in Facebook, local presence in video titles, local presence in every form of online presence you involve yourself in.  It means that your City and State and sometimes your address and phone number need to become prominent in every piece of content you put out into cyberspace.  This leads into the theme of a continuing post about SEO citations.

Local SEO – A Continuing Theme

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