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link silosA couple of weeks ago I wrote a post about internal linking strategy which only skimmed the surface of the reason behind your need to adopt an internal interlinking plan in your website.  Internal linking is not only a convenient navigational tool for visitors to your site, but the Google (and other SE) bots also need some kind of guidance in order to remain interested in navigating your site whenever they come around to gather SEO analysis information.

What is a link silo?

There is neither time nor space to cover the specifics of silo design in this article, and that will be reserved for a future post.  This is just an introduction to the idea.

A link silo is a specific hyper-link directed page interconnection structure on your website.  A silo’s design is to distribute what is known in the SEO world as “link juice”.

“Link juice” is SEO influence.  It benefits your site’s recognition in search engines through external links to your site fromlink juice more powerful sites.  If your site has any intrinsic professional value,  people will begin to pay attention to it.  If they are important and authoritative people, then if they value your site enough to link to you, their link comes from what Google considers to be an authoritative site.

There are other ways of getting good backlinks from authoritative sites. What Google promotes in an ideal world is the occurrence of honest to goodness backlinks from people who truly value your site.  There are other “grey hat” methods for getting powerful backlinks to your site, which we will also cover in future posts.  For the sake of this post, it doesn’t matter where your backlink comes from.  We are only here to discuss its effects.

Google PR (Page Ranking)

Google (and the other search engines, but I say Google generically) has a system of ranking the relative effectiveness of every page, and ultimately every website that it analyzes.  That system is called PR, an acronym for “page ranking”.  A website with a high PR has a lot of clout with Google.  They consider a high-PR website to represent authority and their recognition of value.

link siloOther search engines also have some kind of ranking system  equivalent to Google’s PR,  but since Google is the primary search engine, we focus only on Google PR.

Google grants PR numbers ranging from 0 to 10, with 10 representing Google’s idea of the most important and authoritative websites.

The power of external links, aka backlinks

The concept of taking advantage of the power of back links is simple.  When someone that Google thinks is important provides an external link to your website, then the next time a Google-bot sees that link, it gives you a Gold Star!  Google figures that you must be pretty special and important if somebody with more recognized online authority than you have is providing your website as their reference.

What kind of backlinks do you need?

It should seem pretty obvious that you need backlinks from other sites that have more PR than you do. Those kinds of links are going to provide link juice to pages in your site that need it.

link siloWhich pages in your website need link juice?

Every page can benefit from the influence of a backlink. You need to do some key word analysis in order to decide which of your pages need the most help getting recognized in searches.  On the basis of your analysis you can decide which pages need the most empowering.


In short, broad general key words get the most searches.

Likewise, the more concisely and narrowly defined is a key word, the fewer searches it gets. 

Therefore it is much easier to get a page ranked high in search results on narrow and specific key words.  And it is more difficult to get a page ranked high in search results for a broad and general key word.  Not only are there less people searching for that specific key word, but you also face less competition to rank highly for a more specialized key word.

What does applying link juice to a page do to its search ranking?

A page that has received a shot of stimulation by link juice via a backlink is going to start ranking higher in search results than one which has not.

Again, broad key-word-based pages need more link juice than do pages based on narrowly defines key words.

But they all benefit from link juice.

Here is where link silos come into playlink silo

Every page can, and should benefit from getting juiced by an external link.  That’s why we need to design an appropriate internal linking system.  We want to be sure the link juice is effectively put to work in helping you to benefit EVERY post and page on your site.

A high PR backlink needs to be directed at some high level page on your site (your home page for example).  You can then design a linking interconnection which distributes the link juice first to the pages written around the most competitive key words, which need it them the most, and ending with the pages written around the most specific key words, which need it link juice the least.  That is a link silo.The next post will cover a specific case study designed to show you exactly how to design a link silo in your website that will maximize the boost your website will receive.  See you there!

How to design a customized silo structure

The next post will cover a specific case study designed to show you exactly how to design a link silo in your website that will maximize the boost your website will receive.  See you there!

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