E-mail Marketing Boosts Online Visibility

e-mail marketing

E-mail Marketing And Your Visibility

You may or may not choose e-mail marketing as a long term element of your strategy. Whether or not you do, here is a situation where you might want to give it a try.

Let’s say you have started your new website, and it looks great!  You also started a blog related to your specialty, and you’ve been making great videos, putting them on You Tube,  embedding them in every post, and sharing them all over the social media,  just like STRATEGY Content Marketing taught you to do! Now you’re anxiously watching the daily statistics and waiting for the visitor numbers to start climbing. But they don’t seem to be doing much.   Every day you ask, “Is anything happening yet?” I’ve been there, and I still keep doing this every time I start a new site even though I know better!

It takes some time!

If your site is new, even when you’re faithfully and regularly contributing fresh, original, search engine optimized content, you’re probably not going to notice a huge jump in traffic in the short term.  It’s going to take at least two to three months of regular and high quality content production before you even have a significant of content to begin to deliver the desired result of driving quality traffic to your website.   It takes some time for your material to gain recognition and authority. You’re doing everything right and you’ve planted the seeds.  Now you have to wait for them to sprout and produce fruit, but you need some attention now!  E-mail marketing can jump start your infant content promotion program.

Directed e-mail marketing

You can make your presence better known in the short run by pushing things yourself with email.  I always prefer to begin with the contacts I already know because I can be more assured of a comfortable success ratio.  When my friends or acquaintances receive an email from me, they are far more likely to look at it than are strangers.  There’s also a little bit of peer influence, as I see it.  If you’re doing a good job and it shows, your friends will want to help you.

Mass e-mail marketing

You might just as well choose to go the route of mass mailings.  It’s easy and cheap to buy massive quantities of valid email addresses and just use an autoresponder to shotgun your announcements all over everywhere.  I find this approach to be less than fully encouraging because the success and response ratios are almost assuredly going to be much lower.   But it can work!  Or you could some comfortable combination of those approaches. Email  Marketing is More than just a Letter! Do not just send out a nicely written marketing letter.  Your short but informative cover letter has to be catchy, and it has to contain much more than words!  Use the power of the internet and your presence on it to draw attention.  I’m going to include here an example of one of my own completed  email marketing letters.  But I’m going to make you find the link further down the page!

The e-mail marketing Cover Letter

The short and catchy marketing letter should be no more than 4 or 5 lines long.  Its primary purpose is to immediately  keep the reader from deleting the email.  It needs to engage the reader in the first sentence.  Somewhere in that short letter, include a hyper link to your landing page. “What’s a landing page?” you might ask.  That’s easy:

The Landing Page

The landing page is one concise page that says a little more than the cover letter does.  It can reside inside your site somewhere, and probably will not be a page that anyone can navigate to by just looking around inside your site.  You “land” on the landing page by clicking an easy to see hyper link to it from the cover letter.   The information there is just a little more detailed extension of the lead-in.  But not too detailed!

Video on the landing page

A prominent promotional video on the landing page is a great help in keeping the attention of the person who lands on this page.  Everybody will click on a video, and some won’t even bother reading your text until they click on the video.  So above all, embed a great video on your landing page!  The video itself is also great SEO material, because it reside on YouTube and/or any other video host you choose to upload it to, serving as yet another backlink opportunity to  your website.

An Marketing letter and Landing Page Example

In the process of showing you this, I also get the opportunity to toot my own horn! Here’s an example of how that discussion of e-mail marketing fits together:

Hi Suzy,

You have a great website!  Is it working well?

Is it driving your business volume up? It should be!

We are content marketing specialists. We help you create an online program that will make your website drive your business volume far beyond expectations.

Click on this hyperlink!  We look forward to talking with you!

 – Thanks,

Kristen Watts417-247-1294
Stirling Watts417-250-0279
stirling @strategycontentmarketing.com

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