Coaching and Mentoring in Online Content Marketing

Coaching and Mentoring Services

Our primary business objective is coaching and mentoring you in the field of online content marketing.  Although we are open to doing a variety of related support work in that process, our bottom line objective is to teach you how to be self sufficient in taking control of every aspect of your online promotional presence.

What is the “related support work” just mentioned?

Online promotion aspects with which we can help you, at any level of support, involves a variety of interwoven technologies.  Our coaching and mentoring services include, but are definitely not limited to, the following:

  •        Getting a Domain Name
  •        Making your domain name accessible on a hosting service
  •        Installing website creation and editing software (WordPress is our specialty)
  •        Designing the site conceptually
  •        Implementing that concept (page and other primary content creation)
  •        Establishing a blog
  •        Creating relevant content on that blog
  •        SEO optimization (page content and blog content)
  •        Video Production
  •      Other forms of content supporting blogging including:  Video SEO Optimization, sharing, backlinks Audio (podcasts, blogtalk radio, etc.) Audio SEO Optimization, sharing, backlinks Article marketing and SEO White Paper Marketing and SEO Tracking and Using Statistics Social media sharing and opportunities

How do we coach and mentor these activities?

If you are serious about wielding full control of the destiny and purpose of your online presence, and you don’t know where to start, then you are a candidate for coaching and mentoring in online content marketing.  Your online presence could be a website, blogging, video, audio, or some combination of  those platforms, all of it supplemented by social media promotions.  You have to start somewhere.  The level of support we give you in getting that accomplished depends upon where you stand in your present ability. You might ask yourself “What does coaching mean,  and what does the term mentoring mean and what is the relationship between them?” coaching and mentoring content marketing


The coaching portion of our work together focuses on teaching you to develop the skills you need to be successful in this work completely on your own.  Coaching has to do with helping you to grasp the unlimited power of accepting the confident and positive mental perspective which is inherent in your own being.  If you are to advance in any realm which feels discouraging, you must overcome the discouragement.  You must overcome every false suggestion that says you are not capable of carrying out any given task.  Our coaching work is designed to uplift your confidence.  It has everything to do with learning to accept a new and positive and realistic attitude.   How do we do that?  By doing tasks, together and then having you do them independently.  You learn to do what you need to do by repeating that process until you gain a realization of your own inherent self confidence. We do not expect to coach you for very long!  We want you to adapt an objective of becoming your own expert.  After you get there, you will learn related tasks much faster and absorb the benefits of mentoring with less internal personal resistance.


We want to provide a comfortable mental environment in which you share with us whatever issues affect your professional and personal success. That means watching over you during every portion of the learning process.  Mentoring will be a continual aspect of our working relationship. Coaching and mentoring blend together.  As self confidence strengthens through effective coaching, the time necessary for mentoring decreases. When you are comfortably and know that you can learn whatever you need to know without any mentoring, our working relationship will have reached a successful conclusion!

 Coaching and Mentoring Summarized

 My goal here was to clarify exactly what we have to offer.  Because I have a background in spiritual and mental development, I see our strength to lie just as clearly in enabling your inherent self- confidence, as it lies in our ability to clearly teach you the technical aspects. You will see that reflected in our video training series, I hope!  As I watch them improve over time I can see it with increasing clarity.  We aim to make your working relationship with us friendly, comfortable and enabling. Please go to the signup for our free video training series n the right sidebar of this page, click on it, and see for yourself!  If your email with access instructions doesn’t come back immediately, don’t forget to check your spam folder!

photo credit: Melody Campbell via photopin cc photo credit: Melody Campbell via photopin cc

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