A Digital Footprint Fact

 Digital Footprint Fact:   Being Seen Drives Business!

Developing a substantial and free digital footprint does more real marketing work for you than does any form of paid advertising.  If you make a deep and recognizable enough impression with your footprint, those who are tracking you or hunting for you are going to be able to easily follow and find you.

So, in the business world, when you walk, stomp! An animal in the woods leaves as little sign of itself as possible.  It doesn’t want to be found.  Its objective is avoidance because being found might mean its certain demise.  In business, your objectives are quite the opposite of those of an animal being tracked.

In the business world, if you are NOT found, it might mean your certain demise!  You need more than anything to be followed and found.  Be sure that you leave a big and obvious footprint.

A Clearer Big Picture Explanation

I’ve looked for a  distinct  explanation of the power of spreading your presence out online but  have never seen an analytical presentation.  A lot of marketers do a lot of verbal spewing about the power of exponential growth and get the viewer excited about it, but they don’t know how to illustrate and quantify it.

So I decided to present theses ideas in a systematic block diagram format, and quantify them is a way that will make you sit up and take note.  There is great power in spreading your content out onto as many platforms as possible while at the same time consistently sharing to a number of social media.

Here’s the Long and the Short of It

That block diagram explanation ended up being best explained in the attached videos.  There is both a long and a short version.  Which one you prefer depends on how long you can bear to listen to me!  To see the long version, please sign up to view our fee video series on content marketing.  Kristen does most of those training videos, but I’ve done this one.

By the way , in the short version I said something about uploading your video to YouTube twice.  Technically that is impossible and won’t be allowed by YouTube.  Watch the long version for the explanation.

Multiple Platforms for Content – Text and Video

Once a post is published on your own blog, you also have the opportunity to make it visible on numerous additional text based media.  Why?  Because every place your content resides is yet another platform that internet searchers are searching  on, and each piece of content is building its ranking in search results  on each one of those platforms.   Not just one!  That means that if your basic piece of content ranks highly, and you have put it in seven places, you have a good chance of being in the first seven places in a search result.  Not just one!

Our focus in this article is not on text, but it is worth mentioning that the principles we are illustrating here with video postingalso have the potential of being exercised in the text content world. Article sites and white paper sites are two of many potential examples of text based media sites with which one might aim to accomplish the same goal of spreading online presence. We will make that the subject of a future post, but our emphasis here is on the power of video presence.

digital footprint

A Digital Footprint put Man on the Moon!

Every good blog post builds the basic foundation of its presence with a video embedded within the text.   We prefer having that initial video reside on one of our YouTube channels, but video also may reside on a variety of other hosting platforms besides YouTube.  Don’t forget about  alternative video hosts such as Vimeo, Daily  Motion, Metacafe, Vidmy, Videobam, and  more.

You can, and should take that very same video and upload it to several alternate video hosts.  You have at your fingertips the ability to post your blog post and its accompanying video on half a dozen or more hosts, spreading your content over a much broad audience base at no real cost other than you time.

 Social Media Sharing

Okay, now once you have put your piece of content all over the internet, what else might you do to draw attention to it?  There is an abundance of popular social media sites at which folks are looking every day.  It’s easy to come up with half a dozen of them.

What Sharing Does

A share on one of the social media is essentially a free advertising poster.  It says. “Hey take a look at this post or video!”  Because your post pr video always contains an easily recognized backlink to your site,  you are presenting to every user of that social platform an invitation, an opportunity to look at your content.  Your real and final intention from a marketing standpoint, is to get them on your website.

The Multiplicative Power of Sharing

Let’s say  that your blog post and video content now reside not just on two platforms, but eight.  Sharing each piece of content with just six social media multiples the potential for that content being viewed by at least 6×8=48 times.  I say at least, because generally any share has the potential of drawing more than just one viewer.  Let’s say each share drew 10 views.   Then the potential for your website being hit  is increased by 6x10x8=480 times.

That may not be absolutely statistically correct as I have stated it, but you get the point.  I think that the videos make this point a little clearer.

Those are just a few more digital footprint facts.  If you would like to explore more ideas, please register to view our free video training series on content marketing.  Included in that series of videos is the long version of what I glossed over in the short version above.

Registration is at the right side of this post.  You will be sent an email containing a direct link to the videos.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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What is Content Marketing and What Can It Do for You?

Blogs and Content Marketing

A blog is basically a website that is easy to create new “pages” on. Each page is a page of some kind of content – usually a combination of written content, pictures, video, audo and the like. These easily created “pages” are called “posts” in the web world. Each post is basically a page that a search engine will evaluate and decide where to rank. Therefore each blog post is a piece of content and that’s the basis of content marketing.

Content Marketing Is Cheap and Effective

The more of these blog posts and other types of content you put out there into the websphere, the more likely people are to find a piece of your content. The links you put with them will bring people back to whatever you link to, which will usually be a blog post or video.

So the basis of content marketing is creating content that people will actually want to see such as a blog post that is interesting or informative enough to read or a video that is interesting or informative enough to watch.

what is content marketing

That’s it! That’s the big secret to promoting something online! It isn’t rocket science, but it’s easy to become intimidated with jargon and rules.  Don’t let this happen to you! :) If you just put a little time into learning and start putting these principles into practice, you will start making forward progress sooner than you probably think possible at this moment.

But I once read an interesting quote that stuck with me: “A year from today, you will wish you had started today.” I have found this to be so true.  I always wish that I would have started early. I usually procrastinate when I feel overwhelmed or feel like a project is too big for me, but after I learn a little bit about it and start making forward steps it gets easier and easier.

How to Get Attention to Your Business Product or Service Online

Content marketing is basically a getting your information out there and making it interesting enough that they choose to engage with you in some way. If you write, you want people to read and if you make videos you want people to watch. But lets say that you want to try to get more people to see your content. Where do you find them?

You find them by using your social media accounts like facebook, twitter, pinterest and G+ as well as using social bookmarking, articles and other places you can put content and backlinks online.

The overall scope of content marketing is creating stuff and putting it online and then putting information ABOUT your information online with backlinks to the information.  The links don’t just allow people to follow them back to your blog post or video, but also let search engines like Google know that people find the info valuable enough to “talk” about it and share it.

Many gurus will try to tell you that content marketing and seo marketing is dead and that you should buy their magical product instead because it’s so much more effective than actually creating information that people will want to read or watch, but be careful about falling into that trap.

Ask yourself if you would find value in what they are pushing?

Do yourself a favor and learn how to create content the right way by sharing information that people actually want to see.  After all, isn’t that what you are looking for when you are searching online?

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Your Business Website | The Foundation of Your Online Presence

Your Business Website – it’s the foundation of your online presence.

What is the foundation of your success online?  Is an attractive website all that is needed to ensuring success in marketing your business?

Just about everyone these days knows that a business with a website has a tremendous advantage in growth potential over a business without one. You don’t know me, but I can tell you by experience that the answer is an emphatic “NO!” And that is why you don’t know me – because when I was engaged in operating a sales business in the early days of internet marketing, I didn’t know how to market online either. So I have no great internet marketing success story to tell you from my business ventures in the 90s. But I do have a modest success story to tell you, which resulted from a more recent blogging effort designed to promote my own private ministry during the time it was my sole/soul occupation (pun intended).

My First Website Experience

For several years, which happened to be in the early 90s, in the infancy era of internet, my brother and I operated a family business oriented around the sales of highly specialized technical equipment in the land surveying industry. My brother was always more computer savvy than I ever had been. He had taught himself enough about HTML coding, which one really needed to know during that period, to publish a decent looking website. In the beginning, we enjoyed a lot of attention simply because our website was there. A search engine in that era was a very young concept, and there was little that one needed to do to get recognized because being online with a website presence was still a bit of a novelty.

Fast forward about 10 years. We had gained quite a bit of online recognition, but most of it was local and came through word of mouth. The acronym “SEO” was not yet in common

business websites blog

Your Business Website – Your Home Online

parlance. I decided it would be a good idea to initiate an online sales store to supplement our in-store sales. Since my brother was not available for the task, I chose to pay someone a lot of money to develop the online store pages. There was some talk about optimizing search terms, but I understood little about the concept or its importance. Our supplier delivered a decent (and pricey) product. I thought we could just sit back and wait for the orders to start pouring in. But nothing ever happened. We made perhaps a couple of sales from the site over a one year period. Shortly thereafter we ended up closing our sales business, so we made no effort to analyze what had gone wrong. We chalked it up to “bad economy”.

What Really Happened?

The bottom line is that a website presence means nothing today unless it gets looked at.  A house built upon the sand will fall.  If you go unnoticed online, you really have no foundation.  These days, anyone can create a website. Being online is easy. Getting firm footing is another thing altogether.

That is what Strategy Content Marketing is all about.

What specific and definable steps can you and do you need to take to stabilize your stance: to draw attention to your online presence? Attention is needed with respect to these interconnected foundation factors:

  •  Blogging
  •  Social Media
  •  SEO, or Search Engine Optimization.

Our aim is to help you learn to help yourself get noticed

Our aim is to help you learn to get noticed. We can help you to build the foundation of your online presence.  And a strong online foundation translates to a firm business foundation.

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