Driving YouTube Traffic

Driving Your Share of YouTube Traffic

YouTube traffic is a term that means, to you, how many people viewed your videos.  How might  your number of potential views be figured?  We could at least begin to get a general idea of your potential YouTube traffic volume by just considering the vast size and popularity of all of YouTube.

YouTube Statistics

It’s easy to find statistics online.  So I went and found some statistics about the number of annual YouTube searches, number of  YouTube users, and the number of hours of video that are viewed on YouTube.  These numbers all came from 2010, 2011 and 2012 statistics, so we can be assured that they have grown and continue to grow, probably exponentially.

  • Number of YouTube searches per month:  3.7 billion
  • Number of YouTube users per month:  1 billion
  • Number of hours of video watched per month:  6 billion
  • Number of individual videos viewed per month:  120 billion

If You Don’t Show it to Them, They Won’t See It!YouTube Traffic

YouTube received the equivalent of 140 individual views per year for every single person on the earth.  Out of 3.7 billion searches per month, some number  is certainly searching for what you have to offer!

Are you going to put your presence in front of that number of searchers?  If you don’t do it, they will go to your competition who is putting their presence in front of them!

Getting Your Fair Share of YouTube Traffic

The basic methodology for driving traffic to YouTube videos is not in any way different from the basic methodology that needs to be applied in driving traffic to your blog posts.  Once you know how to optimize your blog posts for SEO, you also know everything you ever need to be known about ranking video for SEO.

At present, the only way that a search engine can judge the quality and the worthiness of ranking of a piece of video content is to examine the text which describes it.  The YouTube search engine has NO idea what is contained in your video until you tell it what’s in it, in the text. The YouTube search engine, just like the Google search engine, or Yahoo, or Bing, or who ever, cannot see or recognize actual video content.

Of course, we do know that there are video content editors who scour for inappropriate material, but none of that has anything at all to do with search engine ranking.

YouTube strategy

Who is the Lead Dog?

Where is that Video Ranking Text Located?

At the bottom of each YouTube video submission is a Video Title, Description, and a place to supply tags which you feel are appropriate for the key words for which you are trying to rank the video.  These are the only  factors by which your video can be ranked in the YouTube search engine.

Keep in mind also that these same title, description and tag factors are also used to rank your video for relevance in Google and every other relevant search engine.

Some Guidelines to YouTube Video SEO

Having a distinct video blog can be a good thing, but in general, YouTube videos which are used in business promotion tend to be posted as supporting content embedded within a blog post’s text.  Follow all the guidelines for SEO ranking in your blog post, then use that same material to fill in the Title, Description, and Tags when you upload the video to YouTube.

In the rare case when your video isn’t actually supporting content for a blog post, just pretend like it is.  In that case sometimes it’s helpful to actually write some supporting text in your website editor as an unpublished  draft post. That way you  have some kind of tool to check your SEO content quality in the text you plan to put in the video description.  Most of our followers are using Word Press.  If you’re not using Word Press, every good website editor includes  some kind of SEO quality checking plug-in.


The most important factor is the use of a focus key word.  The title of the video should generally be identical with the title of the blog in which it is embedded, and  that title needs to include the key word phrase.


It’s a safe bet to open the description by just repeating the title.  On the line below, paste the link to the URL of the blog post.  That’s the backlink to your site, so don’t forget it!

Under that backlink, just cut and paste the first two paragraphs or so, and then the very last paragraph of your blog post, leaving out the middle.  If you did a good job on your SEO factors in the blog post, then its opening and concluding paragraphs are going to contain everything that the YouTube search engine will be looking for.

As an extra measure you might want to include an additional backlink to something relevant on your site as well.  Take a look at any of our videos and you will see that we always include an concluding backilnk directing the reader to our signup sheet a d showing them our training video offer.


Once again, use the same tags as you did in the blog post, and/or whatever else comes to mind which might be relevant.

That’s How YouTube Traffic is Driven!

You can see a lot of this in detail in our training videos, available by hitting the signup button in the right sidebar of this page.  Then never hesitate to contact us to learn anything more!  Merry Christmas!

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A YouTube Strategy – Channel Creation!

YouTube Strategy Embraces ChannelificationYouTube strategy

Today nothing could be more vital to “building your brand” than implementing the new YouTube strategy that embraces what a YouTube executive has called “channelification” !  Since its acquisition by Google in 2009, YouTube’s trend towards individual  “channelification” has caused it to evolve into the very cornerstone of all online video presence.  Thanks to Google’s dedicated work, which includes having changed the way videos are organized and categorized, YouTube has become the necessary platform from which to build your online brand recognition by video.

The Trend Towards “Channelification”

The recent “channelification” trend within YouTube has become its most powerful and most useful feature.  If you plan to build your brand by establishing a video presence, establishing your own video  channels is indispensable.

Just a few years ago YouTube was operated much like any other search engine. People simply found the You Tube video content they were looking for by just letting the search engine reach into the vast sea of video content  to fetch the requested items.

What If There Were TV Programs but No TV Channels?

Imagine a TV world where all the shows would be available their own tunable channel, with nothing to group the like shows together. The TV Guide would be a little harder to use!  We might liken the conventional online search process to the search of a television program in such a world, where the TV programs are like the contents of that basket of discounted DVDs in WalMart. How do channels help? Channels organize. It’s like putting compartments into that big basket of DVDs. With the existence of channels, someone looking for a particular football game is probably going to go for example, to  ESPN before starting his search. Not only does this make finding that one game easier, but because people are looking for other football games all the time on ESPN, and finding them quickly, builds notoriety for ESPN as a competent sports channel.

But There ARE Channels!

YouTube strategy

Ha! Made You Look!

YouTube discovered that the “channelification” concept is equally important to online video searches. People search for particular items.  When they find what they are looking for, they also tend to be interested in also finding similar items. Why not group them together?  Everybody wins, searcher and searchee!

“Channelification” of YouTube videos leads people to find more of what they are looking for while at the same time promoting parallel items published by the same source.

You Tube has become THE video content creation platform of the era. It is firmly embedded into people’s minds as THE single destination for information, for business and pleasure!

Start and Grow Your YouTube Channels Now!

Take advantage of the free opportunity presented by YouTube to establish your own brand on your very own channel, or channels! A channel completely defined and managed by you, focused on your specialty, defines your brand and drives traffic. A well developed channel will in time develop a following of its own.  You are totally free to control the volume and quality of content on your channel.

For Further Exploration

For deeper discussion and technical content, please visit our complete and free video training series on content marketing. We used YouTube!  Fill in the signup box at the right side of this article and you will receive a link to the videos. Then we want to hear from you!  Merry Christmas!

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Firearms Blogs for Firearms Related Activities

Firearms Blogs and Your Business or Cause

Do you operate a firearms blog in support of a shooting sports or firearms related business?  Are you involved with promoting a firearms related sport or activity?  Do you depend on a website for any part of your promotion?

Are you interested in getting more business moving your way through your firearms business website or shooting activity website? Think about what your own firearms blog could do for you business!  In the present repressed state of our economy, who isn’t interested in boosting  business?

And, in light of threats which attempt to remove our  God-granted rights as Americans, who isn’t interested in standing up for them?

I am most interested in boosting shooting sports and firearms related businesses primarily because I am a shooting enthusiast, and because  I am an American who believes in the spiritual vision of the Founding Fathers.firearms blogs

I have a happy lifelong family history of activity in various forms of shooting sports activities.  I have a history in indoor small bore rifle competitions, high powered rifle competition, muzzle loading , skeet shooting, sporting clays, scientific reloading experimentation, long range groundhog hunting,  collecting, trading,  etc., as well as political involvement in the protection of related Constitutional rights.

But That’s not All!

That’s by no means the boundary of my interest in firearms subjects.   I just got to thinking about how effective I can be at helping people with similar interests to stimulate our economy by helping them blog about what they love!

Blogging content and SEO services are the foundation of website publicity

We help you boost your business by getting you rolling in the blogging realm.  An important ingredient of our work is the provision of  content writing  and editing services for our clients’ blogs.  And off course we prefer writing  and working with material about our own interests!

New Blogs OR Old Blogs

firearms blogs Let’s talk about new blogs first.

We are prepared to help you build business at any level, from the initial creation of, or redesign of your website to the establishment of a blog designed to enhance your online visibility to potential customers.

If you are less than satisfied with your own writing skills, or perhaps you just feel you don’t have the time to dedicate to a blog, we can help you by creating search engine optimized content based on your material. We can also help you integrate your supplied videos into your blog, and develop a systematic upload and sharing video program that is sure to get your work noticed.

We’re open minded and technically capable.  Give us a call to discuss the creation of a cost effective program designed to boost your firearms or shooting sports business.

Old Blogs

Many successful firearms businesses already attract respect and notoriety for their businesses through regular technical blogging.  I enjoy looking through some of them myself.  In my browsing I have noticed that some of the highest quality technical blogs still could use some optimization work for search engine ranking. If you already author interesting technical material on your blog, you probably write material that you are truly enthused about.  That’s  great and it often does a lot for you over time! Be aware that attention to just a few details in presentation and key-wording can do so much more than you had imagined!   An SEO optimized blog presents to you many more opportunities to match your material directly to readers seeking it through specific key word searches.firearms blog From a marketing perspective, the primary purpose of your blog is to drive people to the portions of your website that are going to bring you financial return.  It takes only some attention to detail in your existing material to bring about tremendous increases in the numbers of quality visits to your website. Even if your technical blog is already well established, well read, and already enjoys a degree of respect and notoriety, we invite you to consult with us at no charge on the subject of editing it for better search engine optimization.

We Are Excited!

It’s fun and motivating for me to help you at any level in your shooting sports or firearms related business promotion.  That might be in any venue, whether you’re a dealer, a reloader, an active  competitor in a particular firearms sport, a hunter, collector, trader, or political activist…..whatever!    Please get in touch with me and let’s talk!

Motorsports Blogs by STRATEGY Content Marketing

motorsports blog

Our good friend Martiin Weiss in action on his V7 Based Moto Guzzi Racer

Do you have a motorsports blog  in support of your motorsports related website and business?  Are you interested in getting more business moving your way through increased activity on your motorsports business website?

That’s probably a rhetorical question!  I’m most interested in boosting motorsports blogs business because I am a motorsports enthusiast!  I have a happy lifelong family history of activity in various forms of motorsports and racing activities, on two wheels and four.

I would like to tell you more about my family’s racing and motoring adventures right here and now, but instead or repeating myself I will simply invite you read some of that history visiting our vintage racing website at www.thefastonesvintage.com

Blogging Content and SEO Services:  The Foundation of Website Publicity

Irrespective of the specific topic, we provide search engine optimized blogging content writing services and editing for our clients.  Of course we all prefer writing about our own interests!

motorsports blog

Weber 40mm DCOE Carbs on our Alfa Romeo Giuilietta Sprint Veloce

New Blogs OR Old Blogs!

Let’s talk about new blogs first.

We are prepared to help you build your business activity online at any level, from the initial creation of or redesign of your website to the establishment of a motorsports blog designed to enhance your online visibility to many new potential customers.

If you are less than satisfied with your own writing skills, or perhaps you just feel you don’t have the time to dedicate to a blog, we can help you by creating search engine optimized content based on your material.  We can also help you integrate your supplied videos into your blog, and develop a systematic upload and sharing video  program that is sure to get your work noticed.

We’re open minded and technically capable.  Give us a call to discuss the creation of a cost effective blog based program designed to boost your motorsports business.

Old Blogs

Many successful motorsports businesses already attract respect and notoriety for their businesses through regular technical blogging.  I enjoy looking through some of them myself.  In my browsing I have noticed that even the highest quality technical blogs are seldom truly optimized for search engine results.

If you author interesting technical material on your blog, you probably write material that you are truly enthused about.   And that’s great and often does a lot for you over time! Also be aware that attention to just a few details in presentation and key-wording can do much more!   An SEO optimized blog presents to you many more opportunities to match your material directly to readers seeking it through specific key word searches.

From amarketing perspective, the primary purpose of your blog is to drive people to the portions of your website that are going to bring you financial return.  it takes only some attention to detail in your existing material to bring about tremendous increases in quality visits to your website.

Even if your technical blog is already well established, well read,  and already enjoys a degree of respect and notoriety, we invite you to consult with us at no charge on the subject of editing it for better search engine optimization.

We Are Excited!

It’s fun and motivating for me to help you at any level in your motorsports promotion, in any venue, whether you’re a dealer, or a club racer, or club racer turned pro…..whatever!    Please get in touch with STRATEGY Content Marketing and let’s talk!


Video Content: The New King of Content?

online video content

Promoting Video Content Online

What’s the best way to promote video content?  Blogging is king when it comes to basic content optimization.  But what is the most effective way to promote the video content you embed in your blog posts?  Embedded video presence helps the SEO of your blog post to build ranking, but did you realized that each of those pieces of video content also stand on their own, parallel to your blog?  Don’t forget to optimize them too, or you’ll be missing out on some built in SEO.

Every single piece of embedded content can also be hosted in multiple places, the more, the better. Each one of them provides yet another backlink opportunity to point back to you.  Why not have several similar pieces of your own content contending for search engine ranking, instead of just one?  Wouldn’t it be better for your content to appear in all three slots of the top three in a Google search result, rather than in just one of them?  In fact wouldn’t you rather just dominate the first page if you could?

video seo, video contentWhere to Post Video Content

First of all, don’t try to self host your own video on your own blog post in WordPress.  Technically, of course, it’s not hard to do.  The primary reason in my mind to avoid self hosting is that it does nothing for your SEO whatsoever.  Why not present your video to the world on the platforms the world is watching?  Each one of those video hosts is actually another search engine in itself.  Your own website is no search engine!

Second, there are technical reasons not to mess with video self hosting.  Just don’t bother.  I found out the hard way that it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

So, start with a YouTube strategy, of course!  YouTube gets about a billion searches per month, and that translates  six million hours of video  viewed by internet users worldwide each month!  That’s a lot of potential viewers!


Besides the fact that YouTube is the world’s largest video hosting  platform, and that it is the second most searched search engine in the world, second only to Google, there is yet another advantage:  YouTube is now owned and operated by Google, and  Google loves their own stuff.  They think their own stuff is pretty important because, well, it is!

Other Video Platforms

We recently started uploading the very same videos that we have on our YouTube channels to a variety of other video hosts.  It takes very little extra effort to upload the very same video you just sent to YouTube,  to Vimeo, Daily Motion,  Metacafe, Vidmy, VideoBam, etc.  Take your pick.  There are many more.  Our personal favorites for ease of use are Vimeo, Daily Motion, and Vidmy, but that’s just personal preference.

SEO Factors for Video Hosting

Search engines are totally blind to graphic and video content.  It does not matter what content the video data actually contains.  The search engine knows nothing more about the content of a video than what you tell it in the descriptive data you provide to the host when your upload has been completed.   

So, it’s vital that you fill in the title, descriptive information, and tags with information that’s relevant to the blog post in which your video is embedded.   Unless you provide that information, a search engine is incapable of ranking your video for any key word whatsoever.

To Learn More About Promoting Video Content watch our Free Training Series.

Our ever growing and improving cost free video training series about online content marketing is available by enrolling on any of our pages.  Our aim is to help you learn to steer the course of your own online marketing ship.  Please give us some feedback on our videos!  We look forward to hearing from you!

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STRATEGY Content Marketing | Websites on Steroids!

STRATEGY Content Marketing

STRATEGY Content Marketing BUILDS websites but we don’t necessarily build WEBSITES.  There’s a difference!  Instead, we offer you control of your own  Internet Marketing Machine.  And we enable you to learn to build, strengthen, exercise, and flex the untapped potential of your own website, whether it is already existing or not.  Send your website to the gym!  Put it on steroids!

Put Your Website on an Exercise Plan:  Use it to build an Internet Marketing Machine

A website by itself is not a marketing machine!  Like a car without a motor, it just sits there!  Nobody sees your pretty new car, and neither does it take you anywhere when it’s locked up in your garage. There are plenty of internet users who want to look at your beautiful well designed website.

So, how will you present it to them?   Like a good motor propels a race car onto a track where spectators are anxious to see it defeat its competition, your website must be propelled into cyberspace where it will be seen first, and be seen ahead of your competition.   Like the winning race car!

Propelling Your Website Into View

Your website is propelled into view by factors that have little to do with the site’s own internal page content.    To draw attention to your website, you actually need to create independent online content, and lots of it. the more, the better!   All of it will point back to your website.

blogging content

A Content Marketing Example

Let’s say you have a website that contains 5 pages. Each page might rank on the first page of Google search results for a  keyword or two. Let’s just say, for example, that each page ranks on the first page of Google for two or three search results.

Hey! That’s a great start! Your store will be easily found on Google for a few keyword searches!  But what if they are searching a more general keyword?  Be sure they don’t  miss you!

Let’s say you own “BuySomeShoesFromUs.com” and you have an actual store called “Buy Some Shoes”,  in a neighborhood called “Mission Point”,  in a town called “Houston TX”.

Maybe there are dozens of people a month nearby that search online using keywords like “unique shoes Houston Texas”, “cool shoes in mission point Houston”, “best shoe store in Houston”, “retro shoe styles mission point”, “shoe sale Houston Mission Point”, and the list goes on and on.

If you have a blog post for each search term, then you will be easily found for many, many search terms!  THIS is the engine of your internet marketing machine.  It’s the engine that TAKES you to the people who are LOOKING for you!

Let STRATEGY Content Marketing help you put your website on steroids!

To see some examples and learn more, take a look at our free video training series. Enroll in the sidebar to the right!  Then let’s go further!  Get in contact with us!

Whether you have an existing website or not, we’ll guide you into the creation of your very own Internet Marketing Machine.  We can build the site, or we can work with what you already have.  We can create content, or hep you with your SEO optimization, or optimize your videos – whatever fits best for everyone!  Just contact us to discuss it!  Thank you!

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Yahoo Answers: Stirling’s Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions

Using Yahoo Answers for Article Title Searches

I sometimes use Yahoo Answers in my search for an effective title for my blog posts.  When you use an appropriate title that includes key words which describe the topic you have written about, that title plays an important role in helping the search engines to rank your post.   More about how to spread out those key words in your post comes later in the article.

But first, let’s be entertained by Yahoo Answers!

In seeking the title of a post, which I actually saved for another post, I got sidetracked looking at the questions that people actually ask in Yahoo Answers.  To use Yahoo Answers as an aid in finding an article title, all you have to do is to start typing in a question just as you would ask it.  As you type, Yahoo Answers fills in the space below your query with other questions that have been asked, which begin with the word combination you have used so far. So, in response to several phrases which form the beginning of a multitude of common questions, here are a few rhetorical questions that have actually been asked in Yahoo Answers .

Stirling’s Snappy Answers to  some Stupid Questions asked in Yahoo Answers

Here are a few  questions that people actually have asked Yahoo to answer.

QWhy do my cats throw up when they eat dry cat food?” A:    Dry cat food is disgusting.  Have you ever tried it?

Q:  “Why is Canada’s population so small for its size? A:   It’s damned cold up there.

Q:  “Why is Canada’s population decreasing? A:   It’s damned cold up there.

Q:  “Why is Canada so boring?” A:   It’s damned cold up there and people have to stay inside all day long.

Q:  “Why is my dog getting so fat?” A:   You’re feeding it too much, and/or it does not exercise enough. Understandable in Canada.

Q:  “Why am I getting so fat?” A:   You’re eating too much, and/or you don’t get out of the house. Understandable in Canada.

Q:  “Why am I still a virgin?” A:   Because you have never had sex with anyone yet.  Get a girl friend and try moving to Canada with her where you will be inside together all the time.

Q:  “Why am I breaking out?” A:   Either (a.) Either you eat too much junk food, or (b.) you are just sick of jail.

Q:  “Why do women expect that the majority of men will cheat?” A:   Because usually, they will.

Yahoo Answers Gave me the Question I was Looking For!

Yahoo Answers helped me find the title I chose for my blog.  It is “Blogging as a Marketing Tool”.  I saved that title and ended up writing this one about Yahoo Answers instead.  Anyway, by virtue of the fact that the question appeared in the list when I typed “Blogging as ….”, I know that this is a question that people are asking using this phraseology.

yahoo answers

Yahoo Answers cannot answer EVERY question for you!!

Exploiting the Perfect Blog Post Title

Once you find the perfect title which contains the key word(s)  that describe(s) the content of your article, your article will begin to appear, sometimes quickly and sometimes over some time, at the top of search results on that term.  That’s only going to happen when you sprinkle those key words carefully through your article. The sprinkling must be done in a way which search engine algorithms recognize.  What are those ways? In a 500 to 700 word article, use that key word phrase in the title, in several subheadings, in the URL slug itself, and whenever you can in the first sentence of the first paragraph under each subheading.

My Keyword was Yahoo Answers

For example, my key word for this article was “Yahoo Answers”.  Can you tell?  Go through my article and see how I have sprinkled that phrase around. If you could get into my WordPress dashboard you would also see how I also have inserted that key word in the “alt text”  and in the title in both of the photographs in this article.  If you go into YouTube to view my video you will also see that I made the title of the embedded YouTube video match the name of this article.  I also included backlinks to here inside that video description, as well as another call to action for readers to sign  up for our free video  training series. Search engines recognize all of this strategic placement of keywords.  They even recognize synonyms of your key word within your text.  Understanding that, you can write an appealing, easy to read article which naturally ranks high in SEO factors while  at the same time giving the reader something of value.

Watch Our Free Video Training Series on Content Marketing!

To learn more about improving your online presence and SEO, local or national. please go to the subscription buttons at the top of the right sidebar.  And contact us!  We look forward to hearing from you!   photo credit: veganbilly via photopin cc photo credit: rick via photopin cc

Google Unique Products for SEO

Google Unique Products Designed to boost specific SEO factors

Several Google unique products are designed to help you boost lSEO.  As the world’s leading search engine, their objective is to be the very best at the game of matching quality results with specific searches.  Google offers several extremely helpful resources which their competition is struggling to catch up with.


Your Google+ page will help you to drive quality traffic.  It is one of the essential Google unique products that must be in your toolbox. If you are a locally based business, then be sure that you have listed your business in Google Places, another Google unique tool.  It’s easy and cost free.  If your aim is to better your local SEO, you will also be doing yourself a tremendous favor by asking some of your clients to leave you favorable reviews, the more the better.

Google Places

Once you are listed there, then be sure that on your website you include your name, address, and phone number on every page of your site, and in exactly the same format that you used in your Google Places registration. The page footer is convenient and unobtrusive place for it.  That’s not just for the benefit of the potential customer who reads it. It’s important that this information be found in matching format to ensure that Google algorithms recognize the correlation with your Google Places listing.

google unique

Drive traffic right to your door in Small Town, USA!!

Google AdWords – pay per Click Ads

Today’s online paid advertising is designed to bring your potential customers to you.  Traditional fixed price advertising leaves you out of the loop.  With it you have no way to know who sees your ad and whether or not is effective.  Pay per click ads give you the power of tracking your views, and being enables you to reach only to people who are looking for the services it advertises, because you ONLY pay, per click, that is, ONLY when your ad is viewed.

You can also control your budget by specifying a maximum dollar amount, or a maximum number of clicks that you are willing to pay for each day.  If that ceiling is reached, you can configure your ad to disappear and then reset the next day.  You can also schedule your pay per click ads to run during specific time periods and/or seasons.

Because you have real time instant access to know how many clicks your ad is getting, you always have the information you need to judge the quality and effectiveness of your ad. With that information you can decide whether to increase or decrease your budget.  And a comparison of sales versus number of ad clicks will tell you just how effective your ad is..  If you did a really terrible job up front sand nobody is clicking hitting it at all, you lose nothing at all.  On that basis you can edited your ad at any time at all!

Google AdWords offers local businesses who are of course seeking local SEO the benefit of location targeting. Your ad can be configured to appear only in specified geographic locations, which enables Google to offer to you reduced pay per click rates, because you are freeing up bandwidth which can be used by someone else in other regions.

There are a multitude of additional potential features to Google AdWords.  You can, for example, configure your ad so that it provides a map to guide its viewer to your specific store.  AdWords has a feature which detects when the ad has been clicked from a mobile device and configures the appropriate map for it, with the option of giving driving directions to a store.

The possibilities are virtually endless!  If you want to explore what AdWords can do for you, just go to Google and learn about it.  We’ll talk about it and outline some technical detail about Adwords is another upcoming video, which will probably appear in our free training series.  Please be sure to go there and check us out.

Feedback Please!

 Go to the right sidebar on this page and click to get on the list to gain access to our content marketing training series. We need your feedback on it!.  Has our information helped you?  Do you need to know more?  Did we miss anything? Did we explain it well?  Too general?  Not detailed enough?

Our business is educating and mentoring, helping you to learn to take full control of your own online presence.  Please do let us know how we’re doing, and we look forward to talking to you!

SEO Marketing Concepts

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Driving Quality Traffic to Your Website

The Quest for Driving Quality Traffic to your Website

Everybody is blogging about driving quality traffic, and you found this post!  Driving quality traffic to your website must be your primary objective in your quest in promoting your online presence.  You need quality visitors, not just numbers.  Is there any benefit to drawing visitors to your site who are not going to be seeking your services?

Are You MY  Quality Traffic?

Whenever your statistics bar shows an increase in activity on your site, ask yourself if those visitors are quality traffic.  The fact that you are reading this article brings home this point!  If you are still reading at this point, you are my quality traffic.  You probably found this article because it appeared in search results from a particular key word.  If you were directed here by accident or if you have no real interest in this subject, you will naturally leave and will continue searching for whatever else you were seeking.  That would make you a quantity visitor, a mere positive spike in my statistics, bringing me no real revenue.

Quality Traffic exists by virtue of quantity!

According to Tech Blog, almost 8 new internet users are added worldwide every second.   Do the math: 31,546,000 new internet users are added each year!  A portion of them are your potential clients!  Even if it is only a tiny percentage  of them, how huge is that number?

What are Your Traffic Driving Requirements?

driving quality traffic

After you identify your target audience, a task which is  a function of the many dynamic features of your business, and  which only you can fully  know and understand,  I would have to say that effective keyword research is more important than is any other factor in driving traffic.  Our free online training videos present specific information about performing effective key word research.

Don’t Buy Cheap Traffic!

Some services will sell you very inexpensive traffic.  When you buy cheap traffic, the visitors will come primarily from banner ads, pop-ups and layer ads.  Are the people who click on these things your customer base?  What do you think?  It’s much less likely that they will be looking for you than if you had found your visitors by appealing to them with relevant search terms.

It’s also possible to buy your way into the paid at section at the top of the search engine results.  The results that come up at the top and in the sidebar of any search are paid ads.  You could just buy a paid ad and be done with it. Problem solved, right?  NO!

The fact is that people using search engines are looking for results that are directly related to the search terms they used.  That’s what they really are interested in.  The paid ads are not anywhere as responsive to those search terms as are the items that appear  in the organic search results below them. The first three items in the organic search results really receive about 80% of the clicks.

This is where you need to be – in the top three.  The remaining 20% of clicks are divided between the paid results and the lower ranked real search results.  To buy a paid ad is to pay for inferior results! There are many other things you might do to boost your visibility and likelihood to be clicked on, even if you find yourself in the lower search results.  Your format and appearance in the results list is in your control!

Good Looking Results Key to Driving Quality Traffic

Good looking results get more attention.  You have the power in WordPress to edit the appearance and wording of the title of your post, as well as the short description that follows.  The description, called the Meta description,  as well as the title that appears in the results list can be defined by you  in optimization plug-ins, such as Yoast for WordPress.

In addition you could, for instance, post a picture in your Google + profile so that every time one of your posts appears in a results list, your picture is also there. For more details about time proven techniques to drive quality traffic, be sure to go to our cost-free video training series.  Go to the sidebar on this page and just click there to get access!  Thanks for your time!

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Local SEO Tips | Driving Local Traffic to You

Local SEO Tips – Driving Local Traffic to You.

Driving local traffic to your site requires using local SEO technique.  It most concern operators of location sensitive businesses.  Your end objective is always to drive traffic to your website using terms which interest a specific crowd of customers who want your product.  First let’s discuss the generalities of driving traffic to your site.

Driving Non-localized vs Local SEO

Regardless of your location, you can point specific audiences to your website through the effective use of your blog.   The articles you post there need to feature commonly searched key words and phrases  which your targeted  customer base is using to search.  It’s easiest to appeal to your intended audience if you are already enthused about what you have to offer.
local seo
And you should be, because, after all, this is YOUR business!!  Just write about the things that excite you, and use the right words!  If you know your audience and are in tune with them, what you write about is going to be exactly what they want to read about!   Pick a subject, research key words and phrases to find out which ones are getting the best search results, use them, and start publishing!

When you take the effort to follow SEO optimization guidelines, your articles will begin to appear at the top of the searches you had targeted, because you knew ahead of time what words people are using to search for the products and services you have to offer.

Driving Local SEO Traffic

What if your business is home town based?  You know how to draw attention to your site at large, but what could you do to garner the attention of more local customers?  Your need is to drive local SEO traffic.

A partial answer to these questions lies in effective blogging, but to answer them fully takes some thought.  But that’s easy, because YOU know your own business and customer base!  To find the local people who share interests with your overall customer base, you only need to figure out what common interests they share!

Example of Driving Local SEO Traffic

Let’s illustrate with a hypothetical example of driving local SEO.  Think about how to emulate this example using ideas about your business.  Or give me a call and we can talk about generating ideas that apply to you!

Let’s say,  for instance that you own a motorcycle and ATV vehicle dealership in Small Town, USA.  You’ve got a well established regional presence and people come from all around to buy from you.  But you have competition in your town, and local people don’t seem to notice you in your out of the way location.  What can you do?

What interests do you share with the customer base that you know exists in your town?  Do they hang out at the local motocross track where ATV and motorcycle products like what you sell are being used every week?  Do they enjoy riding local roads?  Do they camp in your area on weekends?  What do they do that is common with other activities in your town?

You might try blogging about the local Motocross track.  Or maybe you might write a feature article on motorcycle friendly campgrounds in your region.  Or maybe you might do a feature blog on a local outdoor store which you know sells a lot of items related to motorcycle camping.

To Drive Local SEO Traffic, Analyze and be Creative!

Analyze your market, and get creative!  Then write your articles well, using proper SEO technique.  When your articles begin to be ranked as you plan, they will be read by local people, and there YOU will be, front and center!

Are you beginning to get the idea?  Be creative, take action, and follow through!  Thanks for reading this brief introduction to implementing local SEO techniques designed to drive local traffic to you.

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