Isn’t Everybody Growing Business by Content Marketing?

Why Isn’t Everyone Growing Business by Content Marketing?

I have to admit that when I first decided to get into this business, I thought I was going to find that virtually everybody had already adopted the methodology of growing business by content marketing.  It seemed like a natural idea to me, because the several websites that Kristen had helped me to establish for my various ventures had all been built on a foundation of promotion via blogging and video content.  Including the blog was her idea, and I thought that was just the right way to do things.

And that was true!

There are just an amazing number of people with narrow target audiences who are doing the wrong things,  but they get ranked highly in searches purely by accident without any deliberate control. I thought it was just a given that you must have your own blog on your business site.  I mean, having a website without a means to promote it is about as smart as printing up business cards with no contact information on them.  I never really looked closely at what most other people were doing.

An Idea for a Post Stimulated by a Blizzard

We have been snowed in for a couple of days and can’t get to the office.  So, it’s been great for my creativity.  Today, I got the bright idea of writing a totally original post about the wrong way and the right way to promote your business online.

growing business by content marketing

Weather for an Active Mind

I was going to use the business of a friend as an example of a site that could use some help with content marketing.  Then I was going to compare it to a site that was creating good SEO content on their blog.  Finally, I was going to make some clever recommendations to my friend.

But What Good Examples?

But when I started looking for a good  search engine optimized site to compare to my friend’s blogless one , do you know what I found?  Almost nothing! Just many more blogless sites!  I had a really tough time finding even one example of any business that was going by the guidelines that successful content marketers have proven to be effective at stimulating business. To my surprise, I discovered instead that virtually nobody understands the magnitude of the unlimited potential of content marketing to stimulate business  by drawing real potential customers to your website! How do so many websites find their way to the top of search results?

In all honesty, a lot of them are there by virtue of sheer luck! There are countless websites in small niche business categories  that only find themselves ranking highly in searches because they still face no competition for the key words that are putting them there.

That’s not a secure position! If  your business has a narrow target audience, and you aren’t  coming up at the top of a common search term related to your business, then guess what? If your competition got there by accident, it’s going to be easy to take over his place.  All it takes is the application of a little bit of SEO sense.

So, I Whined

First, I whined to Kristen.  “What’s the matter with people?  Why can’t I even find one good example of a business that’s thriving because of good content marketing methods?”  It turns out that there are quite a number of them, but I had to spend some time to identify them.

Then I realized that this is a good thing for me because everybody needs what we have to offer! So we sat down together and did a deliberate search for a business that’s doing it right.  We did found a couple of them.  The first example we chose is great because this blog contains very little deliberate SEO.

Deliberate vs. Natural SEO

Goats have been a hobby of ours, and we recently bought some product from a small company with a website called  (We really liked using their herbal wormer.)  This site does not contain an easily distinguishable blog section, per se.  The product information and article information are spread out in one sort of gray area.  The site has a personal and compassionate touch.

Watch the video and see how many naturally occurring search terms bring them right to the top of search results.  Yet it’s clear that none of her pages or articles are particularly structured with a deliberate SEO goal in mind.  The author has been around a long time, just writing from the heart and sharing information about what she loves to do. That has resulted in a unique website that drives a thriving business.   The search results in the video are the proof.  Her products come up against some major corporate players in the farm supply industry.

The second example is more in line with planned and by-the-book SEO design. is the site of a successful appliance store who just a few years back added a blog to their already well structured website.  Their blog is available from that page but I found it hard to spot. I would encourage you to read about their success story in this link at

Let’s Talk About Adapting a Content Oriented Blog to Boost YOUR Business!

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Content Creation Services

Consider a Blog Content Creation Service

A content creation service can  provide create the quality you need in your blog posts.  Quality blogging ensures authority and technical recognition for your business.  Competently written articles in your blog establish your website as a highly authoritative resource in your field. The bottom line is that lots of good content in the form of good blog posts ultimately brings business to the table!

Are you strong in the skill of regularly creating large volumes of clear, concise, attention retaining written content?  If not, your blog, especially in its youngest and formative stages, might well benefit from a competent content creation service.

Quality Content Creation Essential

Content creation is of course the essential element in blogging.  If you’re new to blogging and/or if you have less than a lot of time to devote to getting your blog rolling, you may want to consider the use of a cost effective content creation service (such as me!).

content creation serviceContent Creation AND Search Engine Optimization

We create natural and easy to read blogging content already organized for the best possible search engine optimization.  Outside of the blogging world, well written articles stand strong in factors of readability and interest retention.  My specialty is in adapting existing articles to a blogging format, and in creating blogging oriented articles from scratch.  You provide just the essential information.

If you hope for your blog to deliver the promise of new attention to your website, vital search engine optimization factors must be smoothly integrated into your articles contents, retaining a natural flow and easy readability in an article that also ranks highly in targeted search results.

Blog Maintenance Services

Not only can we produce quality written content for your blog, we can also keep your blog on a necessary growth regiment.  In order to be of any benefit to your business at all, your blog needs to be growing on a regular and scheduled basis.

If you need, we can also put you on, and keep your blog on a growth schedule by making and maintaining your posts, integrating video you supply into your content, and/or providing any other technical service details associated with growing your online presence.

Personalized on-on-one Content Creation

content creation service

Find your way through the maze when you are multi-tasking.

When you purchase blog content production services from us, you work directly with me, not with a team of unidentified co-writers.  Some content production services produce at least some of their product by outsourcing it.  We write all of our own content.  Your product results from direct personal consultation with me.  The product you receive is original and has been authored and edited only by us.

Our Qualifications

As a former electronic systems engineer with several major defense contractors, I have a 30 year history in technical writing.  My professional technical writing experience has included specification writing, test procedure writing, and contract writing, among other things.  It was easy for me to adapt that skill to the blogging world.

In fact, my most recent writing has been our own blogging, and my best example work can be found on many posts in the blog you are now reading.

Learn more by viewing our Free Video Training Series

In the right sidebar of this post you will find a subscription button.  Just click there to gain access to our cost free video training series on content marketing.  Our end objective is to ultimately put you in full control of your web presence!

We are continually working to improve the content and quality of our training.  Watch any or all of our video training, and then we invite your feedback.   We want to talk to you!

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Your Internet Marketing Machine | You Can Build It, We Can Help!

Your Internet Marketing Machine

Your internet marketing machineSTRATEGY Content Marketing is the basis for designing and growing your own internet marketing machine and developing business authority.

The “who” of Strategy Content Marketing as a business is Kristen Watts and her husband, Stirling Watts. (That’s me, the husband.)

The “what” of “strategy concept marketing” is exactly what its name says.  It is the implementation of a content marketing strategy.  To us, that means creating for you what we call a customized Internet Marketing Machine, a marketing machine that uses your website as its basic foundation.

An Introduction to STRATEGY Content Marketing

Our business existed in formative stages of practice for quite a few years.  More than a handful of years back, Kristen started experimenting with the development of websites for her own interests. And to make a long story short, in September 2013 our employment circumstances compelled us to make a go of this as a full time new way of life.

Most recently she founded this site about content marketing, and the website is our great experiment.  With our new and young site, we intend to statistically prove all that we claim by actively and consistently applying the same SEO advice that we preach.

Before this idea solidified, Kristen had been researching for several years what she later figured out is called content marketing.  Driving quality traffic to targeted websites involved apparently many unexplained and independent methods and secrets.  She eventually discovered that putting all the pieces together that make up that total action, is called content marketing.  Kristen’s concept is to teach people, and to mentor them in the learning process, to put all of these ideas together into one coherent Internet Marketing Machine.

Our Backgrounds

Kristen earned her BA is Human Services from Buena Vista University in Ottumwa, Iowa in the late 90s.  She worked in various human services capacities since then.  She is the inspiration for this content marketing business, and is its originator.  In addition to her own independent study and work in promoting websites, Kristen has been guided by the work of a couple of professional online marketing mentors with whom we continue to maintain business relationships.

I earned a BS in Electrical Engineering from Ohio State University in 1979.  For my first dozen years of employment I worked for several aerospace and defense contracting companies as an engineer, and later as an engineering manager.  In the early 90s I left the corporate world to apply those skills in partnership with my brother.  My father had established a successful engineering equipment supply and service business, and we took its helm when Dad retired.  We did that until about ten years ago.

Since then I have been self employed in a few different technical jobs, all of them related to things I had done in the past.  Most recently I worked full time for two years in Christian ministry, then took a short term job in the construction industry.  As that drew to a close, Kristen’s concept of STRATEGY Content marketing had taken shape, so we made the transition into this present life.

Our Strengths and Objectives

Kristen is our conceptual founder and is the leader of our direction.  She is skilled and experienced in the creation and search engine optimization of  WordPress based  websites.  Besides her basic website background, Kristen also has a lot of practical experience implementing other forms of online content in support of blogging and SEO.  She doesn’t like to think of herself as a website designer as much as an SEO authority.  So that is where our business objectives lie.  We focus on helping clients drive absolutely the most possible quality traffic to their websites.

My strengths center on engineering management.  This business is a great fit for my background — a combination of engineering and management skills gained from my experience in the world of corporate system engineering.

Not every potential job falls into the cookie cutter mold we would like it to fall into!  When we encounter a technical challenge vital to getting a client task done, but we lack some skill set to get it done ourselves, we don’t let that shut down an opportunity!  My strength is in finding and working with an appropriate resource to get that particular job done, and in that process learning about it myself.   That makes delivery of our final product feel like one smooth uninterrupted process, as it should be.

Build your Internet Marketing Machine:  Watch our Free Video Training Series!

Kristen has done a great job of summarizing a multitude of concepts and technical details about the implementation of a strategic content marketing plan in our free video training series.  It’s always continuously being expanded and upgraded.

Please let us know what you think, and DO get back to us with feedback.  Our goal is to make our free video training the best, the most interesting, most concise, and possibly entertaining source of basic information on content marketing.

To get there, just use the signup form in the sidebar of this page.  You will receive a link to the training by email. Contact Us if you have any question or need further help in building your internet marketing machine!


HTML Basics for WordPress | A Newbie’s Guide

HTML Basics Defined

What is HTML, and what does it mean to you? This brief article aims to define HTML basics to the everyday web user, and explains why you should have at least a basic grasp of what HTML is if you intend to effectively manage your own website. HTML is an acronym for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is a term which most folks at least understand has something to do with formatting a webpage. If your job is to be in control of your website formatting, it can only be good for you to understand the foundation upon which your page is built! HTML code is one of several steps which define your page to your computer. There are several other steps which data goes through before it makes it through physical circuitry and finally gets displayed on screen. High level languages actually direct the data that becomes your onscreen page, but they have nothing to do with the function of HTML which simply defines document format.

HTML is a Markup Language.

html basics

A Markup Language is a system of symbols that convert the words you recognize in English into terms which the computer can recognize. HTML uses symbols to mark the beginning and the ending of all of the various parts of your document for the computer’s reference, such as headers, paragraphs, and photos, and so on.

These symbols are called “tags” in the lingo of HTML.  A complete list of tags can be used to completely define any document to a computer.  A completed HTML document that makes use of this system is called a webpage.

A Brief Example of HTML Basics

If that is vague, an example of some HTML text will clarify. Here are a few lines of HTML code that define a paragraph heading and a paragraph.

<h1>You can Write Simple Code!</h1>

I slit the sheet, the sheet I slit, upon the slitted sheet I sit!

Watching the accompanying video should clarify all of this. When you look at this code in its text form it appears as this:

“You can Write Simple Code!

I slit the sheet, the sheet I slit, upon the slitted sheet I sit!”

What does an HTML editor do?

In any HTML editor, you can cut and paste this short set of simple code into a new document and see how it works. (I have done that for you in the accompanying video, so be sure to take a look, because we also cover some other related points about editors there.)

HTML editors like WordPress translate your plain text into a document format understood by the computer. When you type text into the editor and select its identifying features (header, paragraph, media picture, etc),the WordPress editor in turn assembles a translated document with embedded HTML coding.

Let’s look at the above example:

<html> is a start tag which indicates that the beginning of an html document is going to follow. Its end tag appears at the end of the document, to indicate the end of the page.  The end tag looks just like the start tag, but has a forward slash in front of the symbol.  So the end tag for the start tag <html> is </html>.

<body> is the next start tag, and it tells the computer that the text to follow is inside the body of the document. At the end of the body is also found its matching end tag, </body>.

Then comes an H1 start tag,, and its stop tag,  and the header’s text is between them. Likewise then follows the paragraph, also set off by its own start and end tags. And finally you will see the end tags for the body and for the document itself.

Again, please just watch the video and think about it.  If it’s still not clear, let me know!

If you are a newbie and had been wondering about HTML basics, I hope this has inspired you to learn more. You can find more specifics in our cost free video training series. Thanks for making it to the end!


Read about how to install wordpress

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Consulting Services for Content Marketing

Consulting Services for Content Marketing, SEO, Blogging Support, Social Media, Etc.

In September 2013 I became the other half of what was initially Kristen’s brainchild business, which she had  appropriately named “Strategy Content Marketing”,  a business specializing in consulting services for content marketing and SEO.  She had already been developing the idea and the basic website  for a couple of years.

I had worked the previous summer on my last laborious contracted land surveying job, working away from home  in another state.  The personal company kept there was far less than endearing and the work was anything but really fun.  It was time to make a change for the better.

After spending a little time back home where I really like to be, I decided to devote my full time supporting and working with the only person I really want to be around all day long, my wife, Kristen, who already has been well versed in this specialty for some time now. While I gain the comfort and fun of working 24/7 with my favorite person, I also gain the benefits of learning and improving a new technical specialty for myself.

I teamed up with Kristen on this, and we charged ahead to be 100% ready for launch by the end of the year.  We are on schedule!   In October we rented an office so that we could devote all of our attention to this, and attacked this project with a level of effort effort like neither of us had ever before put forth.  By the end of the year 2013 we had our free video  training series complete and had accumulated a significant amount of content on our content marketing blog.  Then it was time to begin building a client base.

The objective behind Strategy Content marketing is to provide technical support and consultation services to clients seeking to make more effective use of their internet presence. Whether a client is just starting out by creating a website or blog from nothing, or already has an online presence which might be working at less than optimum efficiency, our objective is to help our customers to increase their business revenues by learning to take full advantage of the often mysterious and often seemingly disconnected intricacies which characterize internet marketing.

Our focus is on helping the client gain visibility and ultimately increased revenues through improved and increased use of internet resources. This work might include any level of support in areas such as website creation, website format and contentconsulting services for content marketing optimization, blogging and related support, SEO ranking assistance, video marketing and related SEO ranking, and any number of related subjects.

We operate daily, just about seven days per week, out of office facilities located in the Ozark Small Business Incubator (OzSBI), near the courthouse square in West Plains, MO.  In the sidebar to the right, you can put yourself on a list which gives you access to our video training series..  Email us via our Contact Page.  If you would like to contact us by phone, please put yourself on the list for our video training series, and we will respond  ASAP.

Thank you for considering us in your search for effective SEO and content marketing consultation services!

(Read here about how to add a domain name.)

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