What is Your Online Presence Score?

How’s Your Online Presence?

If you have a business website, that is definitely the basic foundation of your online presence.  You want potential customers to look at your website.  You have carefully designed it to attract the business of those who see it.   You’ll get a certain but quite small amount of attention from the search engines by just being present.  But nobody wants to live on a foundation.  You need the rest of the house!

online presence

A website is only a foundation, not a complete structure.

Without doing anything, the first thing that will happen with respect to search engines when you establish a website, is a simple recognition of the name of your website.  This seems to be the point at which many newcomers to the internet stop.  This is roughly equivalent to having your name listed in the Yellow Pages.  People can find you if they know the name of your website or business.

Until you begin to give the search engines some more hints, you won’t be coming up in any other searches.  What else could you do?  You could boost your entire online presence.

What are people searching on?

Let’s say that you have a website.  You have it online and activated.   This is where the vast majority of folks are stopping. People can probably find you now, if they know your website name, but that’s about the only way they seem to be finding you.

online presence

Everyone is searching!!

What more could you do to become more seen and more often discovered?  Ask yourself what terms people are searching on to get information about whatever it is you do, or specialize in.  Make yourself a list.

Now go to Google, or Yahoo, or Bing, or whatever your favorite search engine might be.  Then search on each of the words or phrases you just listed.  Is your website coming up on that first page?  Is it coming up at all, anywhere, even on page ten?  There is good reason.

If all you have ever done is to get your website up and activated, and maybe update it with an occasional change or improvement, chances are you are not going to find your site coming up in those searches.  Give it a try.  Where do you stand?

What to Do?  Grow that Online Presence!

To learn more about how to get found online, keep watching and reading this site!  We offer a series of detailed video training on content marketing that covers all the basics of taking better control of the presence of your name and your business name online.

Go to the top of the right sidebar on any one of our pages.  When you register there you will be emailed a link to view our videos.  Kristen has been doing a great job!  Please watch!  Then get back to us and let us know how we’re doing.  We’re always going back to make improvements based on your feedback.

Learn about the value of designing internal links.

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Developing Content Marketing Authority

Content Marketing Authority

A basic understanding of content marketing must precede the ability to establish content marketing authority. Kristen and I have found out that we need a few good one liners because “content marketing” isn’t a word people that many people know yet.

But they need to know it if they expect to develop authority!  And if you can’t describe what you do in just a couple of sentences, it doesn’t sound interesting or worthwhile and you lose them.

We want to keep everybody we talk to, so here are a few one-liners on Content Marketing:

  • Increase your bottom line:  Get recognized and respected online.
  • Got a website?  Then let the world find it!  You’ll get more business!
  • Grow and Manage your online presence: It brings you business!
  • Spread your authority online:  Being found brings new business!

What do all of these one-liners have in common?  They all have to do with being online, and they have to do with making more money.  If you’re in business and you aren’t a hot topic that comes up everywhere where people are looking for information (ONLINE!) that has to do with what you do,  you need to become one!

Become a Hot Topic!

marketing authority

Be One! You Must Be Seen and Known!

If you become a recognized authority at what you do, your customer base will start to mentally connect your name with your business.  How does that happen?

You become an authority at what you do by being involved with groups and activities connected with your work.  In the internet era, those groups and activities are online.  In the pre-internet era those things were offline.  But they are the same groups and activities.

There are a lot of success stories that sound like this, aren’t there?  How about Steve Jobs and Bill Gates?  They both were just tech nerds that started out in their garages!  They didn’t use the internet to build their reputation because it didn’t exist yet.   In marketing-speak, they built their” brand”.

What distinguished those two engineers from a sea of equally qualified and inventive engineers?  It was nothing other than “brand building”.

What happens when you don’t build your brand?  What happened to all of Bill Gates’ and Steve Jobs’ friends and peers who were just as clever as they were?

Well, really, nothing significant happened to them.  In contrast, what happened in the lives of these two guys who understood how to “build their brand”?

There are brand building businesses like Microsoft and Apple, and there were all the other non brand building businesses who sold computers and operating systems that eventually went by the wayside.

Which category would you rather put your business into?

Branding Principles Apply at ALL levels of Business

Everybody can identify with the success of Apple and Microsoft, but you don’t have to be a prospective corporate giant to experience the same principles

The sky is the only limit!

The sky is the only limit!

of publicity.  A principle is a law that operates always, and on anything it is applied to.  And branding is a principle!

Maybe you only run a gardening shop.  If there are a couple of other good gardening shops around town, and you are the one who always toots your horn in the local Gardening Club newsletter every month, and the other two stores don’t, which store is most likely to be perceived as the authority on gardening?

The Essence of Content Marketing

There are many ways to build your brand, with or without the internet. Your customer base is finding what they want to find on the internet.  Are you going to play in the same game as them?  The essence of content marketing is brand building, specifically online.

Develop Content Marketing authority!

Not to sound like a broken record, but please watch our free video training series presented mostly by Kristen, but partly by me.  You will be emailed a link to it by simply filling in the box at the top of the right sidebar of this page.  Then let us know how we are doing!  Drop us a line.  We would be happy to hear from you!

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Video Blog Marketing on the Cheap

Video Blog Marketing – It Doesn’t Have to Cost a Lot!

“Video blog marketing” is a catch phrase that describes the use of an authoritative blogging platform that’s enhanced by the personalized  power of video presentation.  And “on the cheap” is a term that describes the way a lot of us like to do effective things!  Put them together and what do you have?  An effective video- personalized blog that people identify with, and one that doesn’t cost you a lot!

The Appearance of Your Site and Blog

There is much you can do that costs from little to nothing to present your website and blog in a neat, attractive, and professional format.  That’s the primary reason we like to develop websites using WordPress, and it’s why we encourage you to learn to use WordPress too.  Any average computer user can learn to alter the entire look of a Word Press website, or even to create one entirely from scratch.  Uusing WordPress, it’s also easy to embed personalized videos within your posts.

Kristen talks quite a lot about the technical how-to’s  of that very subject in her free video training series on content marketing (available by filling in the sign up to the right of this post).

video blog marketing

Our video crew – NOT!!

The Appearance of Your Blog Embedded Video

At the present time, we do not have or use any video editing tools, nor do we hire any professional video editing services. We are operating “on the cheap”!  So, we only can adjust the factors that are actually in our control.  That means, primarily, how we come across on camera.  Without the addition of professional editing resources, there are going to be interest and viewing factors that will remain beyond our control.  We always tell ourselves, “perhaps later”!

Being Ourselves

I firmly believe that for a business which involves a lot of personal interaction, the greatest virtue of video marketing is in allowing people the opportunity to get to know you before they ever even have an opportunity to speak to you or to meet in person.  That ever-important  first personal impression is already made in your videos.

Many people just feel like they never will be comfortable making videos.  So, they either don’t bother, or they hire their video work out.  Neither of those choices is an effective option for the business owner striving for personal brand recognition.  In my experience, contracting out any task at all does nothing to stimulate my own learning and growth process.  Because video is at the top of our “must be competent at” list, we work hard at producing our own videos as well as we can on a shoestring budget.

Once you get past being camera shy it gets easier. I have a rather silly sense of humor, so occasionally, I let something spontaneous and along the lines of silly stay in a video, because I think it helps people identify with my true character.  So, when I meet someone, they can feel like we already were friends long ago.

Lack of Professional Video Editing can be a Boon!

video blog marketing

This is more our style!

Always focus on what you have, and not on what you seem to lack! I do my best to compensate for our present lack of professional video editing control by continually practicing the art of presenting my real character on camera.  And it hasn’t been easy!  It sometimes means many retakes.  Many retakes also translate into a lot of mental repetition.  But I am only repeating the things I need to know well anyway!

Lack of editing also can mean putting up a video that we are not completely comfortable with.  But we know that whatever we publish is the best we could produce at the time it was done.  We can, and do, often go back and replace the poorer videos with better videos.

Your Best Ally:  The Expression of Your Real Character

Video blog marketing on the cheap means expressing your real selfhood. I believe that honesty always shows through, and that it prevails over what many perceive as the benefit of a flawless professionally edited video production.  Whatever character traits distinguish you from others, just work on presenting them in your video, and keep doing it, over and over.  Don’t quit!

Allow me please to plug our very personalized free video training series.  Kristen stars in most of them.  Please let us know how we are doing!  Thank you for following us, and we look forward to being in touch with you.

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photo credit: jai Mansson’s photography. via photopin cc

Content Creation Services

Consider a Blog Content Creation Service

A content creation service can  provide create the quality you need in your blog posts.  Quality blogging ensures authority and technical recognition for your business.  Competently written articles in your blog establish your website as a highly authoritative resource in your field. The bottom line is that lots of good content in the form of good blog posts ultimately brings business to the table!

Are you strong in the skill of regularly creating large volumes of clear, concise, attention retaining written content?  If not, your blog, especially in its youngest and formative stages, might well benefit from a competent content creation service.

Quality Content Creation Essential

Content creation is of course the essential element in blogging.  If you’re new to blogging and/or if you have less than a lot of time to devote to getting your blog rolling, you may want to consider the use of a cost effective content creation service (such as me!).

content creation serviceContent Creation AND Search Engine Optimization

We create natural and easy to read blogging content already organized for the best possible search engine optimization.  Outside of the blogging world, well written articles stand strong in factors of readability and interest retention.  My specialty is in adapting existing articles to a blogging format, and in creating blogging oriented articles from scratch.  You provide just the essential information.

If you hope for your blog to deliver the promise of new attention to your website, vital search engine optimization factors must be smoothly integrated into your articles contents, retaining a natural flow and easy readability in an article that also ranks highly in targeted search results.

Blog Maintenance Services

Not only can we produce quality written content for your blog, we can also keep your blog on a necessary growth regiment.  In order to be of any benefit to your business at all, your blog needs to be growing on a regular and scheduled basis.

If you need, we can also put you on, and keep your blog on a growth schedule by making and maintaining your posts, integrating video you supply into your content, and/or providing any other technical service details associated with growing your online presence.

Personalized on-on-one Content Creation

content creation service

Find your way through the maze when you are multi-tasking.

When you purchase blog content production services from us, you work directly with me, not with a team of unidentified co-writers.  Some content production services produce at least some of their product by outsourcing it.  We write all of our own content.  Your product results from direct personal consultation with me.  The product you receive is original and has been authored and edited only by us.

Our Qualifications

As a former electronic systems engineer with several major defense contractors, I have a 30 year history in technical writing.  My professional technical writing experience has included specification writing, test procedure writing, and contract writing, among other things.  It was easy for me to adapt that skill to the blogging world.

In fact, my most recent writing has been our own blogging, and my best example work can be found on many posts in the blog you are now reading.

Learn more by viewing our Free Video Training Series

In the right sidebar of this post you will find a subscription button.  Just click there to gain access to our cost free video training series on content marketing.  Our end objective is to ultimately put you in full control of your web presence!

We are continually working to improve the content and quality of our training.  Watch any or all of our video training, and then we invite your feedback.   We want to talk to you!

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Firearms Blogs for Firearms Related Activities

Firearms Blogs and Your Business or Cause

Do you operate a firearms blog in support of a shooting sports or firearms related business?  Are you involved with promoting a firearms related sport or activity?  Do you depend on a website for any part of your promotion?

Are you interested in getting more business moving your way through your firearms business website or shooting activity website? Think about what your own firearms blog could do for you business!  In the present repressed state of our economy, who isn’t interested in boosting  business?

And, in light of threats which attempt to remove our  God-granted rights as Americans, who isn’t interested in standing up for them?

I am most interested in boosting shooting sports and firearms related businesses primarily because I am a shooting enthusiast, and because  I am an American who believes in the spiritual vision of the Founding Fathers.firearms blogs

I have a happy lifelong family history of activity in various forms of shooting sports activities.  I have a history in indoor small bore rifle competitions, high powered rifle competition, muzzle loading , skeet shooting, sporting clays, scientific reloading experimentation, long range groundhog hunting,  collecting, trading,  etc., as well as political involvement in the protection of related Constitutional rights.

But That’s not All!

That’s by no means the boundary of my interest in firearms subjects.   I just got to thinking about how effective I can be at helping people with similar interests to stimulate our economy by helping them blog about what they love!

Blogging content and SEO services are the foundation of website publicity

We help you boost your business by getting you rolling in the blogging realm.  An important ingredient of our work is the provision of  content writing  and editing services for our clients’ blogs.  And off course we prefer writing  and working with material about our own interests!

New Blogs OR Old Blogs

firearms blogs Let’s talk about new blogs first.

We are prepared to help you build business at any level, from the initial creation of, or redesign of your website to the establishment of a blog designed to enhance your online visibility to potential customers.

If you are less than satisfied with your own writing skills, or perhaps you just feel you don’t have the time to dedicate to a blog, we can help you by creating search engine optimized content based on your material. We can also help you integrate your supplied videos into your blog, and develop a systematic upload and sharing video program that is sure to get your work noticed.

We’re open minded and technically capable.  Give us a call to discuss the creation of a cost effective program designed to boost your firearms or shooting sports business.

Old Blogs

Many successful firearms businesses already attract respect and notoriety for their businesses through regular technical blogging.  I enjoy looking through some of them myself.  In my browsing I have noticed that some of the highest quality technical blogs still could use some optimization work for search engine ranking. If you already author interesting technical material on your blog, you probably write material that you are truly enthused about.  That’s  great and it often does a lot for you over time! Be aware that attention to just a few details in presentation and key-wording can do so much more than you had imagined!   An SEO optimized blog presents to you many more opportunities to match your material directly to readers seeking it through specific key word searches.firearms blog From a marketing perspective, the primary purpose of your blog is to drive people to the portions of your website that are going to bring you financial return.  It takes only some attention to detail in your existing material to bring about tremendous increases in the numbers of quality visits to your website. Even if your technical blog is already well established, well read, and already enjoys a degree of respect and notoriety, we invite you to consult with us at no charge on the subject of editing it for better search engine optimization.

We Are Excited!

It’s fun and motivating for me to help you at any level in your shooting sports or firearms related business promotion.  That might be in any venue, whether you’re a dealer, a reloader, an active  competitor in a particular firearms sport, a hunter, collector, trader, or political activist…..whatever!    Please get in touch with me and let’s talk!

A Digital Footprint Fact

 Digital Footprint Fact:   Being Seen Drives Business!

Developing a substantial and free digital footprint does more real marketing work for you than does any form of paid advertising.  If you make a deep and recognizable enough impression with your footprint, those who are tracking you or hunting for you are going to be able to easily follow and find you.

So, in the business world, when you walk, stomp! An animal in the woods leaves as little sign of itself as possible.  It doesn’t want to be found.  Its objective is avoidance because being found might mean its certain demise.  In business, your objectives are quite the opposite of those of an animal being tracked.

In the business world, if you are NOT found, it might mean your certain demise!  You need more than anything to be followed and found.  Be sure that you leave a big and obvious footprint.

A Clearer Big Picture Explanation

I’ve looked for a  distinct  explanation of the power of spreading your presence out online but  have never seen an analytical presentation.  A lot of marketers do a lot of verbal spewing about the power of exponential growth and get the viewer excited about it, but they don’t know how to illustrate and quantify it.

So I decided to present theses ideas in a systematic block diagram format, and quantify them is a way that will make you sit up and take note.  There is great power in spreading your content out onto as many platforms as possible while at the same time consistently sharing to a number of social media.

Here’s the Long and the Short of It

That block diagram explanation ended up being best explained in the attached videos.  There is both a long and a short version.  Which one you prefer depends on how long you can bear to listen to me!  To see the long version, please sign up to view our fee video series on content marketing.  Kristen does most of those training videos, but I’ve done this one.

By the way , in the short version I said something about uploading your video to YouTube twice.  Technically that is impossible and won’t be allowed by YouTube.  Watch the long version for the explanation.

Multiple Platforms for Content – Text and Video

Once a post is published on your own blog, you also have the opportunity to make it visible on numerous additional text based media.  Why?  Because every place your content resides is yet another platform that internet searchers are searching  on, and each piece of content is building its ranking in search results  on each one of those platforms.   Not just one!  That means that if your basic piece of content ranks highly, and you have put it in seven places, you have a good chance of being in the first seven places in a search result.  Not just one!

Our focus in this article is not on text, but it is worth mentioning that the principles we are illustrating here with video postingalso have the potential of being exercised in the text content world. Article sites and white paper sites are two of many potential examples of text based media sites with which one might aim to accomplish the same goal of spreading online presence. We will make that the subject of a future post, but our emphasis here is on the power of video presence.

digital footprint

A Digital Footprint put Man on the Moon!

Every good blog post builds the basic foundation of its presence with a video embedded within the text.   We prefer having that initial video reside on one of our YouTube channels, but video also may reside on a variety of other hosting platforms besides YouTube.  Don’t forget about  alternative video hosts such as Vimeo, Daily  Motion, Metacafe, Vidmy, Videobam, and  more.

You can, and should take that very same video and upload it to several alternate video hosts.  You have at your fingertips the ability to post your blog post and its accompanying video on half a dozen or more hosts, spreading your content over a much broad audience base at no real cost other than you time.

 Social Media Sharing

Okay, now once you have put your piece of content all over the internet, what else might you do to draw attention to it?  There is an abundance of popular social media sites at which folks are looking every day.  It’s easy to come up with half a dozen of them.

What Sharing Does

A share on one of the social media is essentially a free advertising poster.  It says. “Hey take a look at this post or video!”  Because your post pr video always contains an easily recognized backlink to your site,  you are presenting to every user of that social platform an invitation, an opportunity to look at your content.  Your real and final intention from a marketing standpoint, is to get them on your website.

The Multiplicative Power of Sharing

Let’s say  that your blog post and video content now reside not just on two platforms, but eight.  Sharing each piece of content with just six social media multiples the potential for that content being viewed by at least 6×8=48 times.  I say at least, because generally any share has the potential of drawing more than just one viewer.  Let’s say each share drew 10 views.   Then the potential for your website being hit  is increased by 6x10x8=480 times.

That may not be absolutely statistically correct as I have stated it, but you get the point.  I think that the videos make this point a little clearer.

Those are just a few more digital footprint facts.  If you would like to explore more ideas, please register to view our free video training series on content marketing.  Included in that series of videos is the long version of what I glossed over in the short version above.

Registration is at the right side of this post.  You will be sent an email containing a direct link to the videos.  Happy Thanksgiving!

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Motorsports Blogs by STRATEGY Content Marketing

motorsports blog

Our good friend Martiin Weiss in action on his V7 Based Moto Guzzi Racer

Do you have a motorsports blog  in support of your motorsports related website and business?  Are you interested in getting more business moving your way through increased activity on your motorsports business website?

That’s probably a rhetorical question!  I’m most interested in boosting motorsports blogs business because I am a motorsports enthusiast!  I have a happy lifelong family history of activity in various forms of motorsports and racing activities, on two wheels and four.

I would like to tell you more about my family’s racing and motoring adventures right here and now, but instead or repeating myself I will simply invite you read some of that history visiting our vintage racing website at www.thefastonesvintage.com

Blogging Content and SEO Services:  The Foundation of Website Publicity

Irrespective of the specific topic, we provide search engine optimized blogging content writing services and editing for our clients.  Of course we all prefer writing about our own interests!

motorsports blog

Weber 40mm DCOE Carbs on our Alfa Romeo Giuilietta Sprint Veloce

New Blogs OR Old Blogs!

Let’s talk about new blogs first.

We are prepared to help you build your business activity online at any level, from the initial creation of or redesign of your website to the establishment of a motorsports blog designed to enhance your online visibility to many new potential customers.

If you are less than satisfied with your own writing skills, or perhaps you just feel you don’t have the time to dedicate to a blog, we can help you by creating search engine optimized content based on your material.  We can also help you integrate your supplied videos into your blog, and develop a systematic upload and sharing video  program that is sure to get your work noticed.

We’re open minded and technically capable.  Give us a call to discuss the creation of a cost effective blog based program designed to boost your motorsports business.

Old Blogs

Many successful motorsports businesses already attract respect and notoriety for their businesses through regular technical blogging.  I enjoy looking through some of them myself.  In my browsing I have noticed that even the highest quality technical blogs are seldom truly optimized for search engine results.

If you author interesting technical material on your blog, you probably write material that you are truly enthused about.   And that’s great and often does a lot for you over time! Also be aware that attention to just a few details in presentation and key-wording can do much more!   An SEO optimized blog presents to you many more opportunities to match your material directly to readers seeking it through specific key word searches.

From amarketing perspective, the primary purpose of your blog is to drive people to the portions of your website that are going to bring you financial return.  it takes only some attention to detail in your existing material to bring about tremendous increases in quality visits to your website.

Even if your technical blog is already well established, well read,  and already enjoys a degree of respect and notoriety, we invite you to consult with us at no charge on the subject of editing it for better search engine optimization.

We Are Excited!

It’s fun and motivating for me to help you at any level in your motorsports promotion, in any venue, whether you’re a dealer, or a club racer, or club racer turned pro…..whatever!    Please get in touch with STRATEGY Content Marketing and let’s talk!


Autoresponder Marketing Grows Your Business

 autoresponder marketingAutoresponder Marketing

Autoresponder marketing is essential to your online business growth!   Your autoresponder will probably become one of your best  friends.  Autoresponders are convenient programs that automatically send out emails in response to various events, which you define to them.

Autoresponder services are cleverly designed computer programs which reside on the autoresponder service provider’s equipment (meaning it is on their computer and not your computer).  A service is most likely what you want, unless you are a techie by nature or  just like to make life harder than it needs to be. When you use an autoresponder service, you don’t run anything on your own computer or from your web host.  Rather, you remotely configure the autoresponder program from its own online control panel page through your browser.  The program itself resides with the service provider.

You could choose instead to use your own resident autoresponder program in place of a subscription. Web host providers offer them free with their web hosting service. They can be more complicated to use and they run programs which you have to download to your computer. That means if your computer has problems, it might also affect your autoresponder.  We never did that, just because a good service is so available, cheap, easy, and reliable.  Use the service!

What would autoresponder marketing do for my business?

The most effective way for me to explain the virtues of autoresponder marketing use is to tell you how we use it and why.  Any other information coming from me would only be conjectural, but here is how and why we have found the use of an autoresponder invaluable. Our autoresponder gives us the convenience of immediately responding to every inquiry that arrives in response to a request for information generated on our website. The online request form collects the interested party’s first and last name and email address.

The moment that request lands in our contact list, the autoresponder sends them a personalized  verification email. Every common autoresponder service also provides the capability of generating a personalized response.  If you were going to be truly personal, you could sit and watch your inbox all day, and be sure that you write a personalized response every time an inquiry arrives. But since we all spend our days performing other vital functions of our business, we can respond to everyone immediately without tracking incoming correspondence in real time.  And, via autoresponder we can do that with a personalized note addressing them by their first name, or their last name with title, or whatever we have chosen to do in advance.

 Autoresponder Follow Ups

Not only can the autoresponder be used to send out an initial mail, it can also automatically send out follow-ups.  For instance, when someone  named Bob Smith subscribes to our free video training series, he automatically receive an email that says something like “Dear Bob, thanks for signing up to watch our free training!  Enjoy it and get back with us.” Seven days later it sends out another pre-written but personalized email to Bob that says something like “Hi, Bob!  How’s it going?  We hope our free video training series is teaching you a lot.  What do you think?  If you have any questions or a need for related services, don’t hesitate to contact us!”

Of course we probably don’t really know Bob yet.  But we really do want to get to know him and do business with him on a friendly basis, just like we want to do with you too.   So, we try to make Bob feel like we’re talking to him as a friend..  And we didn’t have to monitor our email all night to accomplish that! And if you want, your autoresponder can continue to send out periodic reminders or announcements about anything at all, to whomever you choose,  just on the basis of scheduling.  Birthday reminders or Christmas greetings are  good examples.

Autoresponder Subscription Services

If you run a business where you need to develop a client contact list, getting an auto responder service that works well for you is a must.  There are paid services and unpaid services, and of course the paid services generally deliver more flexibility and operate with fewer problems and glitches.  The most used and publicized autoresponder services are offered by “AWeber “ and “Get Response”. Recently we switched to Get Response from AWeber simply on the basis of reduced cost versus our own needs.  Both are really easy to sign up for and configure. Take your pick!

Kristen has assembled a couple of nice videos that walk you through that in our free video training series on content marketing.    DO sign up to gain access to a link to watch them.  Just sign up using either of the two signup options on this page. I think the signup buttons may be up on top instead of on the sidebar, since we recently changed our website theme.  Do you like the improvement?  Let us know!  Sign up, and then drop us an email!

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Yahoo Answers: Stirling’s Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions

Using Yahoo Answers for Article Title Searches

I sometimes use Yahoo Answers in my search for an effective title for my blog posts.  When you use an appropriate title that includes key words which describe the topic you have written about, that title plays an important role in helping the search engines to rank your post.   More about how to spread out those key words in your post comes later in the article.

But first, let’s be entertained by Yahoo Answers!

In seeking the title of a post, which I actually saved for another post, I got sidetracked looking at the questions that people actually ask in Yahoo Answers.  To use Yahoo Answers as an aid in finding an article title, all you have to do is to start typing in a question just as you would ask it.  As you type, Yahoo Answers fills in the space below your query with other questions that have been asked, which begin with the word combination you have used so far. So, in response to several phrases which form the beginning of a multitude of common questions, here are a few rhetorical questions that have actually been asked in Yahoo Answers .

Stirling’s Snappy Answers to  some Stupid Questions asked in Yahoo Answers

Here are a few  questions that people actually have asked Yahoo to answer.

QWhy do my cats throw up when they eat dry cat food?” A:    Dry cat food is disgusting.  Have you ever tried it?

Q:  “Why is Canada’s population so small for its size? A:   It’s damned cold up there.

Q:  “Why is Canada’s population decreasing? A:   It’s damned cold up there.

Q:  “Why is Canada so boring?” A:   It’s damned cold up there and people have to stay inside all day long.

Q:  “Why is my dog getting so fat?” A:   You’re feeding it too much, and/or it does not exercise enough. Understandable in Canada.

Q:  “Why am I getting so fat?” A:   You’re eating too much, and/or you don’t get out of the house. Understandable in Canada.

Q:  “Why am I still a virgin?” A:   Because you have never had sex with anyone yet.  Get a girl friend and try moving to Canada with her where you will be inside together all the time.

Q:  “Why am I breaking out?” A:   Either (a.) Either you eat too much junk food, or (b.) you are just sick of jail.

Q:  “Why do women expect that the majority of men will cheat?” A:   Because usually, they will.

Yahoo Answers Gave me the Question I was Looking For!

Yahoo Answers helped me find the title I chose for my blog.  It is “Blogging as a Marketing Tool”.  I saved that title and ended up writing this one about Yahoo Answers instead.  Anyway, by virtue of the fact that the question appeared in the list when I typed “Blogging as ….”, I know that this is a question that people are asking using this phraseology.

yahoo answers

Yahoo Answers cannot answer EVERY question for you!!

Exploiting the Perfect Blog Post Title

Once you find the perfect title which contains the key word(s)  that describe(s) the content of your article, your article will begin to appear, sometimes quickly and sometimes over some time, at the top of search results on that term.  That’s only going to happen when you sprinkle those key words carefully through your article. The sprinkling must be done in a way which search engine algorithms recognize.  What are those ways? In a 500 to 700 word article, use that key word phrase in the title, in several subheadings, in the URL slug itself, and whenever you can in the first sentence of the first paragraph under each subheading.

My Keyword was Yahoo Answers

For example, my key word for this article was “Yahoo Answers”.  Can you tell?  Go through my article and see how I have sprinkled that phrase around. If you could get into my WordPress dashboard you would also see how I also have inserted that key word in the “alt text”  and in the title in both of the photographs in this article.  If you go into YouTube to view my video you will also see that I made the title of the embedded YouTube video match the name of this article.  I also included backlinks to here inside that video description, as well as another call to action for readers to sign  up for our free video  training series. Search engines recognize all of this strategic placement of keywords.  They even recognize synonyms of your key word within your text.  Understanding that, you can write an appealing, easy to read article which naturally ranks high in SEO factors while  at the same time giving the reader something of value.

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