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Blogging Tips to Boost SEO

Blogging is just one of a complete set of promotional elements which will elevate your site higher in search engine rankings.  But like everything else,  there is no fast and easy recipe to create a blog post that is likely to get noticed.  A complex set of influential factors affects the attention your article will get with respect to search ranking.  In order to maximize its effectiveness, blogs need to be effectively assembled.  This is an art, and we are all artists, working to make our model as close to the ideal as we can.

What Search Engines Want

Search engines will rank your site more highly based not only upon key word phrases, but also upon original and meaningful content.  Though it may seem effective to assemble nonsense text chock full of vital key word phrases, that tactic does no good for you at all and may even cause Google to blacklist your site forever.  We all have seen those nonsense pages which say nothing, and are obviously an attempt to to throw a lot of key words together, but these days you see them less and less often. There’s a good reason for that. Google  has buried them and they will never see the light of day again. People search the internet looking for information. Nobody will really gain any useful information from an article that really does not say anything. So they came to your site and read some nonsense.  Is that what you wanted?  Of course not!

In fact, this used to be a common trick, used by people trying to drive traffic to a site which might contain a profitable point per click ad, or something similar.  Not all search engines have caught on to this, but at present it is likely that Google will blacklist such sites when it discovers them, and put them at the bottom of the ranking list!

The most effective blog posts make a substantial point and present useful information to the reader.  A well written blog post contains the essential key word phrases by virtue of the fact that is written with the primary objective of actually educating the reader.  Search engine rankings come naturally and automatically to carefully composed articles.  Start out by making the points you want to make.  After you have completed a well thought out article, follow up by doing some research on key words and key word phrases which are relevant to the points your article is intended to express.

Key Words and Key Word Phrases

What kind of key words or phrases do you expect  people to be searching with which would direct them to your blog post or article?   Key word research is vital to the success of your choice of key words.  If you go to Google search you will find a utility called Google Keyword Tool.  Use your imagination, and picture what phrases people might be using to research the subject you are writing about.

Go to Google Keyword Tool and check it out.  Enter some phrase relevant to your topic.  What you will see is a summary of the latest number of searches made online worldwide for certain related phrases.  It doesn’t require a lot of explaining to see how useful this information can be.  Once you have identified the essential phraseology, namely, that which gets the most attention with respect to your topic, go back through your article and plant the essential words in appropriate locations at the beginning and near the end of the article.  Sprinkle words from the essential keyword phrases throughout the text, taking care that the text remains clear and sounds natural.

Paragraphs and Subheadings in Your Blog

I use Microsoft Word to assemble blog posts.  Word, like most word processors, offers paragraph heading features which not only help the writer to organize and keep information within a planned and outlined format, but which also happens to be used in the SEO process.

Search engines use the content of heading tags to gather information about the theme of your topic.  Do an effective job of titling your headings and subheadiongs, and you will get ranked higher simply by virtue of your own organization.  Your SEO increases when the title of your article and or paragraph consistently and naturally matches keyword content in the paragraph itself.

A bit of variation in header tags is also helpful.  You get the same idea across using different words, which makes the article not only more interesting to read, but also expands upon the base of keywords with which the search engine does its ranking.

You Tube Videos

You can increase your visibility greatly through the use of self made promotional videos.  In the first place, people are more likely to look at a video than they are to read the meat of your article.

Blogging tips for content creation and marketing

Blogging Tips for Content Marketing

Secondly, once they have viewed your video, if it got their attention effectively, they will be more likely to look into the content of your article.

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, YouTube is a search engine in itself.  By creating your own YouTube channel, which uses its own independent system of ranking through the use of key words and phrasing which you provide in the video description, you increase your visibility even more.  In fact, you can and should include links to your blog and website in the YouTube video description.

 Blogging Tips Summarized

This by no means summarizes all of the factors involved in increasing the visibility of your business online.  Social media is another topic i itsself.  Any link references your blog to other web destinations, and vice versa, is part of a growth foundation possessing exponential possibilities.  On the accompanying video is some basic discussion of the effective use of social media postings.  We hope you have learned something from this article, and invite you to take the time to view our videos….. and do not hesitate to contact us about any topic related to the strategy of content marketing online.

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