Website Updates and Upgrades

website updatesNeed website updates?  Procrastinating?

 Just thinking about needing to update your website probably triggers the urge to put it off until later. Most likely, you’re really as excited about updating your website as you are about the prospect of cleaning your kitchen or doing your laundry!

But your household suffers when you don’t do the maintenance  –  and so does your business!

Just need basic info updates? Or is your entire website format showing its age?

How many times have you gone to a particular website to find some specific item you wanted, only to see that the information presented there was clearly out of date? Or, perhaps a search brought you to a presentation that just looks old.  It works alright, but it just doesn’t have that “cutting edge” look that catches your eye.

What do you do?  You probably go and look at other similar sites, and then you end up buying from them instead.

Have you ever done that?  Don’t let your website be the one that gets passed by!

Potential clients learning about your business through your website are only going to become actual clients if they stay on your website long enough to find what they wanted in the first place.

Make it easy for them!  Keep your potential clients engaged, informed, and motivated to do business with you!

Keep them coming back!website upgrades

Keeping your website looking current and keeping its contents up to date creates an expectation with regular viewers.  People who are following you will come actually expect your changes.

Changes and updates also attract the attention of Google, which translates to increased exposure to potential clients searching for what you have to offer.  And that translates to a bigger and better bottom line.

We can help you get it done now!  

Is your website editing frustrating and annoying? You could:

  • Procrastinate more
  • Let us do your frustrating updates for you quickly   (if your website is already hosted with us)
  • Let us update your older website to the editor- friendly WordPress system    (whether you are client or not)

What’s the best option?  Let’s talk about it!



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STRATEGY’s Special Starter and Upgrade Offer

Do you need someone else to make changes and edit your website?

How long do you have to wait, and how much do you have to pay for someone else to make changes to your website? How long should you have to wait? Should you have to wait at all? Are you tired of paying for being at the mercy of someone else’s editing schedule?

STRATEGY’s  Half Price Web Development and Upgrade Program

Clicking above will give you the opportunity to  get on an email list to learn more about this limited special offer! Our half price web development starter kit and upgrade program delivers you a brand new and attractive website format that you manage!

First, the price is right!

Come on down!  For one low package price of $299 we will not only deliver you a quality and personally customized website, we will host it for the first year free of charge.  

Second, you’ll receive incomparable training and tech support.

We are  going make two 2 hour classroom sessions available to you, and outside of the classroom you will receive unlimited tech support and training.  You’ll learn everything necessary to do your own content editing – text, pictures, video, you name it. When you complete this program you will have received a complete and attractive WordPress based website which has been custom designed for your business.

Wondering how we can promise unlimited training?

We know by experience that  the WordPress website editing system is extremely user-friendly and  easy to learn. It won’t take you that long to catch on!peaceful One low-priced package price delivers one high quality website along with FREE hosting for a year, and your very own personalized and unlimited one-on-one training.

Put yourself in the driver’s seat of your own website!

We look forward to your participation in this unbeatable special offer!

Website Math 101

Website Math Summary:

Website + Viewers = Lead Generation

Lead Generation + YOU = More Revenue

Could your business benefit from more people wanting to buy your stuff?

Four factors are under your control:


  • Website
  • Viewers
  • Leads
  • YOU

To generate sales leads, you need the right kind of viewers on your website.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ensures that your views are coming from potential customers.  Customers are targeted because they sought you – not the other way around!   Targeted lead generation from a website is driven by SEO.

And no matter how driven you are to call on sales leads, you won’t increase revenues without actually geting some new leads to follow up on.

Are you tired of cold call sales?  Why keep doing that that when you can get already warm and targeted leads by getting your website found on search engines?

Business Growth and Search Engine Optimization

Would you like to talk to us about increasing your revenue?

We design our websites to get found and liked by search engines with on-page SEO, but with further off-page SEO work, we can make it happen quite quickly.  Contact us to arrange a consultation.

 We can make SEO work for you.  As a result your website might just blow your level of business though the roof!

website math



PHP and WordPress Enhancement

PHP and WordPress Enhancement Equals Creativity!

php and wordpress enhancementPHP and WordPress enhancement go together like a horse and carriage – like love and marriage! PHP-based content management systems like WordPress have made the creation and management of dynamic web pages possible for virtually anyone!  PHP scripting or some other form of dynamic html code creation,  has become the  foundation of most contemporary websites.  PHP is in fact the very foundation of WordPress.

The wide variety of PHP based plug-ins and themes and widgets available for WordPress means that in WordPress, in order to  create some very attractive work there’s no longer much need to understand any coding or scripting at all.  WordPress has basically turned what was previously the science of creative PHP scripting into a paint by number art system.

People are naturally attracted to dynamic webpage displays that include interesting picture rotations, fade-outs, andPHP and WordPress Enhancement a lot of other  interactive features which  do attention grabbing things.  Dynamic webpages have become so common that people have come to expect them.  They are now the norm, and that’s why static html websites are becoming virtually extinct.

Public Perception Drives Development

In proportion as the universal understanding and use of the PHP scripting language grows throughout the industry, so grows the number of useful content management system utilities (plug-ins, widgets, themes, etc.).  It is primarily the growing use of PHP scripting that has made dynamic and interesting websites so commonplace today.

Spurring on that growth are PHP-based content management systems such as WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla. Content management systems are essentially PHP-based building block systems designed to make life simpler for everyone.  Themes, widgets, and plug-ins are essentially re-usable building blocks of dynamic PHP scripting code that can be used over and over again by designers who need not have the slightest concept of exactly how they work. Imagine what the world of masonry would be like if the mason had to reinvent the brick every time he built a new wall!  But with pre-made bricks, you can just stack ‘em up!

php and wordpress enhancementWordPress leads the way in the content management system race.  It is primarily the growth of the popularity of  Wordpress that has most contributed to the downfall and death of the boring old static html page.  WordPress has become widely popular because it enables virtually anyone  to edit and maintain their own website without even knowing what the term  “html” even  means.

To create great looking websites using WordPress, you no longer need  to understand either html or active scripting languages.  But to express unlimited creativity, it sure helps!

Get creative!

If you have created more than a handful of websites on a WordPress platform, you probably have already discovered that in spite of the number of themes and widgets and plug-ins available, you often just cannot find exactly what you need.

Themes are perhaps the most frustrating building block item.  There are literally thousands of them.  Some are free,  some cost a little, and some cost a lot.  But if you are looking for a particular layout that just does not do what you want it to, or doesn’t look exactly like you want it to look, then you are going to need to either modify a theme that already exists, or start from scratch and create one yourself.

Armed with a little bit of understanding of the PHP scripting language, you too can modify and customize WordPress themes and widgets.  All of those themes and widgets and plug-ins exist in the first place because someone saw a void, and then filled it by writing a set of task-specific PHP scripts.

Dig in!

You don’t have to be a master PHP programmer to modify WordPress utilities.  You only need to understand enough about the script to interpret what the code is doing.

Here’s a real and personal example:  Maybe you like everything about the appearance of a particular theme, but you don’t like Breadcrumbs, and in this particular theme the creator did not provide an option to turn it off.  If you don’t understand what the code is doing, you are at the mercy of that theme designer’s preconceptions.  But, if you are able to manually analyze the code that defines that  item,  you will be able to find the particular file that creates the breadcrumbs trail and simply disable it.

Or, maybe you love everything about a particular theme, but you don’t like being compelled to use the layout of the footer that has been provided.  Or maybe you need to widen a widget, or make it taller.  With an understanding of the basics of PHP coding, a little bit of searching and analyzing will reveal to you how to customize these pre-designed building blocks into the exact form that you need to fit the format you’re looking for.

You  can customize WordPress Utilities!

I am no WordPress theme and widget modification expert, but rest assured that where there is a will there is a way. Armed with only the tiniest bit of experience and understanding, you can move what seems like mountains to those who don’t  understand as much as the little bit that you do.

Don’t be afraid to get in there and get your hands dirty!  Accomplish the simplest technical task, and people will think you’re a genius!  A basic understanding of how to write scripts in PHP can seriously enhance your ability to create original and interesting dynamic webpages.  Have fun!



West Plains Web Design | SCM and DRJ Designs Merge

 The West Plains Web Design Scene Changes
west plains web design

Stirling and Kristen Watts

West Plains web design company DRJ Designs LLC has merged with STRATEGY Content Marketing and SEO, a young and promising  online marketing, SEO, and web design service company.

DRJ’s five year history of website design and hosting complements STRATEGY’s outstanding web design, search engine optimization (SEO), and content marketing services.

DRJ and STRATEGY Content Marketing have provided professional websites and hosting services  for over 80 clients both regionally and nationally, representing small and medium sized businesses, non-profit organizations, cities and municipalities, ministries, and churches.

In addition to building, maintaining, and hosting quality user-friendly websites, STRATEGY Content Marketing also provides advanced search engine optimization (SEO) services for every size and type of business.  Quality SEO services are effective in bringing any website to the top of Google search results for specifically designated keyword terminology.

Visit  Online or in Person

Three active and interlinked websites describe the work carried out by STRATEGY Content Marketing and DRJ Designs.

A complete portfolio of DRJ’s and STRATEGY’s web design work  can be found on the DRJ Designs website.  Content marketing and SEO services are addressed in the STRATEGY Content Marketing website. A third website called West Plains Web Design  focuses on local and regional services.

Stop by and visit owners Kristen and Stirling Watts anytime,  in Suite 104 of  the Ozark Small Business Incubator building (OzSBI) at 408 Washington in the old downtown area of West Plains, MO.

One Big Introduction to Content Marketing

A Newbie’s Introduction to Content Marketing

A good introduction to content marketing will tell you that today,  it’s all about getting customers to search for you, instead of you having to go out and searching for them.  That makes selling a whole lot easier than it was before there was this thing we call the internet.

People only Look Online!

Nowadays people look for everything online. People generally get a lot of information online, and they inform themselves quite well before they set out to buy anything, because the resources for getting information today are just huge, compared to what they were in pre internet days. Where do they look for that information?  They look online and they use search engines.

What content marketing means to the business owner

Understanding that is simple, and can be a huge advantage to the business owner.  To stay ahead of your competition, regardless of the nature of your business, you have to learn to take full advantage of what the internet can do.  And it’s not really rocket science! If you figure it out, you’re going to be light years ahead of any of competitors who have little or no interest in figuring it out!

How do people find information today?

Content is information.  People find it with search engines.  Search engines help people find the information they introduction to content marketingwant and that they’re are looking for. If you want to successfully use your website to bring new business, its your job provide that information to people, and make it easy for them to find it. It gets found, through search engines, by the people that are looking for it.

It’s up to you and you alone

introduction to content marketing Nobody is going to figure out that your business has a certain expertise, if you don’t make that information known, and easily available in the exact place they are going to be looking for it.  That place is in online searches. If you put a billboard on a busy road, that’s going to get you more attention than if its not there.  But not everybody that drives by that billboard is interested in what it offers.  That’s the problem with conventional marketing.  It’s impossible to know how many people the ad is going to convert into a customer. Search engines fix that problem.  If your online content contains what people are looking for, then the search engine only brings people to the table that are actively searching for it. Think about that.  Let it sink in. The people who find your website were actively thinking about and searching for your product at the moment they found it.  That’s powerful!

 Traditional Marketing versus Content Marketing

The difference between content marketing and traditional marketing is that with content marketing your potential customers have a lot more potential to become your customers because they already have targeted themselves.  Because they knew what they were looking for they searched online for it,  they found it on your website, and then, they contacted you!

Effective content marketing makes customers target themselvesintroduction to content marketing

Those who contacted you after finding you in online search results target themselves as your customer,   because you made it easy for them to discover that you have what they want! If you don’t make it easy for them to find you, then they probably won’t find you.  Instead, they’ll find your competitors, who most likely did make it easy for them to find out something.  They found out that your competitor has just what these folks were looking for too.  And they didn’t find you.

The Printed Yellow Pages are DEAD!

Back when there was only the printed Yellow Pages, there were only a couple of ways people could find your

Introduction to Content Marketing

A Sign of the Past

business. They had to either know your business name, or find it in a search of a category of businesses. There wasn’t content available about businesses.  Business owners generally kept most of their informational content to themselves until they identified a specific customer.  There were trade shows and niche oriented presentations, but no such venue was as effective at targeting customers as is online content marketing. With a website, or sometimes with multiple websites, you can post an unlimited amount of information about yourself online, make it easy for everyone to find, while also weeding out the people that aren’t going to be your clients anyway.  And it’s virtually free! The cost of maintaining a website is going to be somewhere between a hundred and at most three hundred dollars per year.  And you can add to, change, or edit its contents anytime you want to, at no extra charge.

How is Online presence better than conventional advertising?

The changes you are free to make to your website at any time can be designed specifically to help you identify and draw in and target new clientele.  What can a yellow pages ad, or any type of fixed format, fixed price ad do that even begins to compare with that?

How does it work?

You already know that when you search and find what you’re looking for on Google, you do it by typing in a key word that has something to do with what you’re looking for, and then you get some results back. That is exactly how people are looking for your business today.  You can take advantage of that!

Let’s look at an example

introduction to content marketingIf you live in West Plains and you have a Koehler engine on your garden tractor the engine just broke down, then you’re probably going to go to Google and search for Koehler engine parts or maybe Koehler engine service in West Plains. The first business that appears on the first page that appeals to you, and that has what you need, is probably going to get your business, because you need to mow your lawn. But what would have happened if that store owner’s website didn’t come up on the search results list, even though he did stock the parts you need?  You never knew he existed, and you would have probably gone to his competition, who did appear on the search results list, and you would have gone on not knowing anything about this other business. That first store owner would have given up that business – your business –  to his competition, and without even knowing that he did that, because he didn’t do his search engine optimizing homework for his website.  And it happens all the time, all over town, right here.

What should the first store owner have done?

The first store owner should have taken steps to ensure that his website appeared at the top of the search for all the key words that have to do with “Koehler parts or Koehler service  West Plains”, or for all the variations on that phrase that people are likely to use that have to do with Koehler engines and West Plains.  Maybe he didn’t do that, because he was stuck in the old yellow pages mindset.  How many people are still thinking the old school way? If you live in an area where people in general are still thinking in terms of how the yellow pages worked, and are only beginning to think in this new content marketing way, then you are at a great advantage!

The major search engines

In descending order of search engine importance, we have Google, YouTube, Bing, and Yahoo.  These 4 search introduction to content marketingengines account for about 99% of online searches. Google’s search algorithms are the most significant and the most complex. If you rank well with Google, you will by default rank well with Bing and Yahoo. Bing and Yahoo algorithms are less complex and tend to change less.  If you follow the rules for ranking with Google, you will find yourself ranking well in Bing and in Yahoo much sooner than in Google. Knowing how to rank in the Google system covers it all, and is the most important search engine to understand. Although YouTube is not commonly thought if as a search engine, it is.  YouTube is the second largest used search tool in use next to Google. Keep in mind that Google has owned YouTube for a couple of years now. That means that Google search algorithms are set up in favor of YouTube hosted videos, and it’s perhaps the biggest reason that embedding YouTube videos into your web pages is so vital to enhancing your standing with Google searches.

Search Engine Algorithms

An algorithm is a fancy word for a mathematical formula.  Google has a complex algorithm that they use to evaluate every page on the internet.  There are probably a couple of hundred factors that they look at that have to do with what is on your website, and who has links to it on their websites. Keep in mind that all of those 200 factors do not have an equal weight.  They use a really complex evaluation algorithm, and that algorithm changes, probably on an almost daily basis.  The factors they examine can be broken down into two major categories called “on page” and “off page” factors.  Obviously, something has to be “on a page”!  Your collection of pages is called your website.

The value of a website

introduction to content marketing

Everybody is online!

 If you’re going to get your products found in online searches, your product and service information content must have  a home where it can live and be found. Just getting a website doesn’t win the business race!  Every business faces competition, and every business competes to increase its revenue by finding ways to reach a broader customer base online. That means that you are always competing with rival businesses for online attention.  If you choose not to compete, but they do, they win. Getting a website only gets you to the starting grid with your competitors who also have websites.  You’re all lining up to race.  When the gun goes off, you’ve got to run with your website faster than they can run with theirs. In other words, if you do your homework on key words and search habits, your website will come up above your competition’s website for the same search term.  The more effort you make to put your website above the others in the searches you know are important to your business, the more consistently will your content be read in favor of the competition’s material.

Launching your presence online

If you hope to come out ahead of your competition, you have lead the race to the top of search results. When the results come up, you’ll win if it’s your content, and not theirs, that’s on top! The most important kinds of content that go on a website are text and video, with pictures probably in third place. You can use all three independently, and together with your website. The more content you can get published online, the more often will your material  be found, and watched, or read, or listened to. Online content exists in a multitude of forms – blog posts, videos, online articles, podcasts, etc.  Well presented content that builds your “brand” and influences how people perceive you as an authority in your field.  

 If you don’t do it, it won’t happen!

introduction to content marketingYou can possess a beautiful website that might even contain a lot of useful information, but if you don’t take advantage of understanding what Google wants to see on to get you ranked in its system, then your wonderful website is just going to sit and look pretty.  It won’t get the attention it deserves. The more content you publish, the more people will find it, and your online presence does not need to be restricted to your website.

Let’s not forget to give “off page” SEO some recognition

 Up to now we have been talking about “on page” SEO.  “On-page” SEO refers to things that happen on the page, and that deals mostly with how key words are used in text and picture content on both pages and blog posts.  “Off page” SEO deals primarily with backlinks. It is important and significant to Google when your site gets a link from other websites which their system considers to be significant.  Backlinking is an entire pseudo-science of its own, the rules of which vary as a function of Google’s ever evolving search engine algorithm.  Backlinking SEO is a complex topic of its own, not addressed in this article except to mention its existence. “Off page” SEO often plays second fiddle to the more obvious “on page” factors which primarily involve the effective placement and use of key words.  Of course it’s easiest to first get a good command on-page SEO before moving on to the study of backlinks, and it’s probably fair to say that say that in general, great SEO is approximately  a 50/50 mix of off page and on page SEO factors.

More on the concept of targeting customers

Introduction to content marketingIn content marketing, search engines help people to target their customers, and the basic website is a “catch all” target.  The basic website includes all of the most essential information you need to present, such as who you are, where you are, your essential products and services, and of course your contact information. The addition of a blog to your site widens its targeting abilities, enabling your website to catch a wider array of searchers who otherwise might pass by your site.

Blogs and Blog Posts

Blogging content usually includes short articles, pictures, and YouTube videos.  The blog allows your website to grow, post by post, without altering anything in its basic structure.  Its growth widens the target, catching more and more online searchers as it develops. Maintaining a blog gives you an always-growing library of content which features the key words that are important to getting your website found in Google searches. As time goes on and as your business develops, you’ll find that you start to identify new key words that are important to your getting new business.  Maybe it’s just new ideas, or maybe your business takes on a brand new line of products or services. You can write a new blog post about every one of those new ideas, as they come along in your business life.  Every one of them increases the tendency for your website to be found, because you are beginning to discover more and more search terms that are being used, and that are important to attracting new business to you.

What search engines do for you and for all

There’s only one reason that search engines exist, and that’s to deliver the best answer to the question, or key word,

introduction to content marketing

Google robots in action.

that has been typed in.  If it doesn’t do a good job of that, then people won’t use it, and the search engine won’t make any money either. Google does what it does, based on their best understanding of how people search.  They make their best estimate of where the key words people are searching for would be found in your content.  So, if you put key words in those places, Google sees them, and the people searching for them find your content in their results list.  If you don’t, you might get overlooked. At this time, there is no way for search engines to identify what is in a picture, or what the content of a video is, unless we tell them.  When their robot messenger comes around and looks at your web pages, it only sees ones and zeros in the picture data.  That robot is not sophisticated enough to look at picture or video data and decide what it is. So, that means that besides putting your key words in the right places in your text, you also have to tell Google what’s in your pictures, and you have to tell YouTube what’s in your videos.  If you don’t tell Google what a picture is about, then having the picture in your post isn’t doing anything for you in terms of SEO, even though it might look good.  In SEO, the objective is to get more people to find your content in searches.  SEO generates viewers of your content.

For an in depth discussion of these topics

That was just a basic introduction to content marketing.  We will be discussing the material outlined in this article by example and illustration in the March 18, 2014 workshop on content marketing at the OzSBI Building, 408 Washington, West Plains, MO. If you miss the workshop or don;t live in our area, after the workshop is completed we will also be providing a two part YouTube video of its contents right here. Stay tuned, and thank you if you made it to the end without skipping any material!

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You, Your Business, and Your Town, West Plains

The Untapped Potential of Business Growth in West Plains

West Plains

Invisible Potential!

Every business owner in West Plains is unquestionably  looking for ways to sell more product or service.  it makes no real difference to those business owners whether their customers are local or not. After all, money is money! But, what if the area is saturated in your line of work?  What if there just aren’t any more customers from West Plains to take on?  Does that mean the end of business growth?  By all means, no!  There are plenty of people residing in this general area who would be willing to drive a few extra miles to West Plains to find what they need if they can’t find it in Willow, Cabool, Mountain View, etc.  Woudn’t it be great to attract them all to buy in West Plains? And wouldn’t it be a great boost to for our local economy if more people  from nearby areas made their purchases here?  Certainly, it would! Think about what all the extra business could do for Howell County in general.  More money flowing into more local businesses from outside the area means more money in  everyone’s pocket who works here.  The owners of businesses drawing in outside customers would be increasing their bottom line.  Increasing the bottom lines translates into higher pay, and creates a potential creation for new job opportunities. That is economic stimulus, and we, the business owners are capable of being the stimulators!

A Higher Standard of Living in West Plains

If every West Plains based business increased its revenues by increasing its sales to customers who bring their

west plains

Livin’ Large in West Plains

money from outside of the local area, the standard of living in West Plans would blossom.  Why?  Because there would be more money in West Plains than there was before. How could we all begin to target more customers from beyond our town?  There is a great and under utilized marketing tool available to us all, and it’s called…..the internet!

SEO – Search Engine Optimization

We all know how to make use of the internet to some extent, but we all could really set the stage for a stronger economy if we each took part in  learning to take full advantage of the power of search engine optimization to drive up our own business levels.  Imagine the economic results that could come to West Plains if every business increased its sales volume by 10% by selling to new non West Plains customers.


Think its not possible?  Think again.

Content marketing is the practice of properly integrating carefully worded content into your website.   Google latches onto it, and that results in the website being put at the top of the Google search results for those targeted key words.  There is a pseudo-science to that type of content marketing, called “on-page search engine optimization”.

You can learn more at our March 18 Workshop

Pwest plainslease join us on Tuesday March 18th from 6 to 8 pm at the OzSBI building.  We will be presenting a thought provoking workshop about how to integrate content marketing strategy into your website.  A well implemented content marketing strategy targets and draws specific customers to your business.  Your website gives you the power to show your potential customers that you already have what they need, before they even leave home.

PHP and WordPress


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Content Marketing Strategy West Plains

Content Marketing Strategy,  by Strategy Content Marketing West Plains!

There are quite a few companies in the business of building websites.  Over the years, website building tools have become increasingly easier to use. and  as a result, web builders are pretty easy to find.  A few years back, building a website required a more thorough understanding of markup languages than it does today.  Now, it really  doesn’t take a rocket scientist to put together a good looking website.

Most web designers do a commendable job of creating attractive and useful websites.   SEO, or search engine optimization,  is s term often causally thrown around freely when discussing the building of new website.   Though the  truth is that majority of website designers do pay attention to on-page SEO factors, few web designers are really specialist in “behind the scenes” search engine  optimization which involves the pseudo science of understanding the actions of search engine algorithms.   Great SEO that’s really effective at putting your website at the top of the keyword searches that are important to your business goes much deeper than attention to on-page keyword factors.

Good content marketing strategyalso never fails to ignore the importance of building an engineered backlink structure and internal link structure to your website.  That can and should be designed in from the beginning, even before any content is added at all.   In fact, when we build a new site, we use techniques which are able to cause the new site to get good Google ranking even with only a minimal amount of keyword content on the site to begin with. The the on page SEO becomes only like  icing on the cake.

Your Website is only a Foundation

Of course you can eat cake without icing, but its not very good, and you have to have a cake to put the icing on. First you need a good website, and then you need to design features into it that get attention from search engines in the areas that are vital to your business.   Lots of  internet users would enjoy looking at your website, which might in fact be a piece of art!  But your pretty website is of little real value to you until your potential client base begins to find it.  They can only find it by seeing it appear  in the search engine results that you want them to find it in.

Expose Your Website

Contrary to popular belief, your website gets the most exposure as a function of many factors that have little or nothing to do with the site’s own internal page content.    That’s not to say that on-page SEO is not important at all, because it certainly also does matter.  To draw attention to your website, you  need  a content strategy that draws attention to your pages from search engines in all the ways that the search algorithms are looking to find.

To build a complete content marketing strategy that you need three vital things.  You need

– a well developed network of backlink attention from other reputable websites

–  attention to on-page SEO on every page or piece of content that you create

–  independent online content, and lots of it. the more, the better!


content marketing strategy west plains

A Content Marketing Example

Let’s say you have a website that contains 5 pages and a blog section that has been set up with a good internal and external linking structure.  That’s the initial foundation.

Each page might rank on the first page of Google’s  search results for a  keyword or two. Let’s just say, for example, that each page ranks on the first page of Google for two or three search results.

That’s a great start! Your store will be easily found on Google for a few keyword searches!  But what if they are searching a more general keyword?  Be sure they don’t  miss you!  Why not make it easily found for a lot of keyowrd searches?  It’s pretty easy to do:

Let’s say you own “” and you have an actual store called “Buy Some Shoes”,  in a town called “West Plains, MO”.  And if your store is in West Plains, you obviously want to find yourself at the top of searches that people are making right here in town.  Your potential customers are likely to include the name of “West Plains” in their search.  After all, isn’t that what you would do?

Maybe there are dozens of people a month nearby that search online using keywords like “unique shoes West Plains MO”, “cool shoes in  West Plains”, “best shoe store in West Plains”, “retro shoe styles Howell County”, “shoe sale south Missouri”, and the list goes on and on.

If you have a blog post for each of those search terms, then your shoe store  will be easily found for many, many search terms!  THIS is the engine of your internet marketing machine.  It’s the engine that TAKES you to the people who are LOOKING for you!

Let STRATEGY Content Marketing help you put your website on steroids!

Be sure to attend our upcoming workshops on content marketing and on how to build and maintain your won WordPress based website.  The WordPress  seminar will be given on Tuesday march 4th from 6 to 8 pm, and the content marketing workshop two weeks later on March 18th, both at OzSBI in downtown West Plains, Missouri. See you there!

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Strategy Content Marketing West Plains

Strategy Content Marketing West Plains

West Plians MO Court House Square 100 Years Ago

Strategy Content Marketing West Plains in the OzSBI Building

Strategy Content Marketing West Plains is here to help  West Plains based businesses adapt to the new wave of targeted online marketing. Just because your business is located in a smaller town does not mean that you should be satisfied with your present level of business, or with your current revenue.  The strategy of content marketing can help you to gain recognition in your line of work far beyond the borders of the town where your business physically resides.  A strong online presence means that you no longer have to restrict your business authority and presence to West Plains.. West Plains business owners can help to bring economy stimulating cash into the Ozarks by taking advantage of the wider audience that can be gained by marketing online.     Is Your Customer Base Geographically expandable?  Probably!

Strategy Content Marketing West Plains

West Plains, MO

Many West Plains businesses could add to their  their bottom line by expanding their marketing attention to include a  much wider client base. Many are simply accutomed to thinking about marketing in the old Yellow Pages ways.  Depending on your product, by marketing online your client base  that might be expanded include all of south Missouri or perhaps northern Arkansas- maybe even nationwide.   Most every day products and services  tend to be locally marketed only because of established marketing tradition.  You might believe that the local market is already saturated for your product or service.  However, when you market online the right way,  using the techniques of content marketing and search engines, you can really open up the doors to bring in customers from all over.

Content Marketing in West Plains

Content marketing is putting content- that is, information-  on the internet about your products and services.  We (Strategy Content Marketing) specialize in the strategy of content marketing.  That means that we focus on targeting your customer base. We have all searched online  for  information about a particular topic.  We do that by typing in keyword that have to do with the type of business or service we are looking for, sometimes supplemented by a city name because we would like to find what we are looking for close to where we are.   Write and publish written content, and video content, about your business.  And then make sure that your content  is the content people are seeing when they search for information.  When  they find it, they have already targeted themselves to be your customer.

Strategy Content Marketing West PlainsBlogs

Every one can blog about what they do!  When you fill your blog with content about what you do, and combine that information with a lot of references to West Plains, or to whatever other city you may be focusing on to find new business, the door is opened for thousands to find you who before had no clue you were there. The blog is the place where you put all of that searchable content – everything you write and everything you make videos about.  The blog is attached right to your website. If you’re making good content, people both in West Plains and everywhere in the area who are interested in what you are talking about are going to start finding, viewing,  and reading your material.

Cut back on Cold Calling.

Strategy Content Marketing West Plains

The Cold Calling Battle

Wouldn’t it be nice if every customer who walked into your store already knew that you have what he or she needs? Maybe you don’t have a store.  Maybe you do most your sales face to face or on the telephone.  Woudn’t it be nice if more of your your clients found you, and were calling on you, asking to buy from you, instead of you knocking on the doors of people that are likely to turn you down because you have no clue if they need what you have to offer? Upcoming Workshops at OzSBI if you have ever searched for a topic or product online, you have been involved in the process of finding content.  Learn how to use the internet to reach new, targeted customers.  Whether or not you already have a website, you will benefit from our seminar, to be given on Tuesday March 18 from 6 to 8 pm at the OzSBI building in downtown West Plains.

Content Marketing Strategy West Plains


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West Plains MO | Promoting a Business in The Ozarks

West Plains MoPromoting Business in West Plains MO

This short article is the first of a series of posts focusing on promoting and stimulating the economy in the West Plains Mo area.   At the same time this post also provides some informational background on the contents of OzSBI’s upcoming March 18, 2014 workshop on content marketing.

Keys to Economic Stimulation

One key to stimulating the economy of any area is to encourage an inflow of cash into that area from economically healthy areas.  That’s true for an entire country, or for the smallest municipalities.

The United States encourage exports, which in turn result in an inflow of cash which originated in the economies of other countries.  This creates a flow of cash which otherwise would not have existed on its own domestically.  Areas as small as West Plains and Howell County are not an exception to that principle of cash flow and economic growth.

Historically recognized as a relatively low income area, the standard of living in The Ozarks has in fact been gradually rising in recent years as more local residents have learned to generate higher income levels, many of them arising from doing more business with outside areas.

Local residents accomplish this by either working at home for themselves, or by working for larger companies.  In either case, when emphasis is placed on selling products or services to outside areas, the result is an increase of resources and cash flow into our area.  That cash then circulates around and ultimately benefits locals by changing hands and  being here to be spent!

Local Content Marketing Promotes and Encourages Cash Flow into West Plains

Content marketing concepts encourage and enable business owners to learn to draw from a broader range of customer base, much of it being outside of their traditional geographical area.  How is that growing external customer base found?

A growing customer base is created by establishing a  more effective present online!

The bottom line result of increased cash flow for any business is an increase in its revenue. More revenue benefits not just that company and its employees.   In the long run and in the big economic picture, everyone and every other business in the community benefit from that increased presence of cash.

How does doing business online stimulate a lower standard local economy?west plains mo

Businesses in previously depressed economic regions are acting as catalysts to the stimulation of  the local economies by focusing their marketing efforts in an online direction. The most effective ways of marketing a business online are represented by the art and science of content marketing.

Effectively implemented content marketing causes more cash to flow in from outside of the area.  It then naturally changes hands inside the area, thereby benefiting not only business owners, but its employees, and ultimately the community at large.

An Increased Standard of Life in West Plains

Like changes in atmospheric pressure pressure adjust naturally. similarly, economic voids are also naturally filled and adjusted.  Our local economy can continue to grow by leaps and bounds when effectively stimulated  by efficient and forward thinking  uses of internet marketing!

Even the most locally oriented businesses reap the benefits of economic growth stimulated from the outside.  As a result of in increase in the presence of cash in the community created by those doing more business with outside areas, their own business  revenue will also also necessarily and naturally increase.  Why?  More money is being spent in the community.  That improvement in the business climate ultimately leads to the creation of  more jobs and higher salaries.It’s an expanding trend!

west plains mo

Improving technology is helping

With the advent of improving high speed internet availability, even more opportunity is continually opening up for online based local businesses, fueling a great positive economic adjustment for our area.

To Learn More about Content Marketing, Attend the OzSBI Workshop

At OzSBI’s Professional Workshop “Content Marketing: Grow Your Business Online”.  you can expect to  learn more about how to reach and target  new and highly motivated customers.

The workshop will be presented on Tuesday March 18, 2014 from 6:00 to 8:00 pm at the Ozarks Small Business Incubator in downtown West Plains.  Please contact OzSBI at 417.256.9724 or email

Strategy Content marketing West Plains