Website Updates and Upgrades

website updatesNeed website updates?  Procrastinating?

 Just thinking about needing to update your website probably triggers the urge to put it off until later. Most likely, you’re really as excited about updating your website as you are about the prospect of cleaning your kitchen or doing your laundry!

But your household suffers when you don’t do the maintenance  –  and so does your business!

Just need basic info updates? Or is your entire website format showing its age?

How many times have you gone to a particular website to find some specific item you wanted, only to see that the information presented there was clearly out of date? Or, perhaps a search brought you to a presentation that just looks old.  It works alright, but it just doesn’t have that “cutting edge” look that catches your eye.

What do you do?  You probably go and look at other similar sites, and then you end up buying from them instead.

Have you ever done that?  Don’t let your website be the one that gets passed by!

Potential clients learning about your business through your website are only going to become actual clients if they stay on your website long enough to find what they wanted in the first place.

Make it easy for them!  Keep your potential clients engaged, informed, and motivated to do business with you!

Keep them coming back!website upgrades

Keeping your website looking current and keeping its contents up to date creates an expectation with regular viewers.  People who are following you will come actually expect your changes.

Changes and updates also attract the attention of Google, which translates to increased exposure to potential clients searching for what you have to offer.  And that translates to a bigger and better bottom line.

We can help you get it done now!  

Is your website editing frustrating and annoying? You could:

  • Procrastinate more
  • Let us do your frustrating updates for you quickly   (if your website is already hosted with us)
  • Let us update your older website to the editor- friendly WordPress system    (whether you are client or not)

What’s the best option?  Let’s talk about it!



photo credit: Sybren A. Stüvel via photopin cc

STRATEGY’s Special Starter and Upgrade Offer


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